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youa few questions about your recent visitor. If you’re talking about esme, she’s not our visitor. She’s our guest. I wasn’t referring to esme. Then who? But since you mention her, would she or anyone else in your household have any reason to meet with a man who traffics black-market goods? I need your help. Why the sad face? Don’t you know by now we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it? You’re right. Thank you, daddy. So tell me… where have you been? Kevin had pcu cancel my internship and had me banned from spring ridge. Family — often more trouble than it’s worth. Well, I sincerely hope that you don’t mean that. I’m considering sacrificing everything in the name of family. That’s not a good idea. I know. Hello, trina. Why are you here? I’m here for you. Thanks for the tip. Mm-hmm. Remember, every time she’s here… I’ll call.

[ Clicks tongue ] I think we needed this. I have to stick to mocktails. I’m going into the hospital later. Boo. Boo. What a pleasant surprise. “Pleasant” is in the eye of the beholder.

Come on, baby

Any idea what he plans to say on the stand? No. He was asking questions about the trial yesterday. He didn’t even mention that he’d be here today. So you’re here for me? You contacted diane and volunteered to testify on my behalf? Trina. You’re a witness for the prosecution. How could you possibly help me? By doing my part. What does that even mean? It means I’m going to tell the truth. The actual truth? Or the gospel according to esme? Ms. Robinson, can you excuse us? Gladly. Mr. Cassadine, glad to see you. Where is esme prince, and why isn’t she in this courtroom? Hey. Are you okay? I was a fool to believe that this would all work out. I can’t think of anyone who would have any reason to associate with a black market vendor. The individual I’m referring to, oz haggerty, was seen boarding a launch to your home yesterday at approximately 10:30 A.M. This is news to me. May I offer you a drink? Would you like iced tea? Water? I know you’re on duty. No, thank you. This shouldn’t take long. Well, I wish I could be more help, but I wasn’t here much yesterday. Who was home? Ryan: Sacrifice everything. What does that mean? I, um, can’t stay long. If kevin learns of this visit, he’ll make trouble. Well, you obviously worked your way around him. How’d you manage that? Nikolas… pulled strings. Why? I was convincing.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. You held your tryst over his head. Was that wise? Well, what’s leverage if you can’t use it? He may feel compelled to confess to ava. I thought you wanted ava to learn of nikolas’s unfaithfulness. On our terms. If the transparency comes from him, it could work to his advantage. The noble sinner confesses and comes clean. All that crap. Boy, for such a smart girl, sometimes you can just be so… what? Short sighted. I’d be careful if I were you. It was my shortsightedness that got me back in here, now, wasn’t it? Well… when you’re right, you’re right. Thank you. Besides, if anyone is to blame for our separation, it’s probably your old friend felicia. What about her? I think she’s the one who ratted me out to kevin.

[ Purse slams ] Maxie: [ Chuckles ] Ooh. Would you care to join us? Up to britt. I’d rather ride a horse. Been ducking my calls, my texts, my e-mails. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you’ve been avoiding me. My advice? Know better. Okay. What am I missing here? Cody here… was my last society setups date. And by last, I mean I will — no, hold on. Wait one second. The only thing I know about your society setups dates is that your last one was terrible. No offense. None taken. Her date was terrible, and it was completely my fault. Do you mean that? Or are you just telling me what you think I want to hear? I do mean that, and all I’m asking is for you to let me make it up to you. I’ll text you my answer. Hm. You know what makes for a really good apology? A beverage. Let’s start with those. Any preference, ladies? Oh, something fruity.

[ Sighs ] Virgin margarita. This guy really gets to you. Because he’s arrogant, infuriating, and persistent. Mm-hmm. Seems like society setups got this one right.

[ Scoffs ]

