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Sonny: Hey, uncle vic? We gotta talk.

[Dmatic music]

Alex: I am not uncle vic.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Alex: Hmm?

Sonny: I said what are you doing here?

Alex: Now, is that any way to greet your big brother?

Sonny: Alex, what are you doing, man? Alex.

Alex: [Laughs]

Sonny: What’s going on?

Steve: Justin. Thanks for meeting me.

Justin: Of course. You said it was important.

Steve: It is.

Justin: So what do you wanna talk about?

Steve: This.

[Tense music]

Eric: I mean that I’ll take you to the hospital.

Nicole: Guys, I can drive myself.

Rafe: No, actually. You can’T. You can barely even walk on it.

Nicole: Let’s not make things worse.

Eric: Listen, rafe, I’m sure you need to catch the guy who did this, all right? So I’ll give her a ride.

Rafe: Thank you. Are you sure you’ll be all right?

Nicole: Yeah. I’ll be fine. You just get this jerk, okay?

Rafe: Okay. Okay. I’ll call you as soon as I know anything. All right. Take good care of her.

Eric: I will.

Rafe: Got it?

Eric: I got this.

Nicole: Oh, okay.

[Grunts] Okay. Thanks.

Eric: All right, let’s go.

Rafe: All right, thanks.

Ava: Okay. Okay, relax. You can have–

Jake: No. No, he can’T.

Ava: Jake, what are you doing?

Jake: You’re not giving him your ring. Look, pal, we just got engaged. Put the gun down. You don’t know who you’re messing with, do you?


[Tense music]

Ava: Jake, jake. Jake. Jake, no! Jake. Jake.

Jake: [Grunting in pain]

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Sonny: Alex, come on. I’m serious. This suit’s really expensive. Alex! Alex!

Alex: Oh, my god.

Sonny: You’re soaking wet, man.

Alex: I’m sorry, bro.

Sonny: Seriously?

Alex: I’m sorry. What can I say? It was so nice out, I had to get a swim in. I just ran in here to grab a drink. I’m headed back. And you’re coming to take a dip with me.

Sonny: No. Thank you. Kind of feels like I already have.

Alex: [Chuckles] Uncle vic, huh? Hell of a setup.

Sonny: Yeah.

Alex: It’s like a damn resort. He’s got the olympic-sized pool, the cabana, and not to mention this delicious arnold palmer that hendo whipped up for me.

Sonny: Hendo? I’m sorry, do you mean henderson?

Alex: Oh, it is the absolute best. Do you want me to make sure he makes you one?

Sonny: No. I’m good, thank you.

Alex: More for me.

Sonny: So what are you doing here?

Alex: Do I really need a reason to come back and visit the family homestead?

Sonny: What, so you’re just here for a visit?

Alex: Well, originally. But I mean, after getting back in this space, I might stay a while, you know? It’s really strange. The second I stepped foot in salem, I felt right at home.

Eric: Take it easy. Keep leaning on me, all right?

Nicole: Yeah.

Eric: There you go. There you go.

Nicole: Okay. Thank you for bringing me.

Eric: Yeah.

Nicole: And thank you for being so kind. But I’m here now, so I mean, you can go.

Eric: I’m not leaving till I know you’re okay.

Nicole: Eric, I’m fine. I’m sure once they take a look at my ankle, I will be as good as new.

Eric: Yeah, well, it’s not your ankle I’m worried about. What happened in the park had to be some serious trauma.

Nicole: Not my first.

Eric: Stop it. Stop pretending like you weren’t scared. A man just attacked you and held a gun on you. All right? So I’m not leaving, all right? So whether you like it or not, I’m staying right here.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Rafe: Send all available units to the square. Let me know the second you find something.

Jada: Hey, boss, you called in a robbery?

Rafe: Yeah. Guy tried to take the tip jar from the brady pub.

Jada: That’s pretty low.

Rafe: Well, that’s not all. He came to the park and he pulled a gun on someone.

Jada: And he’s still out there?

Rafe: Yeah, and he can’t have gotten far. And consider him armed and dangerous.

Ava: [Panting] Okay. No.

