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Will: My dad didn’t tell me when he fell off the wagon, but must’ve been recently since he still had the bandage on his hand.

Chad: He hurt himself while he was on his bender?

Will: Yeah. And by the size of the bandage, I mean, I’d say it was bad. He was so far gone he didn’t even remember how it happened.

Kate: Okay, I thought tt you told me you knew you didn’t kill abigail.

Lucas: Yeah, I was convinced that I wouldn’t lay a hand on my sister’s kid, but I don’t know. Deep down, I was freaking out about it.

Kate: Why?

Lucas: Because I was so drunk and I don’t remember anything that happened that night.

Kate: Yeah, you got drunk when I told you that abigail knew about you kidnapping sami.

Lucas: Thank you. Thanks for rubbing that in. I appreciate it. The cops have clyde. And they said that clyde had the bracelet, clyde had the jewelry that was taken from abigail’s place the night she was murdered, and you know they said that ej gave a statement. Ej said that clyde was trying to send him a message.

Kate: Yeah, I heard that.

Lucas: Well, we all know what happened the last time clyde sent a message. Remember when he sent a message to victor kiriakis? Next thing you know, sonny was stabbed. Same thing happened to abigail.

Kate: You’re right. Oh, my god. Lucas, you are absolutely right about that. Oh, thank god. This is–this is over. Honey, I have to tell you it’s been so painful watching you beat yourself up about this. And by the way, you are a really, really terrible liar.

Lucas: Thank you. Thanks for that.

Kate: Well, no, I mean, literally, that’s a compliment. It’s because you have so much conscience, you know? It’s not easy for you to pull off a deception.

Lucas: Well, maybe I take after my dad’s side.

Kate: Okay. Look, now that we know that you had absolutely nothing to do with abigail’s death, you really sure that you want to marry sami? With this big lie that you have between you?

Lucas: You can’t be happy for me for like 30 seconds? You gotta start in with your nagging again?

Kate: Yes, yes, I do. Because it’s for your own good. You don’t wanna see sami walk down the aisle without coming clean. You must tell her that you’re the one who kidnapped her.

Johnny: You know damn well why I broke up with chanel. Same reason you did.

Allie: Yeah, the devil made us do it.

Johnny: So you really don’t like this suit?

Allie: No, it’s nice. If you’re auditioning for the role of red in “crayola: The musical.”

Johnny: Well, you know I’ve always liked to color outside the lines.

Allie: Yeah, okay, says the straight guy to this bi sister. Look, johnny, you can do all you want to make yourself stand out, but the thing is, chanel is bi. Just like I am. We get each other. And that’s why we’re going to end up together.

Eric: A wedding in salem that goes by the book, now, that would be a unique experience. You ready to go?

Marlena: Yes, I’d like to ask you something first.

Eric: Okay.

Marlena: I understand that rafe and nicole got married.

Eric: Yeah.

Marlena: Just wondering how you feel about that.

Ej: I have all sorts of reasons not to rejoice over samantha’s marriage to a bore.

Nicole: Okay, well, maybe you can tell me all about it over a drink. Or perhaps you’d rather drown your sorrows with sami’s sister in the hopes to finally get her into bed.

Ej: You underestimate me.

Nicole: Oh, you did it. You rascal you. You finally slept with belle, didn’t you?

[Laughs] Oh.

Sami: Well, don’t you two look thick as thieves. What are you talking about?

Nicole: Well, you know, under normal circumstances, I would tell you to mind your own business, but today, today, sami, I am gonna make an exception. I’m gonna tell you exactly what we were talking about.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

[Suspenseful music]

Johnny: Oh, you missed one.

Allie: What are you talking about?

Johnny: Uh, the pew. You missed it.

Allie: What are you, seven years old? Does everything have to be a competition?

Johnny: Ah, you’re just upset ’cause I usually come out ahead. I was even born first.

Allie: You’re pathetic.

Johnny: Name one time when we both wanted the same thing and you ended up with it.

