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Eric: Hey, hey.

Roman: Hey, you look sharp.

Eric: Thank you. So you do.

[Both chuckling]

Roman: Big day. Your sister is marrying lucas.

Eric: Yeah, well maybe second time’s a charm.

Roman: We can only hope.

Eric: Yeah. Well, I am grateful. Even though I’m not a priest, I’m just happy I get to help people celebrate their love.

Roman: Speaking of which, you never did tell me what you decided to do about your feelings for nicole.

Eric: Well, after our talk the other day, I realized you were right. So I went to go see nicole and tell her I still loved her.

Roman: And what happened?

Eric: Turns out my timing was a bit lousy. She and rafe just got married.

Nicole: The last of my stuff is in the car.

[Both giggling] Place is all yours.

Allie: I love it here. I’m so happy that I can finally afford to take over the lease.

Nicole: Those donuts have been good for you.

Allie: Chanel has been good for me.

Nicole: Oh, does that mean she’s made up her mind?

Allie: I wish. But you found your forever person while you were living here, so maybe the same will happen for me.

Nicole: Yeah, I hope so. Speaking of which, you are wearing a lovely dress. Special occasion?

Allie: My parents are getting married today.

Nicole: Oh, sorry I asked.

Marlena: Well, look at the bride-to-be.

Sami: Notice anything different about me?

Marlena: Uh…you’re glowing.

Sami: Well, thank you. But no, something else.

Marlena: Let me think. You’re not using your crutches.

Sami: That’s right, because I am not clomping down the aisle on my big day.

Marlena: I’m sure lucas would find you beautiful if you were to transition to a cane for the moment.

Sami: I hope you’re right about that, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m not doing it. I’m going to dance with my husband on my wedding day.

[Knock on door]

Lucas: Oh, hey.

Will: Hey.

Lucas: You’re just in time to help me with my damn cufflink.

Will: Oh, you’re not a french cuff kind of guy?

Lucas: No, not today.

Will: You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you so happy.

Lucas: Well, you know, I, um, never wanted to lose your mom. You know, she’s the love of my life, and today I get her back.

Will: Yeah, all right.

Lucas: You got that?

Will: Now turn your hand over. That one. Okay, no wonder you couldn’t get the cufflink. What’s with the big bandage? Dad, how’d you hurt your hand?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chad: Remember when we bright thomas here for the first time? He’d just started walking. I remember him toddling around with those…fat little legs. We were so happy.

Kate: I heard you talking and I thought maybe you were on the phone.

Chad: Just talking to abby. I’ve been doing a lot of that these days.

Kate: Chad, is there anything that–that I can do?

Chad: Jack and jennifer and i just brought the kids here trying to distract them. Charlotte, she fell and skinned her knee. I picked her up to ask her if it hurt. She, uh… she said, “daddy, can you kiss it?” She said, “mama used to.”

Kate: Oh, sweetheart.

Chad: I almost lost it right there, and then and my four-year-old daughter knew it. She kissed me on the nose and she said, “all better?” I had to say yes.

Kate: Of course you did.

Chad: Jack and jennifer knew that I was having a hard time. So they took the kids down to go swimming.

Kate: No one expects you to be okay. How could you be?

Sami: I still don’t understand why belle can’t be at my wedding.

Marlena: Well, jan spears put her through a real ordeal last night.

Sami: Jan spears is at the bottom of a river.

Marlena: We don’t know that and this is not over yet.

Sami: Oh, right. Sorry. Poor belle. I mean, she’s just figuring out a way to blame the whole thing on me anyways, isn’t she?

Marlena: Can you cut her a little slack, please?

Sami: Sorry, I’m trying okay? I really am. Just, you know, it’s an important day for me and already john’s not gonna be there.

Marlena: Sami, you and lucas came up with this in a matter of hours, it seems. Maybe it was days. And john has been planning to see paul for months.

Sami: Months? Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought he was just getting back at me for screwing up your wedding.

Marlena: John doesn’t hold a grudge. You could take a page out of his book on that.

Sami: What that supposed to mean?

Marlena: Means you should count your blessings. You have got everything you want right now.

