Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle went to see Shawn. He told her Evan was Shawn Christian’s father. He wanted her to fight this so Evan couldn’t take the baby. She said she knew how much he loved the baby, but he didn’t have a legal claim to him. She said there was nothing she could do about it. Evan told Orpheus that he was Shawn Christian’s father. He said he was going to go to New Zealand to be with Zoe and David. He said he wasn’t going to fight his sister for custody of David, but he wanted to be with him. He wanted his kids to get to know each other. He said he got a job on a houseboat. He said he wasn’t in a rush. He asked Orpheus to come with him. Orpheus said he had unfinished businessĀ there. Evan left to get his son. Evan said he had a court order to get his son. He told him he was taking him to New Zealand. Belle asked Evan to give Shawn some time. Evan wanted his son right away. Shawn said goodbye to the baby and gave him to Evan. When Evan left, Belle tried to comfort her, but he brushed her off and said that was what she wanted all along. He apologized to her and talked about Jan. Evan went to the docks to sail off with Evan. Jan showed up. She said after she fell in the water, she pulled herself to shore and was hiding in the yacht. She asked him to hold the baby. He gave her the baby. She kicked him in the water. She told the baby they were going on a trip.

Gabi told her assistant to hurry up and file Jake and Ava’s marriage certificate. Li showed up. Gabi tried to cover up what she said. He said she was trying to make Jake and Ava’s marriage seem real. Gabi tried to deny it. He said he figured it out. He thought she was the mastermind. She said it was her idea. She told him what she did. He was impressed that she pulled it off. He wanted to know why she didn’t tell him. She said didn’t want to put him in a terrible position. Rolf showed Kristen that Stefan was in the lab. He told her that no one thought Stefan could be revived after he was shot, but there he realized nothing was impossible. He said he modified the serum, but it didn’t work until Gabi gave Stefan’s heart to Julie. He said he resurrected everything else, but Stefan was heartless. Kristen was relieved that Lani didn’t kill anyone. Kristen asked how Rolf kept Stefan alive while he was in prison. He said as long as the power didn’t go out, the machines didn’t need supervision. He said all they needed was a heart donor. He said Jake dying was the best possible scenario. She was impressed that he was able to revive Stefan. Rolf said they wouldn’t know unless they tried.

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