Allie: Look, I’m not doing this. I’m not playing this game, okay? Not anymore.

Johnny: Do you remember dirty kitty? You had a stuffed animal you were crazy about?

Allie: Yeah, of course I remember her. I lost her and I cried for like a week.

Johnny: Dirty kitty wasn’t lost.

Allie: You got rid of her? And that’s fun for you? What kind of little sadist are you?

Johnny: I play for keeps, that’s all. And I’m gonna take chanel away from you too.

Chad: Did your dad say what made him start drinking?

Will: He said he felt guilty and it was about my mom.

Chad: Yeah.

Will: Yeah. They went on this skiing trip and she broke her leg. Yeah, he thinks it was his fault.

Chad: Why?

Will: Because he knew she was tired, but she wanted to do one more tough run, and he thinks he should’ve stopped her.

Chad: I see.

Will: Yeah. I mean, clearly she’s not holding it against him. She’s marrying the guy. Still kinda hard to believe.

Chad: Why?

Will: I know my mom and dad will always love each other, but I always thought that mom would end up with ej.

Lucas: I am not gonna do this with you, not today, not anymore.

Kate: God, but lucas–

Lucas: No, but nothing– I mean it, I am not gonna tell sami the truth. If I do that, she’s gonna go back to ej. We both know that’s gonna happen.

Kate: Okay, well, you know, sami’s not stupid, and she could actually figure this out on her own.

Lucas: How’s she gonna do that?

Kate: Like I told you, you’re a rotten liar. You also don’t live very well with guilt. You know, every time you swiped money from my purse…

Lucas: [Stammers] I was young, and you couldn’t tell by the look on my face anyway. You know what? It doesn’t matter. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is, I have been keeping this secret for the past year. And sami hasn’t had a clue yet. So maybe, maybe I’m a little bit more like you than I think. Or maybe I’m just better than ej. Maybe I’m just a better man than he is for her. Maybe that’s why she loves me so much.

Kate: I’m not going to be able to talk you out of this, am I?

Lucas: No, what I did was extreme, I know that. I’m an addict. I understand addiction. What I did was intervention. Okay? What I did was intervention. Sami was in a toxic relationship and I saved her from that.

Nicole: Let me ask you a question first. Is belle going to the wedding?

Sami: I don’t think so. My mom said she’s having a bad time of it.

Nicole: No kidding.

Sami: So you were gonna tell me what you two were talking about?

Ej: We were saying how unfortunate it is that you’re about to make the biggest mistake of your life.

Sami: Oh, ej. I’ve already made the biggest mistake of my life. More than once, actually.

Nicole: But you always said that was true love.

Sami: Please, if anyone’s making a really big mistake in their life, it’s rafe. Marrying you? When are you gonna start slutting around behind his back the way you did with eric?

Nicole: Now you’re projecting, sami. You cheated on rafe with ej.

Sami: Oh, you’re gonna throw that in my face?

Ej: If anyone here is guilty of serial infidelity, it’s you.

Sami: Oh, are you serious? You are no monk.

Ej: I was true to you the second time around.

Sami: Oh, “the second time”? Oh, that’s so romantic when you say it like that. You were in a body cast!

Ej: And when I was like that, you were sneaking around with lucas. Tell me, how are you going to look him in the eye today and promise to be faithful and true in sickness and health? Moderate to severe eczema

Eric: Mom, I can only wish nicole all the happiness in the world.

Marlena: Yes. Well, in the past, you’ve been the one committed to her happiness.

Eric: Me? Committed? Mom, she was ready to stay and be married to me forever, but I left and I stayed in africa. Rafe, he’s been a friend to her. And they fell in love. I’m not about to interfere with that.

Marlena: So you’re– you’re doing what’s right.

Eric: And today is not about nicole, rafe, or me, it’s about sami and lucas. Come on. Let’s go to the church and get them married.

Will: Anyway, thanks for letting me talk about my dad. Especially now. I have to ask that you, you know, don’t tell anyone that he got loaded.

