Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack is touched when Diane brings over some story books to help Harrison grieve Ashland. Diane thanks Jack for defending her when she and Phyllis argued in the park.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis meet about Diane and Phyllis and Nikki tells Ashley about their plan to get Diane to leave town. Ashley worries that the plan will hurt Jabot. Phyllis assures Ashley the plan will not fail and Jabot’s reputation will not be damaged.

Adam suspects there is something more to Ashland’s death after he talks to Kevin and Sally. Sally almost tells Adam what Nick told her about Ashland’s death but decides not to tell Adam anything. Nick forces Victor to admit that Ashland died after he hit his head on the fireplace and his men came in and put Ashland’s body in his car and staged an accident. Victor tells Nick not to feel guilty for protecting his sister from Ashland. Victor tells Nick to move on with his life and forget about Ashland.

Kevin tells Chance that there was a car parked at a gas station close to Victoria’s house and Chance decides to get a warrant to get access to the security camera footage.

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