Days Short Recap Tuesday, July 12, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Will told Chad about Lucas drinking. Chad wanted to know why Lucas started drinking again. Chad didn’t believe Lucas felt guilty over the ski accident. Will told Chad that he thought his mother and EJ would end up together. They talked about Abby. Will told him that he and Sonny would always be there for him. Chad looked at pictures of Abby on his phone. Rafe called him and told him Clyde had an alibi. Chad didn’t believe the alibi at first, but he was convinced that the information was true. He wanted to know who killed Abby. He had flashbacks of Lucas’ hand. He thought about the blood in the room. He thought Lucas killed Abby. Lucas talked to Kate about getting drunk and kidnapping Sami. He said he was positive that Clyde killed Abby. Kate felt relieved. She said he was a bad liar. She wanted him to be sure he wanted to marry Sami without confessing to what he did. Lucas said he was okay with it. Kate was okay with it. She thought Sami would find out on her own. He said kidnapping Sami was an intervention for an addict in a toxic relationship. Kate said Sami lived by the ends justify the means so she should give him a pass.

Sami showed up when EJ admitted to Nicole that he slept with Belle. Nicole decided not to tell Sami what EJ said. Sami was disgusted that she ever loved EJ in the first place. Sami told Nicole that Rafe was slumming with her. EJ called Sami a cheater. He told her to check Lucas’ luggage for chloroform before marrying him. The two of them got into an argument. Roman came out. Sami went off with Roman. Roman told Sami that it was hard to tell what was going on between her and EJ. He said he didn’t know if they were going to kill each other or kiss each other. She told him she couldn’t be happier. He said he could tell Lucas it was off. Johnny and Allie argued over Chanel. They both thought they could get Chanel. They continued to argue until Will showed up. Eric was ready to start the ceremony. Lucas and Sami exchanged vows to each other. Sami brought up her kidnapping. She thanked Lucas for saving her. He said he would live up to every word she said about him. When Sami and Lucas were giving each other their rings, Chad came into the church. He grabbed Lucas and asked him if he killed Abby. The people at the wedding pulled Chad off of Lucas. They wanted to know why Chad thought Lucas killed Abby. Chad said because Abby found out Lucas’ dirty little secret. He admitted that Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami.

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