Days Short Recap Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted to know what secret Gwen and Ava were keeping. He wondered if it was about Abby. He reminded Gwen that she tried to ruin Chad and Abby’s marriage. Gwen said she was angry then. She said she was devastated for Chad. EJ wanted to know what their secret was. Ava said it was about Gwen wanting to be back with Xander. Gwen said that was true especially since Sarah was a suspect in Abby’s death. He said Sarah had an alibi. He said he didn’t think Sarah did it. He went to check on dinner. Gwen panicked over the lie. Ava said she knew how to handle him. Xander wanted to get information out of Ava about Gwen. Sarah said Ava wouldn’t tell him anything. Sarah wanted to go after Leo. Xander was upset that he believed in Gwen. Sarah said she knew he was hurt and trying to believe in love again. They talked about what happened. They made love.When they were finished, she told him her hallucinations were subsiding. She said they needed to get Ava to admit to what she did. Leo wanted Brady and Chloe to give him a job. They told him they weren’t interested. He left his look book behind. Chloe looked through the book and noticed that his designs weren’t that bad. Nancy showed up and invited them to dinner with her and Clyde. Chloe reluctantly agreed to it.

Clyde went to the Bistro and saw Leo. Clyde grabbed him and wanted to turn him in to the police. Leo threw his drink in Clyde’s face and ran away. Jennifer and Thomas were spending time together. When Chad showed up, Thomas ran away. Jennifer wanted to know what was going on. Chad said Thomas hated him because he lost his temper. She said Thomas was worried when he didn’t come home. She said Thomas was scared that he was going to lose Chad the way he lost Abby. Chad wanted to know how he would make this okay for Thomas. She said they had to go through this together. He said he was a mess right now. He said he was filled with rage. He said he was trying his best to keep it together. He said he was falling apart. He wanted to know what he was going to do without Abby. Jennifer brought Thomas in the living room. Chad apologized to him. Thomas said it was okay. Chad knew it wasn’t okay. He said it wasn’t Thomas’ fault. Chad said they were both mad and sad. They talked about happy times with Abby. Chad said he wanted to be good at coming up with great ideas the way Abby did. Thomas said he could make him feel better. Chad said he and Charlotte reminded him of their mother. He said he loved them. Chad and Thomas went to the square to get frozen yogurt. Thomas’ tooth fell out. He asked if the Tooth Fairy knew where they lived. Chad said she did. Thomas said the Tooth Fairy was a he. When he saw Leo, he said Leo was the Tooth Fairy.

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