cody and i are the opposite of a match. I mean, between the horse and the straw hay and — wait. You do know that straw and hay are two entirely different things, right? I didn’t, maxie. Nor do I care. But cody does. You should ask him. This guy has really gotten under your skin. That could mean something. All right, here we go. -A piña colada… -ooh! Thank you. …For the lady. A beer for the me. And virgin margarita for the other lady. Gee, thanks. Does it taste like lies? What’s it going to take to start over? Okay. Mm… I’m gonna powder my nose. Good. Now I can really begin my groveling. Shouldn’t you be on the ground for that? I would if I thought it would work. You wouldn’t respect a man who did that, would you? Only one way to find out. Look. I really am sorry. I admit it, I was wrong. I was trying too hard to be someone that I thought you wanted instead of actually getting to know the real you. I really am sorry. Okay? It won’t happen again. I promise. From now on, all you’re going to get is the unadulterated, pure this guy. Remember, you asked for it. What do you say? You willing to forgive and forget? Is there any word from portia? She’s still dealing with a patient emergency. Trina will understand. What did spencer say? He’s testifying for the other side. Oh. Because he is a spoiled, selfish tool. And you know what the worst part is? For a split second, I thought spencer came to tell me he had my back. I need esme prince on the stand. -So do I. -Excuse me? Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that esme gets here. Felicia and my brother will be dealt with. Just like anybody who stands in our way. Oh, daddy, you say the sweetest things. Thank you. In the meantime, you need to put some distance between yourself and the cassadines. I think that I should stay at least a few more days. Why? We don’t need anything else from them. Well, that may be true for you. Esme, why did you come here? Spencer wants my help to exonerate trina in exchange for information. You played with that gang of wayward children like they were spiders in a jar, and now you’re paying the price. So what is spencer offering? The identity of my birth mother.

[ Cell phone chimes ] Not on my time. Spencer and I spent most of the morning at G.H. Ava was at the courthouse attending trina’s trial. And esme? As far as I know, she was here all day. Could she have left without your knowledge? I’m not her jailer. She’s free to do as she pleases. So, yes. Anyone else? Just the staff. How long was this guy on the island? Undetermined. He was last seen boarding the launch at 10:30 am and didn’t return to the mainland via the launch. Any idea how he got off the island? Not offhand. You know… I could be more help if you clued me in on what this is about. Mr. Haggerty is currently hospitalized. Drug overdose. You think he obtained the drugs here? Potentially. I’m also trying to ascertain if he provided an unregistered phone used to illegally film an intimate encounter. The sex tape that trina’s accused of making. New evidence suggests that mr. Haggerty’s testimony may have bearing on the case. Why not just ask him? Oh, I’d love to, but he’s in a medically induced coma, which, of course, means he can’t testify either. Convenient, huh?

Was mr. Haggerty’s overdose accidental? There’s evidence he had a visitor before his collapse. Any idea who? Thank you for your time, mr. Cassadine. Please speak with your household staff. I’ll take care of it personally. Oh, and if esme saw mr. Haggerty, we’ll need to speak with her right away. Of course I want to keep an eye on you, esme. You helped spencer terrorize my wife. Everything I did, I did for spencer. Am I supposed to believe that you don’t have a mind of your own? You couldn’t see spencer’s plot spiraling out of control? I don’t know how many times I can say this. I was wrong, and I’m sorr after all, trina’s like a surrogate daughtY.Ery daughters’ namesout your mouth, or I’ll make you sorry you ever drew breath. At least spence doesn’t believe the awful things that ava and sonny think about me that you’re responsible for that video of cameron and josslyn. They just refuse to accept that it was trina. Never mind that all of the evidence points towards her, that she had motive and was physically in the cabin while I was long gone. It’s easier to blame me. I was hoping that you’d be able to restore my internship at spring ridge, but while I was waiting for you, I… what? I realized how much this secret we’re keeping is weighing on me, and I just — I can’t keep going like this. I want to come clean. You don’t mean that. I do. I’m sick of the cover-ups, the lies of omission. I want to tell ava and spence that we slept together. Fine. You’re forgiven. But I never forget, ever. So what you’re saying is I’m unforgettable? Ugh, go away. You do know that smiling causes less wrinkles than frowning. You may not care now, but when you hit 50. Yeah, right. Look, okay. You bought me a peace offering. I begrudgingly accepted it. Let’s move on. To maybe another date?