Jake: [Grunts]

Ava: No, no! No. No. No, no, no, no! Jake. Jake. Jake, can you hear me? Jake. Come on. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay. Stay with me, jake. Help! Help! We need help over here! Don’t you die on me. Don’t you die.

[Panting] Moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.

Alex: Why am I getting the impression that you’re not happy to see me?

Sonny: No, it’s not– it’s not that I’m not happy to see you. I’m just, you know, a little surprised.

Alex: Well, what is so surprising, sonny boy?

Sonny: Well, you seemed pretty locked in with the business out in phoenix, and when I told you and the twins I was gonna be taking the job at titan, you said you guys could handle it.

Alex: And we are. Trust me. Joe and vic have it all under control while I’m here.

Sonny: And you’re fine with that? With them totally steering the ship without you?

Alex: [Sighs] Joe and vic are always trying to tell me what to do anyway. So I figured, let ’em do their own thing.

Sonny: I didn’t know you guys were butting heads.

Alex: Just have a different vision for that company. Came to the point where they started second-guessing every decision that I made.

Sonny: What were you guys fighting about?

Alex: Different stuff, sonny. Who knows? They were in sync. I wasn’T. Maybe just chalk it up to working with twins. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, okay? We’re still family, right? Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah, you are. But is that the only reason you left?

Alex: I didn’t want business to come in between us. That’s all. So I figured I’d step out. I wasn’t ready for another blistering summer in arizona. I wanted to head east, come to salem, and see some of the family. Where the hell is everybody, anyway?

Bonnie: Sonny? Is your da– oh. [Laughs] Oh, um, who do we have here?

Sonny: Bonnie, this is–

Alex: Allow me. Alexander kiriakis.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Alex. Oh, my gosh. It’s so nice to meet you. I’m b–

Alex: The woman who killed my mother.

[Tense music]

Steve: Why would mitchell go along with something like this?

Justin: Because he’s corrupt. He might as well just hang a sign that says “bribes accepted.”

Steve: Didn’t even try to hide it. But I’m less interested in how orpheus managed to get out than in what you plan to do about it.

Justin: What do you mean?

Steve: You know what I mean. The man responsible for adrienne’s death is free. Are you planning to go after him?

Kayla: Nicole.

Nicole: Hey, kayla.

Kayla: What happened?

Nicole: It’s nothing serious. I just twisted my ankle.

Eric: It was hardly nothing. A guy attacked her in the park.

Kayla: A random attacker?

Nicole: He wanted my purse.

Eric: He pulled a gun on her.

Kayla: That must have been terrifying.

Nicole: Well, thankfully, eric came when he did.

Kayla: Don’t tell me you fought off an attacker.

Eric: No, I just talked to him. Just wish I was able to stop him.

Nicole: Hopefully they’ll catch him soon. And if I know rafe, he won’t stop until he does.

Jada: Should we start canvassing the park? See if anyone has run into this guy?

Rafe: Yeah, I’m working on getting a photo right now. He was at the brady pub. Hopefully the security camera got a good angle on him.

Jada: Do you know what he looks like?

Rafe: Yeah, I got a pretty good description of him from my wife.

Jada: Your wife?

Rafe: Nicole is the one who was attacked.

Jada: Oh, man, I’m sorry. Is she okay?

Rafe: Yeah, she’s gonna be okay. I mean, she’s pretty rattled. The guy threw her to the ground, and she sprained her ankle.

Jada: I’m sorry. Where is she?

Rafe: She’s at the hospital right now, getting checked out.

Jada: By herself?

Rafe: No, she’s– she’s with her ex-husband.

Jada: Ex-husband?

Rafe: It’s not like that. He just happened to be at the scene. Would you just focus on finding the guy?

Jada: Say no more.

Rafe: Oh.

Jada: What is it?

Rafe: I just got a report of shots fired.

Ava: Jake. Jake, come on. Come on, stay with me. Wake up. Wake up; you gotta stay with me. Come on. Come on, jake. Jake, answer me.

Greg: Is he dead?

Ava: No. No, he’s not dead. No thanks to you, you son of a bitch.

