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[ Dramatic music ]

Bill: Li. Li. I found you… living on the street. Now, clearly, you have suffered some significant trauma.

Li: Sheila. Sheil–

Bill: Yeah.

Li: Sheila carter.

Liam: Sheila carter. Right that’s right. She killed your son, and that’s tragic, but we’re going to find her. Okay?

Li: No. He’s not dead. Finn is alive. My son is alive.

Finn: You say you love me.

Sheila: More than anything.

Finn: How am I supposed to believe that, when all you do is take away what I love?

Sheila: That was– that was never my intention.

Finn: Then, make it right, sheila. Start by letting me go so I can be… with my wife and son.

[ Plane whooshing ]

Taylor: Can this thing go any faster?

Ridge: We’ll be in monaco before you know it.

Taylor: Not exactly the reunion I was hoping for. Meeting our daughter at a depression rehab.

Ridge: I thought she was. Starting to recover.

Taylor: You know, I– I should of dug deeper. I should have– I should have– I should have pushed more. But I didn’t want to– I didn’t want to push her too much. I wanted to take her at her word that she was– that she was doing okay. But losing finn– she’s never going to come back from that.

Ridge: We’ll make sure she does.

Taylor: I just want to hold steffy. She must feel so alone without finn. We just have to remind her that we are there for her. That her family is there to support her.

Ridge: Unfortunately, we are not what steffy needs right now. There was only one person who could lift that darkness… …and he’s gone forever.

Finn: You carried me in your womb. That’s the first human connection that I ever had. That’s why I wanted to believe… that there was good in you.

Shelia: The best part of me… is my love for you.

Finn: But that’s the thing, sheila. This doesn’t feel like love. It feels like punishment. Holding me here against my will? Sedating me when I try to leave? Keeping me away from my family? Letting steffy think that I’m dead? Do you have any idea how much pain that must be causing her? I will never see my mother again because of you. I won’t let the same thing happen with steffy.

Bill: Listen, uh… we understand your– your being confused. You’ve suffered some kind of significant trauma, and– and you’re still affected by it.

Liam: And that’s on top of losing your son. So–

Li: No. No, he’s not dead. He’s alive. He’s with sheila. (Vo) at dog chow

[ Plane whooshing ]

Taylor: It’s so unfair. Taken away from his family by his birth mother.

Ridge: Right in front of steffy. How do you get that image out of your head?

Taylor: Hopefully, she’s getting the tools that she needs.

Ridge: She has you.

Taylor: She has us.

Ridge: She has us.

Taylor: Yes.

Ridge: And we’re going to protect her. Her and the kids.

Taylor: Yeah. You know, it hurts my heart.. that hayes is going to grow up never knowing who his father was. Never knowing what an exceptional man he was. How happy he made steffy.

Finn: What are you doing?

Shelia: I’m just making sure your vitals are stable.

No. I’m talking long term. None of this is sustainable. You know that, don’t you? Not for one more day. I’m not helpless. You can’t keep me here any longer, sheila. I’m done.

Sheila: I’m sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. I came… back to L.A. With nothing but good intentions. I wanted to meet… my son. I wanted to look you in the eye and tell you that I was your mother. And I never stopped loving you. But things could have been so different if steffy would have just accepted me.

Finn: There you go. Always blaming others for what you set in motion. None of this is steffy’s fault. It’s yours.

Shelia: Ah you– you want to believe that steffy is blameless in all of this. But had she opened her heart just a little and given me a chance? I would have proven myself. And I would have been a part of this family. Taken my rightful place in my son and my grandson’s lives. But no. No, she wouldn’t allow it. She was– she was hell bent on stopping that. And finn– I just–

[ Breathing heavy ] I just lost it.

Finn: Yeah. You tried to kill her, and you shot me instead.

Sheila: You weren’t supposed to be there.

Finn: Sheila! Listen to yourself. Just stop it. Stop trying to justify this unforgivable thing.

Sheila: Oh, don’t say that. Don’t say that it’s unforgivable. You don’t mean that. Please. I love you, finn. And I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to go to prison for the rest of my life thinking that I’m never going to see you or hayes again. You have to believe me. I– shooting you was the worst thing I have ever done. But it was an accident. I mean it. I didn’t want to hurt you or steffy or li.

Li: I’m telling the truth.

Bill: I believe that you believe that you’re telling the truth, but–

Li: He is.

Liam: Okay, hol–hold. Wait. You’re saying that finn is alive? You’re also saying that he’s with sheila?

[ Li sighs ]

Li: Everyone wrote him off except me. That hospital– he didn’t die. I saved him. Refused to give up on my son. Refused to let sheila take him from me.

Bill: And now finn is with her?

Li: Yes! I have to stop sheila. Hi, my name’s steve.

Ridge: Oh, I hate long flights.

Taylor: I know you do. Why don’t you try to get some rest for just a little bit?

Ridge: I can’t rest– I can’T. I’m too wound up.

Taylor: Sit down.

Ridge: All right. Just sit, I guess. I’ll read this. What are you doing?

Taylor: Damnit.

