Days Short Recap Thursday, July 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus wanted Evan to stop pacing. He told him that he couldn’t let Shawn raise his son. He wanted to get out of there. Orpheus said they could get out that day since Jan gave him the password to the Salem PD. Orpheus told Evan to go on as if nothing happened. Orpheus pulled out a cellphone. Orpheus called the governor and let him know that he found out everything about him. The governor wanted to know what he wanted. Orpheus thought that was more like it. Chloe went to see Shawn so she could see the baby. She bought a gift for the baby. He told her that Belle didn’t want to forgive him. He told her how Belle slept with EJ. Chloe defended Belle to him. She told him that he should have been trying to save his marriage. He realized that baby was his. Chloe believed that Belle would have a change of heart once she holds the baby. He told her that she couldn’t be in the same room with him. Chloe believed they were meant to be together.

Evan entered the infirmary and saw Kristen. She told him that she didn’t know when she will see her daughter again. He understood because he had a son and knew he would see him soon. Kristen wanted to know if he was getting paroled. He said he was up for parole. She didn’t believe. She demanded to know how he was getting out of jail. He said he couldn’t tell her. She put him in a headlock and threatened to put his eye out if he didn’t tell her. He told her offscreen. The governor went to see Orpheus. He told the governor about his secret. The governor wanted to know if he wanted a transfer. Orpheus wanted to be out of prison. He couldn’t let him out of prison. Orpheus threatened to expose him. Everyone watched TV and saw that Kristen, Orpheus and Evan were given full pardons. Everyone’s mouths dropped at the news.

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