Greg: What’d you expect me to do, huh? It’s his fault. He should have just given me the ring.

Ava: Oh, you want this ring? Is that what you want? You shot him over a stupid piece of jewelry? Take it! Take it!

Greg: I don’t want it now.

Ava: What the hell is wrong with you? Huh?

Greg: Hey, whoa, whoa. What do you think you’re doing?

Ava: Calling for an ambulance.

Greg: Put the phone down. You’re not calling anybody.

Ava: What, you’re gonna shoot me now too, huh?

Greg: Sorry, lady. It’s nothing personal. I can’t have any witnesses.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Bonnie: I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

Alex: Oh, then let me refresh your memory, bonnie. A few years ago, as you were posing as his mother, adrienne, you killed my mother, anjelica devereaux.

Bonnie: Oh, anjelica. Yeah, I–I didn’t kill her.

Sonny: Yeah, no, she’s right. Your mom died from a heart attack.

Alex: In your hotel room. And from what I heard, you left her for dead. So bonnie, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t return the favor.

[Tense music]

Justin: You’re worried I’m going to what? Murder orpheus?

Steve: It’s not exactly a big leap. Do I need to remind you what you did the last time you were in a room with him? You pulled a gun on him while he was in police custody.

Justin: Mm-hmm. And if I remember correctly, you convinced me to turn the gun over to you so you could do the deed yourself.

Steve: That’s right.

Justin: But you were just playing me in order to get the gun out of my hand.

Steve: I was trying to save you from throwing your life away.

Justin: I could have made that decision on my own.

Steve: No. Not in that moment. You were grieving. You weren’t in your right mind.

Justin: I’d say I was pretty clear.

Steve: You see? This is what I’m talking about. It sounds like you feel cheated. Like you wish you had pulled that trigger.

Justin: [Sighs]

Steve: So now that orpheus is out, I need to know, I need to make sure you’re not planning to finish the job.

Orpheus: I would like to know the answer to that myself.

Kayla: Okay, there you go. I think you just have a bad sprain. If you stay off of it and rest it and ice it for a few days, it should be good as new. You’ll be on your feet.

Eric: But for now, she just needs to rest, right?

Kayla: Yep.

Eric: Anything else treatment-wise?

Kayla: Nope. She can just use over-the-counter pain meds, and if things get worse, you can call me, and I’ll prescribe something stronger.

Nicole: Okay. I should be fine. Now that you wrapped it nice and tight, it feels pretty good.

Kayla: Glad to hear it.

Nicole: Although, what would make me feel better is if rafe gets that maniac who did this to me off the streets.

Jada: Where were shots fired?

Rafe: Outside the jewelry store off the square. Let’s go.

Ava: Look. Look, I don’t know what’s going on in your life, but… you don’t need to shoot me. All right? I don’t give a damn about having you arrested. I’m no friend of the cops. Okay? I just need to get an ambulance here… to help my boyfriend. You don’t want him to die.

Greg: Just put the phone down!

Ava: Okay, just go. Just go, all right? I’m not gonna tell anybody what I saw.

Greg: Yeah, nice try. But as soon as I turn my head, you’re calling 911 and I’ve got the entire police force after me. Then they’ll lock this whole town down, and I’m stuck. I can’t have that. I’m sorry. But at least you get to be with your boyfriend.

Rafe: Police! Drop the gun!

Jada: He said drop it now!

[Tense music]

[Gunshot bangs]

Greg: [Coughs] Migraine hits hard, so u hit back with ubrelvy

Orpheus: Sorry to drop by unannounced. But I figured you gentlemen might take exception to my release.

Justin: I wonder why you’d think that.

Steve: What do you want?

Orpheus: Well, as you know, I’m not one to sit back and let things happen, so rather than wait for you to appear at my doorstep, I thought I’d come by, say hi, and get a sense of your intentions.

Steve: Our intentions?

Orpheus: Namely, justin, are you intending to come after me?

Justin: You think I’d tell you if I was?

Orpheus: Actually, yes. You’ve always been a very straightforward guy. You’ve never hidden your animosity towards me. Although it’s based on a misunderstanding.

