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Finn: You lied. You weren’t the one who saved me. My mother did.

Sheila: I am your mother.

Finn: Where is she? What did you do? Tell me now!

Taylor: Hey, sweetheart. It’s mom again. I’m sorry I keep calling, I know I’m being annoying, but I– I– I– I’m worried about you. And, I would like you to call me back as soon as you can. I’d love to hear your voice and I’d love to talk to my grandkids. I love you. Call me as soon as you get this. Thank you. How was surfing?

Thomas: I couldn’t get my mind of off things. I just keep thinking about steffy. Any updates?

Taylor: No. No, she’s not answering her phone.

Ridge: You guys talking about steffy?

Taylor: Yes!

Ridge: I haven’t been able to get in touch with her either.

Wyatt: Thank you for meeting me here.

Bill: Well, you said it was your new favorite seafood restaurant, so I am fishing to see if it’s true.

Wyatt: Oh wow!

Bill: That’s a pretty good dad joke.

Wyatt: Yeah. You went there.

Bill: Well, listen, it’s on the wharf so they can’t screw it up that badly.

Wyatt: Dude, you are gonna love it. Trust me.

Bill: Ah, we’ll see about that. I’m picking the next restaurant.

Wyatt: Uh. Fair enough.

Bill: You’re still free this weekend, right?

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah. If you still are. I mean, you–

Bill: Yeah.

Wyatt: You’ve been spending a lot of time with me lately, instead of a lucky lady.

Bill: You complaining?

Wyatt: No. No, I’m really digging the father-son time. I’m curious, though. What’s going on with you and katie?

Bill: What’s going on with katie and me? Are you familiar with the term “nothing”?

Wyatt: Ah! I was afraid of that.

Bill: I see. It’s not my fault. I’m giving her the space she continues to nee, and trying not to focus on my lack of progress.

Wyatt: Good. Life’s too short to dwell on things.

Bill: Yeah. Got that right. We’ve learned that the hard way recently, didn’t we?

Wyatt: Yeah, with finn, you mean?

Bill: Yeah. Too short. Way too short.

Thomas: Look, let’s, um, let’s try not to be concerned. You know, steffy, she’s probably just dealing with the kids and she’ll call tomorrow.

Taylor: No, I– I understand, but until sheila’s caught, I feel like…

Ridge: Well, actually there’s a lead on that.

Taylor: There is?

Ridge: Yeah. Does the name guthrie ring a bell with you? Mike guthrie.

Taylor: It does.

Ridge: So, guess who was on guard when sheila escaped?

Taylor: No.

Ridge: Yes. That idiot had something to do with it.

Taylor: Oh, my god.

Finn: My mother wouldn’t just save my life and hand me over to you. She’d be the one here taking care of me. So, you tell me… what did you do to her?

Sheila: Okay, so let’s start at the beginning then, shall we? I wanted to escape. Of course, I wanted to be free, but the thing that was most important to me was that I find you.

Finn: Find me? That makes no sense. You thought I was dead.

Sheila: Find where li buried you. I needed closure. I needed to know your final resting place.

Hello li. I thought that when I tracked her down, I would get some answers.

Where is my son? But, what I found was you. Not a grave. Not an urn, but you. My son, my beautiful son. Alive. (Denise) my husband has lung cancer

Bill: Talk to liam today?

Wyatt: Yeah. Actually, I’m meeting up with him later. Why?

Bill: I talked to him earlier. He still sounded pretty worried about this sheila situation.

Wyatt: Can you blame him? It’s creepy. Knowing that she’s still out there and everything. I don’t know, I’m just glad steffy got away. Not just for safety reasons, but liam seems to think that the distance will help her grieve.

Bill: Hope so, but I don’t think it’s distance. It’s time.

Wyatt: Well, she loved finn so much. I mean, how does she even begin to cope with something like that? Her husband. They father of her son, just… gone.

Taylor: This is too much! Sheila’s finally behind bars where she belongs and then all of the sudden mike guthrie comes out of nowhere.

Ridge: Oh, this is crazy. I don’T…

Thomas: So this guy, he’s like sheila’s henchman?

Ridge: That’s exactly who he is. He’s helped her before and he’s kinda, he’s helping her now. He knows where she is. He has to.

Finn: You found me, alive. My mother saved me, but that doesn’t explain where she is now. I want the truth!

