GH Short Recap Thursday, August 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

The sleazy reporter asks Sasha if she was on drugs when she ran Harmony over with her car and if she started taking drugs after Liam died. Sasha loses it and starts hitting the reporter’s car with a pole. The police are called and Sasha is arrested because the reporter presses charges against Sasha. The reporter also gives Dante footage from his dash cam. Sasha has to spend the night in jail and Brando worries she won’t make it because she is not well mentally.

Sonny sends Dax to talk to the jury foreman in Tina’s trial to make sure Trina is found not guilty.. Josslyn walks by at the end of the conversation and the jury Forman leaves because he can’t be seen with anyone from the trial. Dax tells Sonny what happened and, after he leaves the man Sonny had watching, Dax confirms his story.

Portia doesn’t allow TJ to risk his career by taking the bartender out of his medically induced coma. Portia decides to take the bartender out of his medically induced coma herself and Curtis insists on helping her do it.

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