Justin: Misunderstanding? You killed my wife.

Orpheus: Accidentally. Look… my hands may not be the cleanest in the world, but I did not intend to hurt adrienne. It was simply the wrong place at the wrong time.

Justin: You cold son of a bitch.

Steve: If you’re trying to make things better here, it’s not working.

Orpheus: I’m just stating facts.

Justin: The facts are, you ran adrienne of the road, and you were too busy framing maggie to call for help.

Orpheus: I… I don’t deny that I was in the midst of tying off loose ends.

Steve: Is that supposed to excuse your actions?

Orpheus: No. No. I’m not making any excuses. And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for your loss. Truly. But I’ve gotta get on with my life, and I’m here to find out if I should expect retaliation from either of you.

Justin: When I lost adrienne, I really didn’t think I had anything left except to kill you. But when steve convinced me that I shouldn’t blow you away, I realized that even though you had taken adrienne away from me, I still had a lot to live for. I have four incredible sons, a beautiful granddaughter, and I was lucky enough to find love again.

Orpheus: I heard you’d remarried.

Justin: Mm-hmm. And if I had killed you, I would have been tossing all of that away. I promise you, your miserable life isn’t worth one second of my time with the people that I love.

Orpheus: So we’re good.

Justin: No. No. We are far from good. I eagerly anticipate the day you start to rot in hell. But I am not going after you because you’re already dead to me. It’s good to see you again, steve.

[Tense music]

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, alex. What the hell are you doing?

Bonnie: Okay, I–I’m sorry. I didn’t–I really didn’t wanna leave your mother in that hotel room.

Alex: But you did. And she died.

Bonnie: No, I– I just was already in so deep. And you know what? It was her idea, you know. She came up with the idea for me to pose as adrienne.

Alex: No, I knew you were just caught as an innocent in the mix of all of this, right?

Bonnie: Well, no. It just– I never thought I’d just–

Alex: You would leave a trail of bodies behind?

Sonny: Alex, just put the tie down.

Bonnie: I am really sorry. I am sorry. I know I’ve made about a million and a half mistakes, but the truth is, I just was desperate to stay out of prison.

Sonny: It’s true. I’m telling you, it’s true. And we have all forgiven her. Dad did too.

Bonnie: Please. I’m really sorry about your mother.

Sonny: Alex.

Alex: [Laughs] Relax. The look on your two faces. Are you kidding me? Did you really think I was gonna do something with this? The hell do I look like? A necktie killer?

Sonny: What?

Bonnie: Wait, what?

Sonny: Are you– it was a joke?

Alex: Call it a test.

Bonnie: Oh, my god. Thank god. I thought you were going to–

Alex: I know what you thought. I just wanted to see how you’d react. Look, bonnie, I’m not happy about what happened to my mother. But I do know she wasn’t a saint. So I’d be willing to bet that whatever trouble found her, she put herself in that position.

Bonnie: [Sighs] Then you really don’t hate me?

Alex: Dad says you make him happy, so even if you’re the worst person in the world, how can I be mad at you?

Bonnie: Oh, thanks. I think.

Sonny: And, I mean, what you did to sonny’s mom was way worse, and this guy was able to forgive you, so why the hell shouldn’t I?

Bonnie: [Chuckles] Right?

Alex: What are you waiting for? Bring it in.

[Bassy jazz music]

[Alex exhales]

[Bonnie chuckles]

[Tense music]

Rafe: He’s dead. Call it in, hunter.

Jada: Okay.

[Phone beeps] This is hunter. We got two shootings in the park. Perp is deceased. One victim, critical condition. Send an ambulance.

Rafe: His pulse is weak, but it’s there.

Ava: He’s lost so much blood, but I can’t get it to stop. I’m putting pressure, but it won’t go.

Rafe: Detective hunter’s calling in the emts, so they’ll be here shortly.

Ava: How could this happen? How could this happen? I can’t believe this happened to jake.

Rafe: It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.

[Tense music]

Alex: [Exhales]

Bonnie: [Laughs] Whoa. Whoa! Oh, my–ooh. I’m spinning.