Johnny: I guess you didn’t know mom was getting married.

Ej: Of course I knew. Your mother made it clear that she intended to marry that insufferable ass when she demanded a divorce. I just had–I just had no idea it was happening today.

Johnny: I can’t say I’m surprised you’re not happy about it.

Ej: Don’t be ridiculous. Samantha is free to marry whomever she pleases. However, I do think it’s somewhat unwise to marry the man who kidnapped her.

Lucas: I-I just cut my hand a few days ago. It’s almost healed. It’s no big deal. So how long you staying for?

Will: It’s a pretty big bandage.

Lucas: It’s not that big.

Will: How did it happen?

Lucas: I don’t remember how it happened, all right?

Will: You don’t remember getting a gash in the palm of your hand?

Lucas: I wouldn’t call it a gash, it’s just, uh… the truth is, I have a confession to make.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Nicole: I’m sorry, allie. Sami is your mom. I went too far. I need to watch what I say about her.

Allie: Look, I make her watch what she says about you too, okay? It’s not like I don’t know that you guys hate each other.

Nicole: How do you feel about your dad remarrying her?

Allie: He seems really happy and so does mom.

Nicole: You’re not just a little bit worried about him?

Allie: No, you and i are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, okay? I think my parents have been good for each other. I didn’t use to think that, but I do now.

Nicole: I just consider lucas a friend and I’d hate to see him get hurt.

Allie: He won’T. Okay, my mom, she’s realized that she really loves him.

Nicole: I want that to be true.

Allie: But you don’t think it is?

Nicole: I just don’t know how long it’s gonna last. I still think sami is in love with ej.

Allie: You know, maybe she’s still in love with him, but she knows that he’s bad for her.

Nicole: I’m just gonna give it to you straight. I think that sami is marrying another man to convince herself that she doesn’t belong with the love of her life.

Allie: Like how you married rafe to forget uncle eric?

Nicole: Whoa.

Roman: Timing isn’t everything, you know? You can still–

Eric: I can’T. I’m through messing nicole’s life up.

Roman: You didn’t mess–

Eric: Dad, I went to africa and I left her alone for months. When I came back, I found out that she was unfaithful one time, you know? And I-I didn’t suggest that we go to counseling or have a separation. I walked out. I said I wanted a divorce. Listen, if she’s found love with a man like rafe hernandez, then you know what? I’m not gonna mess that up.

Roman: Okay, I guess I do hear what you’re saying.

Eric: Well, nicole’s married now. And listen, I may not be a priest anymore, but I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, or I wouldn’t be doing this officiating today if I didn’T.

Roman: You’re my son. I want you to be happy.

Eric: And I want that too, but it’s not gonna be with nicole. She’s moved on and I have to do the same thing.

Roman: Really think you can do that?

Chad: After abby was… jj wanted me to help him figure out who did it. I just–I-I didn’t have it in me then. All I could do was think about her. But it does help to know that the sick animal that did that to her is clicked up.

Kate: Oh, my god I-i read–I read this morning that clyde was arrested, but honestly, I have to admit, I just don’t understand what he would get out of killing abigail.

Chad: I do.

Kate: What?

Chad: When ej was in prison, you remember that clyde was the one responsible for having him shot.

Kate: What?

Chad: It’s true. And clyde knew he knew. Told him that if he didn’t keep his mouth shut that bad things would happen to his family.

Kate: Oh, my god. So how long have you known?

Chad: Since yesterday. But you just said clyde had no reason to hurt abby ’cause he never ratted.

Kate: Well, I mean, maybe that’s true.

Chad: Then how do you explain clyde having her bracelet?

Kate: I don’t know.

Chad: Ej…was my brother and he didn’t tell me clyde threatened my whole family. He just thought he could handle it all by himself, and now my wife is dead. My children have to grow up without their mother because ej is an arrogant bastard who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone.

Will: Okay, dad, you’re– you’re kind of scaring me. What’d you do?

Lucas: I had a slip. I mean, I don’t even know if that’s what you call it these days, you know, when you’re blacked out drunk. But when I came to, my hand, my hand was a mess.