Sheila: You j– you just need to know the pain that I was in when I thought that you were dead.

Finn: Because of you. Because you shot me.

Sheila: Yeah, that makes it all that more unbearable. Don’t you understand that? I fe–

[ Sheila scoffing ] The grief that I was feeling, it, yeah, it began to haunt me when I was arrested and I realized that I may spend the rest of my life in prison never having the opportunity to put flowers on your grave, or tell you how sorry I was. I wasn’t gonna let that happen. I knew that I had to escape. I had to find li, and make her take me to your final resting place.

Finn: Make her?

Sheila: Oh, god. Don’t– don’t– don’t make it sound like that. Don’t make me– I was trying to appeal to her. Mother to mother. But, when I got here, she was way off. She was just acting so cagey.

Finn: Yeah, she was probably scared to death. Seeing you, knowing you escaped.

Sheila: She was scared, she was scared, she was scared that I was gonna uncover what she was hiding. She yelled at me, she called me names, but I stood strong. I was not about to leave until I found out where you were at. And thank god I heard!

Finn: Heard?

Li: You need to leave.

Sheila: What is that sound?

Li: You need to leave now!

Sheila: Why won’t you

tell me? The equipment that was keeping you alive. And li tried to stop me. She… she wouldn’t let me by. She tried, but she couldn’T.

Get out of my way.

Li: You can’t just follow– no!

Sheila: And then, there you were. And all that pain, and grief, that I’d been feeling–

finn? Oh, god. The horror of thinking that I killed my own son. You have to understand the relief. Finding out that I didn’T. It was probably the most profound, moving moment of my entire life. Hi, I’m nancy.

Bill: What happened to finn really just drives home that life really is too short, so fleeting. Goes by way too fast.

Wyatt: Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk like this before.

Bill: Like what?

Wyatt: I don’t know?

Bill: You know what, never mind. I don’t even want to hear the answer. Whatever.

Wyatt: I was gonna say with compassion.

Bill: I just said I didn’t wanna hear the answer.

Wyatt: What are you, what are you–

Bill: You see. You see. It’s a side effect of being a father. This is what you three boys have done to me.

Wyatt: You’re welcome?

Bill: I mean, no. Not “you’re welcome.” I mean, I don’t wanna say you’ve changed me, but you– you have uh, maybe, helped me to grow a little–

Wyatt: Oh oh.

Bill: Recognize what’s important in life.

Wyatt: Just a little bit?

Bill: Yeah. Ju… just keep it up wise guy. But, you’ll find out, someday, if you are dumb enough to have your own children. Then, you’ll see they become all encompassing, and all you do is worry about them and you want to protect them.

Wyatt: Yeah, unless you’re sheila carter.

Bill: Yeah. Wish I’d been there to protect steffy and finn from that psycho.

Thomas: There’s gotta be a way for the police to get it out of him.

Ridge: Oh, I’ve got a way to get it out of him.

[ Phone ringing ]

Taylor: It’s an international number. This has got to be steffy.

Ridge: Put her on speaker.

Taylor: Yeah, of course. Hello?

Flavia: Hello? Could i please speak with taylor hayes please?

Taylor: Speaking. Who is this?

Flavia: Excuse me for disturbing you. My name is dr. Chevalier, but you can call me flavia. I am here in monaco.

Taylor: Monaco? That’s where steffy is. I– is steffy okay?

Flavia: Yes, I have news about your daughter.

Finn: I don’t care how profound it was. Or how moved you were. Tell me what happened next. What you did to my mother.

Sheila: I tried to convince li that she needed to take you back to the hospital. That what she was doing, it was way too risky. And I had just found you. Alive. I wasn’t going to lose you again, so I was determined to convince her.

Finn: Obviously, you didn’T. I’m still here.

Sheila: Yeah, but you woke up. Oh, finn–

Li: Finn.

Sheila: It meant so much to the both of us to hear your voice and see your eyes open.

Finn: My mom was here?

Sheila: Yes, son. She was. She was right here.

Finn: So why don’t I remember?

Sheila: It was hard for her to understand.

Finn: You’re not lying to me? Trying to cover up some scheme that you–

Sheila: No. Li was right here taking care of you when the hospital gave up on you, and I was so, so, so thankful for her. And thankful for the care she was giving you.

Finn: Was? Why was?

Sheila: Well, I’ll get to that.