Chad: Sure. And give him and sami my best.

Will: I will.

Chad: You know, abby absolutely loved weddings. She would–she would start, um, tearing up as soon as the wedding march started. And they would start doing the vows, and she would always reach over and grab my hand and… I always felt like I was marrying her all over again.

Will: She was a really special person. I knew her all my life. And I’ll always remember her. Her class and her kindness and that she always wanted to do the right thing. No matter what. She was one of, like, the all-time world’s greatest ladies.

[Both laugh]

Chad: Yeah, she was.

Will: And if you need me or sonny, whenever, middle of the night, early morning, it doesn’t matter, you just say the word, and we will be there for you.

[Sentimental music]

Kate: Well, sami shouldn’t blame you for convincing herself that the end justified the means. God knows she’s lived by that principle most of her life.

Lucas: Listen, I regret what I did. I acted on impulse, and i should’ve resisted it, but you know, when sami and I were away, we fell in love all over again. It was amazing. We were in italy together, the snow was falling and it was so romantic. We were by the fire. It kind of reminded us both, you know, when we were stranded at the cabin. If he comes after you, sami, I’ll protect you. Don’t worry about ej. You trust me, right? You believe I can do that for you?

Sami: Of course I believe in you, lucas.

Lucas: Good. Let me get this fire started and then I’m making love to you all night long. You’re mine.

Sami: Who needs the fire then?

Lucas: Back then, it was her and me against the world. It’s gonna be that way from now on.

Kate: Wait, didn’t the roof of that cabin cave in, almost killing both of you?

Lucas: You’re a buzzkill, you know that? Come on, let’s go.

Allie: Done. Maybe you would’ve won if you hadn’t stopped to shoot off your mouth. The church is almost ready for my dad to marry our mom. I like this little church. Maybe chanel and i will get married here too.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah. In your dreams.

Allie: You know, I don’t think you even really want her. I think you just wanna take her away from me. But you know what? Chanel is gonna see you for the phony that you are.

Marlena: Twins are arguing. Walk down memory lane, huh?

Eric: Yeah, well, at least sami and I never argued over the same woman.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Eric: How about we just worry about today’s nuptials, huh?

Marlena: Ah, I think that is a wonderful idea.

Sami: You’re calling me out for cheating on you when you cheated on me with abby? You think I’ve forgotten about that? Oh, oh, god rest her soul.

Ej: Oh, you’re unbelievable.

Sami: You kidnapped me, you son of a bitch!

Ej: If I had done that, believe me, you’d still be missing. Your kidnapping was the work of an amateur.

Sami: You are nothing but cruel and vindictive.

Ej: Yes, yes, yes, you’ve made your point.

Sami: I was a fool for ever loving you as long as I did. At least I’ve finally come to my senses, and I am marrying a man who’s gonna treat me with the kindness and the respect that I deserve!

Ej: [Laughs] Keep telling yourself that. I’m sure you will. You’ve always been amazing at self-deception.

Sami: Oh, shut up!

Ej: Oh, and just one more thing. Before you go on your honeymoon, make sure you check lucas’ luggage for chloroform this time.

Sami: Oh–

Roman: I was wondering where you were.

Sami: Dad. Hi.

Roman: Hi. So, uh, ready to get married?

[Tense music]

We women are in the know about everything.

[Melancholy music]

[Phone rings]

Chad: Rafe, what’s up? Is it about clyde?

Rafe: Yeah. There’s been a development in the case you should know about.

Eric: Hey, I’m glad you could make it.

Lucas: Nothing could’ve stopped me.

Eric: Well, I ran into ej on my way here.

Lucas: Oh, well, lucky you.

Eric: Hmm, well, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are the one who’s marrying my sister today.

Allie: Hey, grandpa roman.

Roman: Hey, allie.

Allie: Hi, mom. Oh my gosh, hi, I just wanted to come tell you how much I love you and give you a hug.

Sami: Oh, I love you too.

