Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam talks to Abby and tells her that the Newmans are hiding something about Ashland’s death and they have left him and her out of the loop. Adam asks Abby to let him know if she finds out any information.

Victoria asks Chance if he plans to arrest Nick for murder. Chance tells Victoria and Nick that he thinks Ashland died accidentally at Victoria’s house and Victor covered it up to protect both of them.

Victor tells Sally he is grateful that she has shown restraint about covering the Ashland Locke story and he hopes she will keep showing good judgement.

Victor is upset with Victoria because she told Nikki that he moved Ashland’s body because he didn’t want to make any Of them accessories to a crime.

Chance shares confidential information about the case with Abby because it involves her family. Chance then asks Abby what he should do and Abby tells him that he knows what he should do in his heart and she knows he will do the
right thing.

Adam offers Chance help in investigating Victor so he can find out the truth in Ashland’s death.

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