Days Short Recap Thursday, July 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami wanted to know whose bra she found on the floor. EJ let her know that it wasn’t her business to know. She assumed that he slept with Nicole so she went to the bathroom door and called out her name. EJ pulled her away from the door. Sami went ballistic so Belle came out of the bathroom and let her know he wasn’t with Nicole. Sami couldn’t believe that he slept with her sister. He let her know that she didn’t have a say in who he sleeps with. Sami thought they were disgusting. She let Belle know that he slept with her because of her. Sami stormed off. EJ went after her and wanted to know why she wasn’t with Lucas. She admitted that he was right about Lucas. She told him that Lucas kidnapped her and framed him for it. Belle eavesdropped on their conversation about Lucas. She said he kidnapped her to split them up. He touched her face and told her they would have been together if Lucas hadn’t interfered. She told him it would never happen now. He got close to her and wanted to know if that was true. She pushed him away. She thought sleeping with Nicole was the worst thing he could do to her. She was wrong. She said sleeping with her sister was the worst thing he could do. He kissed her hand and told her that he thought he lost her forever. She pushed him away and said that things were the same and she left. EJ went back in his room and saw that Belle was dressed. She told him that she was leaving. He didn’t want her to go. She told him that she hurt her sister by being with him. She didn’t want to get judged by Sami for being with him. EJ wanted to know if she was going back to Shawn. She wanted to keep things simple even if she was alone. She walked out of the room.

Allie wanted Will to tell her that Lucas didn’t kill Abby. He didn’t think Lucas would kill anyone unless he was drunk. She reminded him that he was drunk. Will told her about his conversation with their father. She didn’t think he would kill anyone even if he were drunk. Will wasn’t sure about that. He reminded her what he did to their mother. He told her that he didn’t remember cutting his hand. He didn’t know what else he forgot. He thought their father might have been desperate to keep their mother that he would have killed Abby. Allie realized he could have killed Abby. She wanted to check on their mother and Will wanted to check on their father. Rafe pulled Chad off of Lucas. Chad was trying to get Lucas to admit that he killed Abby. Rafe wanted to know what Chad was doing. Chad caught Rafe up on everything that happened. Rafe was upset with Chad for allowing EJ to go to prison for Lucas’ crime. Rafe didn’t think Lucas was capable of murder. Chad said he could have done it if he were drunk. Rafe went in the interrogation room with Lucas as Will arrived. Chad told Will that he told Rafe everything. Will understood why he did it. He told him that he had to stand by his father. They glared at each other before Chad left. Rafe wanted to know if Lucas killed Abby. Lucas said he didn’t remember.

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