[Laughs] I mean, we went from potential murder to shirtless hug in a matter of seconds.

Alex: I said what I needed to say. I got it out of my system. I don’t believe in holding on to bad feelings. It creates negative energy.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, that hug had plenty of positive energy.

Sonny: Yeah, at least he toweled off before he hugged you.

Alex: Well, I was indulging in a nice swim, working on my breaststroke when I greeted my brother here.

Bonnie: Can’t blame him for wanting to take advantage of the pool, sonny. I mean, he obviously likes to keep in shape.

Alex: Oh, thank you for noticing.

Bonnie: I mean, really. Look at those abs.

Alex: Ah.

Bonnie: You could grate cheese off those.

Alex: Ah, well–

Bonnie: There’s more than six. One, two–

Sonny: Okay, bonnie.

Bonnie: Oh, what? I’m an admirer of the human form. So sue me.

Alex: I think she’s a very flattering woman.

Bonnie: And those are very flattering trunks.

Alex: Thank you. Thank you.

Bonnie: I’m sorry. May I just–ooh.


Alex: Easy! Easy, killer. I’m ticklish.

Bonnie: It’s like, wow.

Alex: What are you doing?

Justin: So…

Bonnie: [Laughs]

Justin: I see you’ve met my son.

Bonnie: Yes, justin. I was just–

Alex: There he is. Papa’s home. Now it’s a party.

Bonnie: [Laughs]

Justin: Alex.


Kayla: All right. Well, the nurse should be in any minute with your crutches, and then you’ll be on your way.

Nicole: Sounds good.

Eric: Thanks, kayla.

Nicole: Yeah. Thank you.

Kayla: But listen, nicole, you might think about making an appointment with marlena. Talk this out. I mean, everything seems okay right now, but then, you know, ptsd could hit when you least expect it. Okay?

[Phone beeps] Oh, sorry. Uh…

Eric: Is everything okay?

Kayla: Yeah. I gotta get going. I’m sorry, I have a incoming gunshot victim.

Nicole: Oh, gosh. Yeah, go. Go.

Eric: I’m gonna get her home, but thank you.

Kayla: Okay.

Eric: Good luck. Hey. All right, um…

Nicole: Uh… you know what? If you hadn’t shown up when you did… that might have been me.

Ava: Jake, you hang in there. Hang in there. Help is here.

Kayla: Is this our gunshot victim?

Rafe: Yeah.

Kayla: Jake.

Rafe: It was a robbery gone bad.

Kayla: Another robbery?

Jada: He’s lost a lot of blood.

Kayla: Ava, you all right?

Ava: I’m fine. I’m fine. Please just help him.

Kayla: Okay. We’ll do everything we can. All right. Don’t see an exit wound anywhere. We need to get him to surgery.

Ava: Okay, kayla, he has to make it. Please, please tell me–

Kayla: Okay, I’ll come talk to you as soon as I know anything, all right?

Ava: Okay, jake? Jake?

Jada: Why don’t we go sit in the waiting room?

Ava: Okay. I will be here. You come back to me, okay, jake?

Jada: Let them do what they need to do.

Ava: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Rafe: Ava, listen. I know we’ve been through a lot, but I’m here for you if you need me. Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Alex: Did I tell you guys? Hendo’s got a gift.

Justin: Hendo?

Sonny: Ah, yes. Hendo. Apparently, that’s what we’re calling henderson now.

Justin: Ah.

Bonnie: But isn’t it just half iced tea and half lemonade?

Alex: Oh, there’s a lot more to it than that, bonnie. This is an art.

Justin: Well, it is refreshing. So alex, what prompted this visit to salem?Pted this visit I mean, not that I mind.

Sonny: Well, apparently it’s not just a visit. Apparently, alex was thinking about staying for a little while.

Justin: No kidding.

Bonnie: Great. Happy to have you. Here. Happy to have you here.

Justin: So what about the business in phoenix?

Alex: Dad, I needed a little break, to be honest with you. And I thought it would be nice to just see some family, hang out by the pool… see uncle vic, aunt maggie.

Justin: Well, they’re gonna be thrilled to see you. So are we talking about a few weeks?