[ Laughs ] Not if you were the last cowpoke in the countryside. I don’t get it. Why won’t you let anyone close to you? You don’t know me. No, I don’T. But I’m trying to get to know you. Okay. Well, then, know this. This is the absolute height of arrogance to assume, because I don’t want you to get close to me, that I don’t want anyone to get close to me. Yeah, I — I saw the video of your ted talk at the mixer. Your views on love are pretty clear. All right. Okay, I’m done. Now — maxie, I’m sorry, I’m late for work. Wait, what? Britt! How did I do? Oh, that was a clear triumph. Mr. Cassadine, do you recall the weekend getaway you took in january with cameron webber, josslyn jacks, esme prince, and the defendant? I do. We were supposed to spend the weekend at my uncle sonny’s cabin. -Supposed to. -Our weekend was cut short. -Why was that, mr. Cassadine? -Objection, your honor. Josslyn jacks and cameron webber have already testified on record as to why that night, that weekend ended early. Miss jacks and mr. Weber stayed. It might benefit the court to hear mr. Cassadine’s perspective of that evening’s events. Judge young: I’ll allow it. Why did the night end early, mr. Cassadine? Trina was sick. And upset. She ran out of the room while the rest of us argued. And while this argument took place, where was the defendant? -In her room. -Or so she claims. Objection, your honor. This blatant sarcasm is an attempt to influence the jury. If the A.D.A. Actually has a question, do you think she could ask it? Whoa! Where are you off to in such a hurry? Whatever this is, I don’t have time. I have to go get ava. W-what, is she in trouble? No, but my marriage is. Well, w-w– mistakes are made in haste, dear boy. Now slow down. Tell me what this is about. I’ve made a mess. Well, then, it’s lucky for you I showed up when I did. Cleaning up messes is one of my specialties. No, I don’t think you can fix this. Oh, let me be the judge of that. Now, what’s the nature of this particular mess? It’s esme. There’s a delicate matter that she may tell my wife about. What could esme possibly tell ava that would — oh, no, nikolas! Oh, tell me you didn’t! I did, okay? And if I don’t stop her, esme is going to tell ava everything, and she’s going to blow my future and my family to hell. Well, thanks to your childish vendetta against the robinson girl, spencer now has a bargaining chip. Worse, his curiosity could lead him to discover that I’m your father. That’s your only concern? You’ve been compromised, esme. You’re of no use to me. So this relationship is purely transactional? Your brother, kevin, told me that he feared that you could never truly care for another person, and I’m starting to think that he is right. You know I care about you. Do you? Then why do you never ask me what I want? Fine. What do you want, esme? To know who my mother is. You can’t be considering spencer’s offer. I need the truth. If not from spencer, then from you. Whatever it takes. Did spencer happen to mention how he came by your mother’s identity? His uncle victor. Victor cassadine. Well, he has considerable resources, and so do I. And if I couldn’t find her, I’m not so sure he could either. There’s a dna test. There’s a dna test? You submitted to a test with names and identifiable markers? -Of course not, but spencer — -managed to get a sample anyway. How convenient. We live in the same house. It’s not like it would be difficult. Taking this deal is a bad idea. If you don’t want spencer to tell me who my mother is, fine. You tell me.

I don’t know how to read britt, and every time she baits me, I just — ergh — walk right into it. There’s a word for that, you know? Insanity? Chemistry. Well, whatever you call it, I’m still dumb enough to pursue it. Any advice? Um, well, I would advise you to be fearless. But you are the guy that dropped into a pool from 10,000 feet, so… still safer than approaching britt westbourne. Oh, come on. Her bark is worse than her bite. Actually, no. Scratch that. They’re both pretty terrifying. Look, britt just wants someone who lets her be herself at her best and especially at her worst. Okay. You know, I might be able to show her that I can be that guy, but I’m going to need your help. Judge young: Objection sustained. Counselor, if you can’t make your case without editorializing for the jury, perhaps we should stop right now. A.D.A. Arden: Apologies, your honor. Mr. Cassadine, did you see the defendant go into her room? -No. -Can you verify that she was in her room from the time she left the group until the time you left? -No. -Thank you. Back to this argument — what happened next? Joss went in on me pretty hard. She thought that esme suggested the drinking game to upset trina, which was completely unfair. At this time, esme held nothing but admiration for trina, and we were both close friends of trina’S. That’s not true. Should we object? Not right now, dear. Just let him — this is one time when we want him to talk. Was it at that point that you and miss prince left the cabin? Yes. Esme demanded to leave as soon as she got back. Got back from where? Esme left the room to collect herself after joss unloaded on her. Dr. Westbourne, is the tox screen back on oz haggerty? I’m not sure, but I can check. I’m sorry, I’m just getting in, so I’m not quite up to speed yet. Is mr. Haggerty family? No. It’s related to an investigation. And might you have a warrant or a court order that would allow me to help you? How about this? I’ll ask questions, and you can answer them? Fire away. The paramedic report indicated that mr. Haggerty overdosed on prescription pain medication. Can you confirm or deny? Maybe. But first I need you to tell me something. I heard a nurse say that curtis ashford has taken up residence outside the patient’s room. Is there something that I should know? Not only did esme post the recording that she made of cam and josslyn, she may have drugged the person who sold her the phone to do it. He is in G.H. Right now in a coma. Well, you have to grant the lady is enterprising. Oh, she is a monster. And I allowed her in my home! Not to mention your bed. No one can judge me more harshly than I am judging myself right now. I’m not judging. I’m assessing. Well, assess faster. If esme is capable of framing trina, what might she do to spencer or to ava? I-I got to go and warn them. Oh, no. Neither ava nor spencer need ever know about this. As head of this family, I — I’ve made a decision. Esme’s no longer entitled to cassadine hospitality. What does that mean, exactly? Meaning it’s time to evict esme. For good. You’re always so vague on the subject of my mother. My relationship with your mother was… unorthodox. Our courtship was mysterious, exciting. I never knew her friends or her family. Not even her real name. You didn’t even know her name. So she was what? Just… some hookup? She has so much more than that. She understood me. She accepted me. And when she disappeared, I looked everywhere for her. So you don’t know who she is? I know her to her core. But, unfortunately, I can’t give you what you want. And I don’t know if spencer can either. He may be bluffing, even if he has this information, can you trust him to hold up his end of the deal? I don’t need to confess. I just need to find a way to get trina off the hook. So the state is left with no one to prosecute. I can always just run away. As if I’d ever allow that. And if I dare disobey you, what then? Then consider yourself an orphan. Again. Fine. I’ll stay. But if the authorities come looking my way for that stupid sex tape… I might have no choice but to leverage information about you in order to avoid jail time.