Ridge: What?

Taylor: The wi-fi went out again.

Ridge: Sorry. What were you working on?

Taylor: Well… I’m doing a little bit of social media stalking right now. I haven’t heard back from li, for a little bit. I don’t know. I think– I think it’s really odd that she’s just disappeared. No word from li.

Bill: I know it’s hard, but can you help us understand?

Liam: Yeah. Because, li, this whole time, everybody, including his wife, has believed that finn was dead. I mean, steffy even tried to talk to you about a memorial service. Do you remember that?

Li: It’s the way I wanted it.

Liam: Why?

Li: What I found out about finn…

Bill: It’s okay. We’re here to help you.

Li: He was on life support. No brain activity. His doctor thought finn had no chance. But… I knew my son. I knew my son is a fighter. He just needed time. Oh, so… I smuggled him out. Signed the death certificate. Broke laws… …procedures… to get him to a safe place. Where I can give him the care that he needed to live. I was nursing finn back to health. But sheila broke out and somehow tracked me down.

Sheila: Where is my son?

Liam: And she didn’t even know that finn was alive?

Li: She wanted to know where he was laid to rest to say goodbye. I tried getting rid of her. But finn stirred in the other room. She shoved me out of the way. And…no denying what she saw.

Bill: Finn. Very much alive.

Li: Yes.

Liam: Oh, my god. That’s why no tombstone. That’s why no memorial service, of course.

Li: I tried to warn the police about sheila. But she caught me. Chased me. I lost control of the car and crashed in the water.

Bill: That’s how you ended up in the alley, and suffered all that trauma.

Liam: Li, if finn really is alive, it’s because you saved him.

Li: And he’s with sheila. I have to save him again.

Shelia: I am so incredibly sorry. How many times do I have to say that? Does it even count that I saved your life?

Finn: My mother brought me back to life. It was li.

Sheila: That was the first time. You don’t even remember. Your heart stopped, finn. And it terrified me. I didn’t know what to do. And I– I saw the paddles. I saw the paddles, and I used them on you. I saved your life. I did that. Your real mother.

Finn: Who loves me, right?

Sheila: More than anything.

Finn: Then, let me go. You saved my life. Let me live it.

Sheila: It was never my intention to make you a prisoner here. To keep you away from steffy and hayes. I would never deprive you of your family.

Finn: That’s exactly what you’re doing.

Sheila: I just wanted this time with you.

Finn: Oh, come on, sheila. I won’t go another day… without seeing steffy. You say you want my happiness? Well, nothing makes me happier than steffy, hayes and kelly. Let me go. Just let me go. (Vo) red lobster’s seafood summerfest is fire!

Bill: This is unreal. Finn’s alive?

Li: Yes.

Liam: My god. Steffy needs to know. I gotta tell her.

Bill: No.

Liam: What? Why?

Bill: If finn’s been with sheila, he’s not safe. No one can know until we have him in hand.

Liam: You’re right.

Bill: Can you take me to them?

Li: I’ll recognize the building if I see it.

Liam: Okay. You text me when you find it. I’m gonna call baker.

Bill: All right. We’ll get your son.

[ Plane whooshing ]

Taylor: Oh.

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.

Taylor: I didn’t mean to use you as a pillow.

Ridge: Use me anytime you want.

Taylor: Ridge, I was having the most wonderful dream. There was a bonfire on the beach, and steffy and finn were there. And they were together. She was so happy.

Sheila: How did this happen? Why does… this always happen to me? We– but we can get past this. We can start over. No, we– we can. We can. You are a kind, compassionate man. Maybe you can– maybe you can show a little bit of that to a woman that gave birth to you.

Finn: You tried to shoot my wife, and you killed my mother. I wish it wasn’t too late to save her, but you know what? I can promise you this: You will never terrorize steffy again, and you will never know, hayes.

Sheila: No. I just wanted to be near you… and hayes. Steffy, too. I– I wanted to love all of you.

Finn: It’s not possible.

Sheila: What are you doing?

Finn: I don’t think it ever was.

Sheila: You can’t do that. You’re not strong enough yet.

Finn: I’m good.

Sheila: You can’t just walk out of here.

[ Long beep ] You can’t walk out.

Finn: How are going to stop me? You going to shoot me again? Going to stick me with a needle?

Sheila: No, son.

Finn: No. No, I’m not your son. Do you have any idea what you’ve taken from me?

Sheila: I’m sorry.

Finn: I want to believe that. But what I want even more is for you to see all of the harm and destruction that you’ve caused. You can’t stop me. This time, this time here with you… it’s over. It’s over.

Sheila: Yeah, go ahead. I’m not going to stop you from trying to find steffy.

Finn: I wish it could have been different.

Sheila: Finn?

[ Footsteps ]

[ Door clicking ]

Bill: You really are alive.

Bill: You’re safe now.

[ Li sighs ]

Finn: Mom? Mom?

Li: Finn. Thank god. Finn. Finn. Finn. Thank god.

Finn: Mom, you’re alive?

Li: Ah, finn. Oh. [ Gasping sobs ]

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