Allie: You look beautiful.

Sami: So do you.

Allie: I’m really happy about you and dad. I just–it feels right.

Sami: It feels right to me too.

Allie: Yeah. Okay.

[Both laugh] I’ll let you finish getting ready. Unless you need any help with anything?

Sami: No, I think it looks okay.

Allie: Yeah, you look amazing.

Sami: Okay.

Allie: Okay, well, I’ll see you guys at the wedding.

Roman: [Sighs] You must be very proud of your daughter.

Sami: Oh, I am, daddy. Why do you look concerned?

Roman: Well, ’cause you didn’t say a word in the car. You want to tell me what I walked in on outside the pub?

Sami: It’s no big deal. I just ran into ej and nicole. And, you know, it didn’t go well.

Roman: Right. Yeah, it was hard for me to tell whether you and ej were gonna slit each other’s throats or go into a clinch.

Sami: Dad!

Roman: What?

Sami: It’s my wedding day! I’m marrying lucas, and I couldn’t be happier about it, damn it!

Roman: I can tell.

Sami: By the way, I’d slit my own throat before I kiss ej dimera ever again.

Roman: So you couldn’t be happier, huh?

Sami: That’s right! It’s just that, you know, running into ej and nicole on my wedding day isn’t exactly ideal.

Roman: You really want to go through with this? ‘Cause I can go tell lucas.

Sami: No, no. Dad, don’t tell him anything. Yes, I want to go through with this. I want to get married to lucas. I love him, and nothing else matters, right?

Roman: Nope. Nothing else matters.

Will: Hey.

Allie: Where have you been?

Will: Talking to chad.

Allie: How is he?

Will: How do you think?

[Pachelbel’s “canon in d” plays]

Eric: Who gives this woman away to be married to this man?

Roman: Her mother and I do.

Eric: We’re gathered here today to celebrate the love of lucas desmond horton and samantha gene brady. Everyone in this room knows what it is to be in love. And also how hard it can be. My sister warned me about going on and on about scripture. We managed to strike a bargain. And I get just one. 1 corinthians 13:4-8. It starts out saying what love is, and as it goes on, it makes a list of all the things that love is not. Love is patient and love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it’s not easily angered, nor keeps records of wrongs. I’m serious, it stays it right here. Love does not delight in evil. It rejoices in truth. Love never fails. That’s not bad for five lines and 65 words.

[Laughs] But what it does not say is how two people, how they’re supposed to manage that marriage. We’re usually left alone to kind of figure out our own ways. And sometimes we wander off the path, and we get lost. But what I find beautiful is that two people who are in love have found a way back to one another. And it’s because of lucas and sami’s love that we’re here today. Before proceeding, if there’s anyone has any reason for these two not to wed, please speak now or forever and hereafter hold your peace.

[Both laugh]

Sami: [Clears throat]

Eric: Amen.

Sami: Yeah, okay.

[Tense music]

Ej: You were going to tell sami in front of me that I slept with belle.

Nicole: Yes, I was.

Ej: Why would you do that?

Nicole: Because I wanted to see that smug look on her face when she found out you took her sister to bed. Come on, you wanted to see that, too, right? You’re always banging about how she betrayed you. Hello? Look at me. Why did you stop me? Why don’t you want sami to find out about you and belle? Eric, what are you waiting for? Marry us already.

Sami: You don’t have to give them so much time.

Eric: I’m sorry about that. If anyone has no just cause why these two shouldn’t be–

Sami: No, you already said that part! They don’t have any objections. ‘Cause honestly? Keep them to yourself.

[Suspenseful music]

Kate: Now that we know that you had absolutely nothing to do with abigail’s death, are you really sure that you want to marry sami? With this big lie that you have between you? Come clean. You must tell her that you were the one who kidnapped her.

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Chad: I hope this development means that you have enough to send clyde weston to death row.

Rafe: That’s not what this is.

Chad: Tell me.

Rafe: We found security footage from the docks. It backs up clyde’s statement.

