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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was upset when she saw an article onlineĀ about Jake’s death. Leo reminded her that Jake cheated on her with Gabi. Gwen still remembered the good times she had with Jake. Leo suggested that she focus on getting Sarah away from Xander. Gwen thought she might have a chance since Sarah was considered a person of interest in Abby’s murder. Chad went to see Sarah at the Salem Inn. He asked if she was there the night Abby was killed. Sarah said she would tell him if she could, but she didn’t know. She told him about her hallucinations. He said Abby experienced the same thing. He asked if it was possible she had a hallucination the night Abby died. Sarah said she did. He asked if it was possible she thought Abby was Kristen and stabbed her to death. She said she didn’t remember being at the house, but she couldn’t rule it out. He said she usually remembered her hallucinations. She said her dosage was off and her brain was hazy. He thanked her for her honesty. He left. She said she needed to find out if she killed Abby. Leo and Gwen got into an argument over whether or not she killed Abby. Chad showed up while they were arguing. He wasn’t surprised to see them together. She said she knew Chad hated her, but she was sorry about Abby. Chad didn’t care. She said she would help with the kids. He said she would be the last person he would call. He told her to stay away from his kids. He walked away.

Chad went to the Horton House and saw Thomas. Thomas was upset with him for not being around. Thomas said he wanted to go home. He said he wanted his mother back. Chad said she was gone and there was nothing they could do about it. Chad apologized to him. Thomas ran away from him. Xander went to the interrogation room. He threatened Lucas if he didn’t tell the police He made up his memory of Sarah. Lucas said he only told the police what he remembered through hypnosis. Xander said the therapy was garbage. Lucas said Marlena was highly respected. He said he knew he saw Sarah there. He said he couldn’t prove it, but the police found the knife he used to cut lemons and it only had his blood on it. He said the knife that was used to kill Abby was a steak knife. Xander said that didn’t prove his innocence or Sarah’s guilt. Lucas said it proved that his story was starting to make sense. Xander left the police station and ran into Gwen and Leo. She told Xander not to give up on Sarah. Gwen said she thought Lucas was the killer. Xander said it looked like Lucas was innocent. Xander said the police were looking for a steak knife. Leo thought about the knife he used while he was in the tunnels. Steve told John that they had to deal with Orpheus before he hurt someone they loved. Steve said they had to get rid of the threat. John said it sounded as if he was talking about killing him. Steve said it sounded like that for a reason. John said they should find evidence that would put him away forever. Steve said something bad will happen if they didn’t take the shot. Orpheus was in Marlena’s office. He wanted her to listen to him. She agreed to do it. He told her that Evan was unstable. He asked her to be his psychiatrist. She didn’t want to. He said she worked with Ben and Jan. He reminded her that she was an important mother figure to Evan as a kid. She said he was holding her hostage. He said they formed a bond. She said Evan needed help, but it wouldn’t be with her. She said he was trying to play mind games. Sarah showed up and recognized Orpheus. She said he was the reason why her child was dead. She called him a monster. He asked her why she would say that considering what was being said about her. He said he hoped she found a way to live with herself. When he left, Sarah asked if Marlena could help her find out if she killed Abby.

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