Days Short Recap Friday, July 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn apologized to Belle for having sex with Jan when he thought she was her. He also said he should have included her in his plans for the baby. She knew she didn’t make things easy for him. He thought he should have worked harder on a solution that would have helped all of them. She couldn’t blame him for everything because she did what she always did. She sought comfort in the arms of another man. He knew she wanted to hurt him, but he wanted to know if she fell in love with EJ. She said that she wasn’t in love with EJ. She cried because she hurt him. They apologized to each other. Shawn wondered where that left them. Evan found Orpheus and was excited about them leaving. Orpheus said that Kristen nearly tanked the deal. Rolf walked in the room. He was glad to be included in the plan. Rolf hugged Orpheus for getting him out of prison. He said that was Kristen’s idea.

Xander went to the police station and demanded that Rafe let Sarah out. Rafe wanted him to calm down. Xander said he was losing out of his happiness. Rafe said if Sarah was innocent, she could still help with the investigation. Rafe got a call about the pardons. Jada told Sarah that Lucas was able to place her at the crime scene. She asked Sarah about the drugs she was taking. Sarah admitted that she was hallucinating ever since Abby left the syringe in the tunnels. Jada wanted to know if she was upset with Abby. Sarah said she was angry at Kristen for injecting her in the first place. Jada wanted to know about the attacks during her hallucinations. Sarah said she never went to the DiMera mansion. Jada reminded her that Lucas saw her there and saw her drop something at the mansion. She thought it could have been the murder weapon. Sarah wanted to know why she would Abby. Jada said she could have been hallucinated and thought Abby was Kristen. Sarah wanted to leave.

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