So what do you think about society setups? Um, well, aside from the pretentious name, it seems legit. Yeah, britt doesn’t seem to think so. Britt is a natural skeptic, and as far as her experience with society setups goes, her results have been… mixed. Fair point. However, I do happen to know that zelda is a whiz at what she does. Oh, yes. Zelda is the real deal. So maybe if people britt cares about can think that I’m not “wrong” for her, britt can, too. Do you really like her? I’d like to like her. You think she’ll like this? A passport? Just open it. “No kids, no horses, no slippers. Just you, me, and the adventures we can have together.” And the first stamp is the quartermaine stables. Yeah. And I — I thought passport because we’re both explorers. And I — this is — ah, this is corny, isn’t it? This is, like, unforgivably corny. I shouldn’t have — oh, yeah. This is definitely corny, but it’s also really sweet. I just — I don’t get the slippers reference. Yeah, you had to be there. Tell me honestly, though, like, britt going to hate it? Curtis doesn’t want to be too far away if mr. Haggerty wakes up. Because? Mr. Haggerty may have relevant information to a case that’s personally important to curtis. “Acute opioid intoxication. Ingested with alcohol, which led to an adverse reaction.” Did the patient have a prescription? If it’s drug history you’re after, I’m forbidden by law to tell you if this patient has ever visited our pharmacy or any pharmacy in western new york. Can you tell me if he hasn’t visited those pharmacies? I can confirm that there’s no record of him doing so. Is this a drug investigation? Because with cyrus gone, I hoped this problem was over. Have you had a rash of opioid overdoses? No. But I — I did have someone ask me recently about this drug in particular. The one haggerty O.D.’D on? Should I prepare my staff for more of these? That would be premature. Our interest in oz haggerty has less to do with drugs and more to do with the trina robinson trial. A.D.A. Arden: After you and miss prince departed, did you return at any point? No. We went to my grandmother’s house, where we were staying at the time. Mr. Cassadine, after you and miss prince left, is it your testimony that the only individual present in the cabin all night with miss jacks and mr. Webber was the defendant? I don’t know who or what happened at the house after we left. They could have thrown a rager with the neighbors for all I know. Mr. Cassadine, when you and miss prince left, was there anyone else in the house with miss jacks and mr. Webber, besides the defendant? To the best of your knowledge, yes or no? No. To the best of my knowledge, there was nobody else. No further questions for this witness. We will now adjourn for a short recess. Ms. Miller, you’ll have an opportunity to question the witness when we return.

[ Bangs gavel ] Put your phone away. Whatever you’re planning, that’s not what I’m asking for. Nikolas, why let this girl jeopardize your happy home life, not to mention this family? Esme didn’t jeopardize anything. I did. I should have followed my heart and told ava everything

[Sighs] Immediately.

[ Sighs ] Nikolas, this gratuitous guilt is tedious, and in this case, it’s misguided. Esme was nothing more than a vengeful lolita who exploited her friends and then drugged a man into a catatonic stupor. We’ll all be a lot safer if she were eliminated. And if spencer ever finds out our part in that, I will lose my son again. You risk losing him if she lives. I don’t want to go down a path that I can’t come back from. That ship has already left southampton and is well on its way to the iceberg. Before my mother left, she was worried that I would fall into old patterns, and killing esme would definitely qualify. Yes, laura’s integrity is admirable, but sometimes she fails to see the bigger picture. I know that you don’t understand this, but I want to make her proud. And I want to show spencer and ava that I am willing to face up to my failings.