Finn: No. Now.

Sheila:: I thought she understood how much I cared about you. She said that you were ours. Our son.

Finn: I don’t believe you. She would’ve went right to the cops.

Sheila: Oh no. Because, if she would’ve done that, she would’ve gone to prison too. She said that we could take care of you. Your two mothers. She lied to me. I trusted her and she lied to my face. Telling me that she needed to go and get you your medication and the second she walked out that door–

youu were calling the cops! She got her phone and she was calling for help. She betrayed me. I trusted her. Why would she do that? Why does this happen to me? Is there no one that I can rely on? Why? Why does everyone make me do things that I regret?

Finn: Regret? What did you do, sheila? What did you do to my mother? Kids, one year they want all dinosaurs stuff

Server: Here you go. Have a good night, gentlemen.

Bill: Thank you.

Wyatt: Thanks for dinner, dad. You don’t always have to get the bill.

Bill: Er, don’t make anything of it, wyatt. I, uh, I like paying. I wasn’t able to do anything for you guys when you were growing up, so it makes me feel good to do it now.

Wyatt: Well, thank you. You okay? I mean, I could hang out a little bit if you–

Bill: Oh, no, no. I’m– I’m good. I’m– yeah, I gotta– I gotta get home, too. So, thanks for suggesting this place. It wasn’t terrible.

Wyatt: Ah, come on, you loved it.

Bill: Uh…

Wyatt: All right. Well, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.

Bill: Yep. Don’t be late.

Wyatt: What? Are you serious? I will be early, just like you.

Bill: We’ll see about that.

Taylor: So, what is– what is going on? Is– is– is steffy okay? Was she in an accident?

Flavia: No, no, no, no. Um, I work for a clinic. A rehabilitation center for depression.

Taylor: Okay.

Flavia: You know that steffy has been seeing a local grief counsellor here?

Taylor: Yes, yes. Uh, dr. Rousseau.

Flavia: Yes. Um, he urged her to check in with us to receive 24 hour a day care.

Taylor: Okay. So– so what exactly is happening?

Flavia: Well, sh– she is struggling quite a bit.

Ridge: What about the kids? Ask her about the kids.

Taylor: Okay, that is– that is ridge forrester. That’s steffy’s father. We’re– we’re concerned about kelly and hayes. Where are they?

Flavia: Steffy’s with them

and the nanny. This is more like a home. It’s not a hospital. How do you say, uh, more like a resort.

Uh, so rest assured,

the kids are fine. So, is steffy. She’s receiving excellent care, okay?

Taylor: Okay. Um, well we– we would like to speak to her if that’s possible.

Flavia: Well, that’s not recommended. Not yet.

We encourage our patients

to not have any contact with anything or anyone close to the cause. Especially at the beginning stages of the rehab.

Taylor: But, uh–

Flavia: That will change as the progress continues, but rest assured, I will keep you completely updated on her progress.

Taylor: Okay. Well, if– if she– okay, yes. Thank you. Thank you for that.

Flavia: I know you are worried. Rest assured, she will get through this. She’s receiving excellent care.

Taylor: Thank you.

Flavia: Au revoir.

Thomas: So, the pain’s so bad, she has to…

Taylor: I’m glad she’s safe, but– but this is terrible.

Ridge: What’s steffy’s going through, and the whole family… is all because of sheila.

Shela: Things could’ve been so different if she would have just believed me, but no, no, she– she had to try calling the cops.

Finn: Yeah, but you, you stopped her.

Sheila: From making the call, yes, but not from leaving. Finn, she ran away. She– she took off in a car.

Finn: Then this can’t be true because she would’ve went straight to the cops and she would’ve brought ’em here.

Sheila: She didn’t make it to the cops.

Finn: How would you know?

Sheila: Because I followed her. I chased her. I saw her when she–

Finn: When what?

Sheila: She lost control of the car, and I don’t know what happened. It just exploded.

Finn: What?

Sheila: I saw her go into the water. No, I saw her sinking.

Finn: You’re– you’re saying my mother is dead? Answer me! Is my mother dead?

Sheila: Yes. Baby, I’m so sorry. Li is dead.

[ Rattling ]

Bill: Who’s there? If you’re looking for trouble, you’re about to find it.

[ Woman groaning ] What are you doing there? Is this a set-up? Do you need help?

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