Alex: Well, that’s what i thought originally, but then after seeing how relaxing this place is, I might just take the summer off.

Sonny: [Chuckles] Really?

Alex: What? It beats hanging out in a blistering arizona desert. And I get to spend a couple more months with my baby bro. So we are gonna go work out. You are gonna show me around town, take me to some of those little bars you like so much.

Sonny: Right. Yeah. That sounds awesome.

Alex: Good.

Sonny: But, um… you know, titan actually has me pretty busy right now, so–

Alex: Ah, yeah. Maybe I’ll come work with you.

Sonny: Uh…

Steve: So…

Orpheus: So…

Steve: Well, let’s hear it.

Orpheus: Am I supposed to know what that means?

Steve: You can save the innocent act for someone who doesn’t know you. And we both know you got that pardon for a reason.

Orpheus: I don’t know what you’re implying, steve. I did my best to be a model prisoner, and now that I’m out, I’m just trying to keep my nose clean.

Steve: Sure you are.

Orpheus: Which reminds me, I need to find myself some gainful employment. You happen to know if they’re still hiring here?

Steve: You wanna work at the brady pub?

Orpheus: Well, my old pal clyde works here. Word is, roman’s in the second chance business.

Steve: You think you’re only on a second chance?

Orpheus: Hmm. Sometimes it takes a few for it to stick. Look, I… I know I’ve caused my share of pain, especially to your family. But all that’s behind me now. Instead of infamous villain orpheus, I could just be… milo harp, short order cook.


Steve: Huh. Well, if you really want that kind of work, there are a lot of restaurants outside of salem that you could choose from. I mean, why stay here where everyone despises you?

Orpheus: Oh, maybe I like it here.

Steve: Mm. Well, you’ll never be able to live down your past. So if you’re really serious about cleaning up your act, why don’t you go someplace else? Get a fresh start.

Orpheus: Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe that makes more sense. I’ve always wanted to live out west.

Steve: How far west?

Orpheus: Well… they say seattle’s beautiful this time of year. Hey, while I’m there, maybe i could look in on your kids. What are their names again? Stephanie, uh, joey, and… tripp?

Eric: Easy does it. And remember, small steps.

Nicole: Okay. I know what I’m doing.

Eric: All right. I’m just making sure you don’t stumble.

Nicole: Okay. Rafe.

Rafe: Hey.

Nicole: Hey.

Rafe: Hey. How are we doing?

Nicole: Uh, actually it’s just a sprain, but I’ll be fine.

Rafe: Oh, well, that’s good.

Nicole: Yeah.

Rafe: How– how are you feeling?

Nicole: Well, you know what? Kayla wrapped it up nice and tight, so it’s good. And I’m working on my crutch skills.

[Chuckles] Um, listen, any– any luck on finding the guy who attacked me?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, we found him.

Eric: Oh, that’s great. Is he in custody?

Rafe: No. No, he’s dead.

Nicole: What?

Rafe: Yeah. We came upon him. I mean, detective hunter and i came upon him, and he was in the midst of committing another robbery.

Eric: Who else was he trying to rob?

Rafe: Ava.

Nicole: Oh, is she all right?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, he was– he was going to shoot her, but detective hunter shot him first.

Eric: Oh, I hate to hear the loss of human life. We should be grateful that nobody else is gonna get hurt.

Rafe: Yeah, unfortunately, that’s not the case, ’cause, um… as it happens, jake was with ava and… before we got to the scene, the gunman shot him.

Nicole: Jake?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Eric: Kayla’s patient, the gunshot victim.

Rafe: Yeah. He’s being rushed into surgery as we speak.

Nicole: Is he…

Rafe: We don’t know.

Nicole: Oh, my god.

Rafe: Yeah. I’m just glad you’re okay.

Nicole: Yeah.

Eric: Well, looks like you can handle things from here.

Rafe: Yeah, listen. Before you go, I just wanna say… I’m sorry for how I acted, you know, at the park.

Eric: It’s okay. You already apologized.

Rafe: Yeah. Thanks again for bringing nicole to the hospital.