Chad: No!

Rafe: Yeah, he claimed he was out alone at the time abigail was attacked, fishing on the docks.

Chad: He killed abby, and then he went to the docks to cover it up!

Rafe: There’s other footage too. It tracks him from ben’s apartment to the docks.

Chad: I don’t care!

Rafe: Chad, it has got time/date stamps on it. There is no way that he could’ve been at your house at the time of death.

Chad: What happens now?

Rafe: We have to release clyde. I wanted you to be the first to know. Chad, you still there?

Chad: Yeah.

Rafe: Chad, this is just one setback. I promised you that I’m gonna find the monster that did this to abigail, and I am gonna keep that promise.

[Phone beeps]

Eric: Seeing that we have no objections, why don’t we continue with the ceremony?

Ej: I don’t know if you’ve heard about what went on last night with belle, jan spears, shawn, and the baby, but I saw belle when she returned home from that ordeal, and the last thing she needs today is to deal with a crazed samantha.

Nicole: Okay. That makes sense, I guess.

Ej: You guess?

Nicole: Honey, I am expert on you and sami. So tell me, is belle’s ordeal the only reason you don’t want sami to know what you two did?

Ej: What other reason would there be?

Nicole: Well, sami and belle have been in competition since belle was born. And if sami finds out that belle slept with you, oh, that is a deal-breaker. And you could lose any chance you may ever have of getting her back. And maybe you just don’t wanna face that possibility.

Eric: Lucas and sami have written their own vows. Sami?

Sami: We have a lot of stories between us, but we’re not exactly what anyone would’ve defined as a storybook romance. I mean, at least I wouldn’t have. Until now. Lucas, when I was kidnapped, when I was in that horrible tiny room, locked up, I thought I was gonna die. And then I– then I got a hold of a phone and I realized I didn’t have that many numbers memorized. But I reached you, allie. And you were there with her. Because that’s the kind of father you are to allie and will. And you were there for me when I needed you most. You figured out where I was, and only a few hours later, you came bursting into that room like something out of a fairy tale. And you saved me. But that’s not even the first time that you saved me. You saved me from tigers, you saved me from a helicopter crash.

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: You saved me from gangsters, more than once. And you saved me from your mom a lot.

[Scattered chuckles] I’m kidding, kate. But mostly you saved me from me. And you make me feel safe. You’re my knight in shining armor. And you love me with passion and dignity and honor. And maybe we didn’t start out as storybook romance, given that I tricked you into asking me to a dance, wearing a dress as red as johnny’s suit, but– but we got better from there. And here we are now and right now standing here, i just–I just feel like this is finally my happily ever after. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Ej: When I discovered that samantha was having an affair with lucas, I told her it was over and asked her to leave my house. I’ve never backed down from that. Any love I’ve ever had for her is now dead, and not even dr. Rolf can revive it. Samantha’s marrying lucas as we speak. It’s over.

Nicole: Yes, I was there today when she got in your face. Ooh, and you had to stop yourself from tearing her wedding dress off.

Ej: Bloody hell, nicole, don’t be ridiculous.

Nicole: It’s never gonna stop, and you know it.

Ej: I should think you’d understand and relate.

Nicole: Why?

Ej: Because your marriage to rafe hernandez has ended any chance you have of being with eric.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Eric: Lucas, your turn.

Lucas: I had–I had this whole other speech planned. But what you just–you just blew me away with what you just said, so. There’s something that I want to get out there. Um, I’m sorry. You keep saying that I’m this wonderful person, that I’m the most wonderful man, but… a lot of times, I haven’t been the kind of man that you deserve. But that’s gonna change. That is gonna change right here, right now, I promise you. I promise you that I’m gonna live up to every single word you just said about me. Every single word. I have never wanted something so bad in my whole life. And I vow to you with my heart and my soul from this moment on that I will be the man that you want me to be, that you say I am. I promise no matter what I will always be your hero.

