Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was looking for Sarah, but Gwen showed up at the Inn. She was willing to provide an alibi for Sarah. He knew she didn’t want to help her. He told her that Lucas remembered seeing Sarah running down the stairs. He said that he couldn’t find anyone who could prove he’s lying. He asked her if she was happy. Gwen tried to touch him, but he flinched. He didn’t want her to touch him. He told her that he had Sarah to comfort him. She apologized and said that Sarah could plead temporary insanity. She told him that Bayview was better than prison. He wanted her to get out. He said that Sarah wouldn’t go anywhere if he could help it. He wanted to know how she got out of prison. She said that Kristen helped her get a pardon. Marlena put Sarah under hypnosis and she tried to piece together what happened when Abby was murdered. She remembered seeing Gwen at the prison. She said that she went back to Xander’s room, but he was in New York for his interview. She took a sleeping pill and went to sleep. She said that she had woke up from a bad dream. She said she went to see Abby. Marlena remembered Lucas mentioning her seeing Abby. Rex showed up at Marlena’s office while Sarah was there. He wanted to make sure she was okay after what Kristen did to her. He said he wanted to believe Kristen’s lies about her. He hoped there was a chance they could get back together. She had a memory of apologizing to him and telling him that she and Xander were in love. She slipped and he caught her. He put her back in the bed.

Marlena finished hypnotizing Sarah. She called Rex to confirm Sarah’s memory of him. He confirmed her memory. He said he waited until she fell asleep before he left. He said he stayed until after 10 O’clock. Sarah thanked him and she hung up. Marlena told her that she had an alibi for Abby’s murder. Kristen went to Rolf’s lab and pulled the curtain. Jake was hooked up to tubes. She said they had big plans for him. Kristen didn’t really know Jake, but he was her father’s son so he meant something to her. Rolf injected something in Jake’s IV. He noticed he didn’t respond to it. He thought Jake was left for dead for too long. Gabi went to see Ava to make sure that she could her claim to the estate from EJ before he realized he’s being scammed. Ava couldn’t believe how insensitive Gabi was being. Gabi produced a marriage license. Gabi needed her to sign it and leave the rest to her. Ava threw it back at her. Ava reminded her that she had money and she didn’t. She wanted to get more money than she was promised. Gabi agreed to help her out.

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