Nicole: Yeah, thank you, eric.

Eric: You’re welcome. Just remember, take it easy. Rest well.

Nicole: Oh.

Jada: Is there anything I can get you?

Ava: No. Thanks.

Jada: You sure?

Ava: Look, I’m fine, all right? I’m not the one who just took a bullet.

Jada: Ava, I know we just met, but my father used to work at this hospital, and from what I hear, they are the best. Jake is in good hands.

Ava: Yeah.

Jada: You wanna talk about it?

Ava: Look, I don’t know what you’ve heard about me, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen somebody shot in front of me. All right? The life I grew up in, it’s pretty much a regular occurrence. But seeing someone that you care about… bleeding out in front of you on the ground, that is something that you never get used to.

Jada: Sounds like you love him very much.

Ava: Yeah, for the first time in my life, I finally thought that I could… hold on to the person I love. But, um… I will not be weak.

[Somber music]

Jada: You’re not weak. You’re just scared. Listen, why don’t I get you a bottle of water, maybe a granola bar?

Ava: I’m not hungry.

Jada: Jake might be in surgery for a while, and you need to keep your strength up.

Ava: Okay. All right, thank you.

I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

[Tense music]

Steve: Are you threatening my children?

Orpheus: I didn’t threaten anyone.

Steve: You better not even think about going anywhere near my children.

Orpheus: Steve… you’re the one who suggested I leave town.

Steve: What is this? What kind of game are you playing?

Orpheus: No game. But if my moving is gonna create trouble… you win. I’ll stay in salem. Guess I’ll be seeing you.

[Tense music]

Sonny: You wanna work with me at titan?

Alex: Unless you don’t want me to.

Sonny: No. No, actually, I don’t have a problem with it, but, I mean, didn’t you just say you wanted to take the summer off?

Alex: I did say that.

Sonny: So then why don’t you just stay in phoenix, you know? Tough it out in the twins.

Alex: Yeah, I don’t wanna tough it out with the twins. I told you I’m sick and tired of knocking heads with joe and vic.

Justin: Knocking heads? I didn’t know the three of you were having issues.

Alex: Dad, we just have different ways of thinking, especially when it comes to business.

Sonny: And what about you and me?

Alex: What about you and me? You and me have always been good. You’ve always gotten me. Am I wrong? You get me.

Sonny: Actually, I think I do.

Alex: Well, then there you go. Sonny, think about it. Kiriakis brothers working together again.

[Makes blast noise] How awesome is that gonna be? Think about it.

Sonny: Sounds pretty good. Okay. Okay.

Jada: [Sighs]

Eric: Jada. You okay?

Jada: Eric. I, uh…

Eric: Hey. What’s wrong?

Jada: I killed a man in the line of duty today.

Eric: I heard. It must be very upsetting.

Jada: That’s, uh– it shouldn’t have been, though. It shouldn’t be. He was about to shoot that woman. I-I know I did the right thing. I did the only thing. I–it’s my job. But still…

Eric: Life and death. That’s–it’s a heavy situation.

Jada: And it’s never gonna get easier. And to be honest… I don’t think it ever will be.

Eric: Well, from where I stand, you should be proud of yourself. You saved somebody’s life today.

[Soft somber music]

Nicole: How badly was jake hurt? Is he– is he gonna make it?

Rafe: Um… I don’t know.

Nicole: How’s ava holding up?

Rafe: Not good.

Nicole: I had no idea they were so close.

Rafe: Yeah. I didn’t either. But now, seeing how broken up she was, I… can tell it’s really serious between them.

[Somber music]

Ava: Kayla. Kayla, how’s jake? Is–is his surgery over?

Kayla: There was no surgery, ava.

Ava: W-what are you talking about? That’s where you said you were taking him.

Kayla: Jake coded on the way to the operating room.

Ava: He coded?

Kayla: His heart stopped.

Ava: Oh, god.

Kayla: We took him to the er. We tried to do everything we could. The trauma team, they really tried, but they could not get his heart beating again.

Ava: No. No, no, no. No.

Kayla: Ava, I’m sorry, but jake didn’t make it.

[Somber music]

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