Chad: If clyde didn’t kill abby, then who did? God, how do I deal with this? If I go up there, is it gonna help you catch the person who did this to my wife and send them straight to hell?

Rafe: Yes.

Chad: God, I just feel like I’m gonna explode. I need a drink.

Kate: I had to tell lucas that abigail knew he kidnapped sami.

Chad: But you lied to me about doing it. Why?

Kate: Because I was protecting my son.

Chad: There was so much blood.

Will: My dad didn’t tell me when he fell off the wagon, but it must’ve been recently since he still had the bandage on his hand.

Chad: There was so much blood.

Rafe: Yeah, well, maybe not all of it was abigail’S. The lab will check to determine if some of it belonged to someone else. But we both know that abigail was a fighter, so whoever did this, well, they probably have wounds of their own.

Chad: Lucas.

From prom dresses

Nicole: I have loved rafe for a long time, and you know that. And you also know that I didn’t want to fall in love with rafe, okay? I just couldn’t help myself.

Ej: Mm. Because he was with ava vitali, and you always want what you can’t have. And now he’s all yours. You’re mrs. Rafe hernandez, and you know eric better than anyone. The church may have removed his collar, but in his mind, it’s still there. A man who will never disrupt the sanctity of any marriage. You and eric are over.

Nicole: Fine by me. I love what I have with rafe, and I told eric that.

Ej: That’s very mature of you.

Nicole: We talked about our feelings for each other, like adults. You should try it sometime. You know, it’s really helpful. Eric and I both know we’re better off friends.

Ej: So you keep telling me.

Nicole: Then sami, on the other hand, could never manage a friendship. I mean, just thinking of you trying to be civilized. Ha, it’s hilarious!

Ej: [Sighs] With friends like samantha brady, who needs hemlock?

Eric: You two have exchanged vows; now it’s my turn. Do you, lucas desmond horton, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to love and cherish in sickness and health, till death do you part?

Lucas: I do.

Eric: Do you, samantha gene brady, take this man to be your lawfully wedding husband to love and cherish in sickness and health till death do you part?

Sami: I definitely do.

Eric: Will, rings, please.

Marlena: Of course, of course.

Eric: I think you know what to do.

[Both laugh]

Lucas: With this ring, I thee wed. There you go.

Sami: Lucas, with this ring, I thee wed.

Eric: By the power invested in me, I now–

Chad: Did you do it?

Eric: Chad.

Chad: Huh? Did you kill my wife! Huh?

Sami: Chad, what the hell are you doing?

Migraine attacks?

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: Nicole, hi.

Nicole: What are you doing here?

Eric: Well, I came by because I wanted to ask you something.

Rafe: Honey?

Nicole: Oh, hey.

Rafe: You okay? Wow. You were a million miles away.

Nicole: Why wouldn’t I be okay? You’re here. I didn’t think you’d get– I didn’t think you’d get away from the squad room.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I got your text and I decided I needed a break. It’s, um, it’s been a pretty crappy day.

Nicole: Why? What happened?

Rafe: Well, it turns out that weston has an airtight alibi. So I had to release him, and then I had the pleasure of calling chad and telling him all about it.

Nicole: Oh. But you were so sure it was weston.

Rafe: Yeah, I know.

Nicole: Well, if clyde didn’t kill abigail, then who did?

Chad: Did you do it?

Sami: You’re ruining my–

Chad: Tell me!

Sami: Chad, get the hell out of here! Let go of him!

Ej: Samantha must be married to lucas by now. She’s out my life, permanently. Don’t look at me like that. It’s what I want.

Kate: Chad, chad, let me take you somewhere!

Chad: No, I’m not leaving until he tells me the truth!

Eric: Chad, you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re just lost in grief.

Chad: Yeah, is that right? Do I not know what I’m doing, lucas?

Will: Chad, what reason would dad have to hurt abigail?

Chad: Because he found out that she knew his dirty little secret.

Sami: What dirty little secret are you talking about?

Chad: She knew that lucas was the guy who kidnapped you!

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