GH Short Recap Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Maxie is annoyed when Austin cancels a weekend trip with her and her kids because he has to go Pawtuck. Maxie asks Austin why he has to leave and he tells her he has a problem with his house in Pawtuck. Maxie doesn’t believe the story and later tells Lucy she thinks Austin is ready to have a relationship with her.

Martin tells Lucy he has to leave town because he is being blackmailed by Anna to break client attorney privilege. Martin and Sonny both advise Spencer to give police the name of the person that helped him get out of Spring Ridge to go visit his mother’s grave. Martin tells Spencer that if he gives police, a name he will only have to serve ten days in Spring Ridge but if he doesn’t give police a name he will serve three months in Pentonville. Spencer chooses to serve three months in Pentonville rather than tell the police his uncle Victor helped him.

Portia and Curtis run into a roadblock in their plan to wake up the bartender when Jordan assigns Rory to guard the door of the bartender’s hospital room. Portia and Curtis and Portia decide to wait a day or two until there is less focus on that room but later decide they have to wake the bartender up today when Diane calls to tell them the jury may return with a verdict today.

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