[ Shudders ] My brother’s wrong. I’m not an unfeeling monster. Your mother meant everything to me. And so does our daughter. Then why didn’t you tell me any of this? That time in my life was very painful. You know, your mother was the only person I could completely be myself with. And then she walked away from me. And that’s why I can’t bear the thought of you doing the same. I would never do that to you. I would never leave you. And I would never, ever betray you. I know that, my sweet girl. Besides… there’s no place that you can go, no place you can run, no place on earth that I wouldn’t find you. One day, we will be reunited with your mother. Right now… we have more immediate concerns.

[ Sobs ]

-I think she’s going to love it. -Really? Yeah, right after she hates it first. Mm. You’re going to need a spare. In case she burns it? See, you already are learning how she thinks. Um, maybe you should give it to her. Oh, no, no way. I’m not getting in the middle of this mess. Come on. You already saw for yourself. Britt wants nothing to do with me. Yeah, the you she wanted nothing to do with was the phony you that showed up on your date. If you show up as the real you, gift in hand, heart on your sleeve, that might demonstrate you are exactly the right guy for her. Besides having a third party pass a note, that’s beneath everyone involved. All right. Got it. Thanks. What can I say? I’m a diehard romantic. Is the pat ient a potentialwitness in trina’s trial? The individual who inquired about this opioid, could they be connected to our victim? You don’t think this overdose was accidental. It’s early days. Could the individual who came to you asking about this drug shed any light on oz haggerty or the video of joss and cam? -It’s esme’S. -Does she get headaches? Does she complain about indigestion or dry mouth? Because those are some of the side effects. Are there others? Yes. It can make you tired, nervous. What happens if you mix it with alcohol? I can’t say. Is this conversation privileged? No. You’re protecting someone. I get it. But a young woman’s freedom may be at stake. What happens if I give up this person’s identity and the information becomes useless? If it doesn’t help trina, then we never had this conversation. How about it? Can you tell me what you know and let me decide if it’s relevant?

[ Cellphone rings ] It is bad enough that you trashed our friendship to side with your psycho girlfriend. You also had to testify against me? I didn’t have a choice, trina. I was subpoenaed. Like that makes a difference. Esme would have volunteered you. She won’t stop till she destroys me. And you’re just — you’re happy to help. You’re wrong. Prove it. Come on, trina. He’s not worth it. Truest thing said in the courtroom today. I don’t understand your confused sense of honor. Personally, I’d rather bury accusation and accuser before throwing myself on the mercies of an angry wife. Okay, I appreciate the thought, sort of, but when it comes to ava, I refuse to compound my mistakes. I’m done lying. All right, well, at least let me drop you at the courthouse. Johann has a talent for shortcuts. And speed limits? It’s like flying on angel’s wings.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll take it. I need all the help I can get. If ava and nikolas survive this infidelity, then all of our efforts would have been for nothing. That cannot happen. You understand?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] I have to take this. A.D.A. Arden, I was just about to call you. Why call when you could be here in person like you’re supposed to?

Where are you? I had a family matter. If you’re not here when this recess ends in 10 minutes, expect to be held in contempt. I’m on my way.

[ Sighs ] I have to go. Esme. If you promise not to do what spencer asks, I’ll make a promise of my own. What promise? When I get out of here, you and I will find your mother. Together. No promises.

[ Door slams ]

[ Grunts ] I know that was hard, trina. But there’s good news. Not from where I was sitting. Spencer cassadine was not able to account for all of esme’s whereabouts. That gives us an opening that we did not have before he took the stand. Which means? Which means that, when esme prince gets on the stand, all bets are off. I should have handled my testimony better yesterday. You were just doing your job. Trina doesn’t blame you for that. You sure? Read the room, officer. I mean, trina let you hold her hand while she kicked spencer in the teeth. I think you’re good. I’ve read the room and trina. She still cares about spencer. So? Spencer was trina’s friend, and he took esme’s side against her. And that she will never forgive. I’m on to you, you know. What nefarious thing have I done now? It’s what you didn’t do. You had every opportunity to give esme an ironclad alibi. And yet… what can I say? I’m an idiot. Oh, spencer cassadine, you are a lot of things, but an idiot — never. Which begs the question, whose side are you really on?

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