Will: I’m sorry.

Lucas: Yeah, me too.

Will: You–you’ve been sober for so long. Do you know why this happened?

Kate: I just had a talk with chad.

Lucas: So what? What’s the big deal?

Kate: So the big deal is that he thought I should know that he told abigail that you’re the one who kidnapped sami.

Lucas: What?

Will: Dad. What happened?

Marlena: Ooh. Best manicure.

[Both laughing] How is lucas doing?

Sami: Great. I mean, besides wanting to get this wedding done as soon as possible.

Marlena: Abigail’s funeral was yesterday.

Sami: Yeah, I know. I told him we could postpone it, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Marlena: Hmm. Would that have anything to do with ej?

Johnny: I know. I know you think lucas had mom kidnapped, but you don’t have any evidence.

Ej: Who do you think kidnapped your mother?

Johnny: Come on, dad. For all we know, it could have been me. You know the things I did when I was possessed. I could have been the one that framed you. That planted that evidence. Speaking of which it–it sucks to–to be blamed for things that you did when you were out of control, but you know you still did them and you still have to pay.

Ej: You’re talking about you and chanel.

Johnny: Yeah, but I’m looking at that as a minor setback, because chanel knows that I never stopped loving her and it’s just a matter of time before she realizes she never stopped loving me.

Ej: I’m glad you’re willing to fight for the woman you love.

Johnny: I wish I could say the same about you. Come on, dad. It’s obvious. You’re still in love with mom. Ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.

Chad: I hope to hell the cops have enough to convict clyde. But if they don’t, I will make sure that he pays.

Kate: Look, I totally get the need for vengeance. Believe me. But you have to leave it to rafe. You do. Your kids need you now. And chad, you have to work through your grief.

Chad: I know everybody keeps saying that, but nobody seems to know how to do it.

Kate: Okay, I’ll tell you what. You have to put thomas and charlotte first because by getting them, helping them through it, you’re gonna help yourself. Okay, look, anytime you need to talk, and I mean anytime, you know where to get in touch with me.

Chad: Do you have somewhere to be?

Kate: Sami and lucas are–are getting married today.

Chad: You don’t seem very happy about that.

Kate: No, actually, I-I am fine with the marriage.

Chad: Kate, I can tell when something’s bothering you. Are you planning to stop the wedding?

Kate: No, no. Absolutely not. I–I am done with trying to fix my children’s lives. If I seem unhappy about it, it’s because I’m worried about my own life.

Chad: What’s wrong?

Kate: I am plagued with guilt because I never told roman that it was my son who had his daughter kidnapped.

Roman: Okay, I never gave up on kate and me and she finally came around.

Eric: I’m happy for both of you. Rafe and nicole aren’t having an affair. They’re married. I have no choice and I have to accept that.

Roman: Even though you never stopped loving her?

Eric: Loving someone means putting their happiness before your own. And I can only hope and pray that rafe and nicole have a lifetime of happiness together.

Roman: Okay. All right, then if that’s the way you feel.

Eric: I do.

Ej: Your mother has moved on and so have I.

Johnny: With aunt belle? And what’s that even about? Just trying to stick it to mom by having a fling with her sister?

Ej: Do I need to remind you that your aunt abigail was recently murdered in this house?

Johnny: I’m sorry.

Ej: And show some respect and don’t be so bloody cocky.

Johnny: Okay.

Ej: Your mother is finally out of my system, and I couldn’t be happier.

Johnny: Methinks my father doth protest too much.

Ej: Oh, just when I need, a son who paraphrases “hamlet.”

Johnny: You’re the one who sent me to college.

Ej: And I’m beginning to regret it.

Johnny: You know, I also studied aristotle and he said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Look, mom is your soulmate, and I just don’t believe that you can quit her that easily.

Ej: Your mother divorced me. She cheated on me. If anyone quit on this marriage, it was her.

Johnny: Well, then why are you so mad that she’s getting married?

Ej: I no longer want to be married to your mother, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want the best for her. And lucas hasn’t been the best at anything. I wonder if his desperation is what made him do what he did.

Johnny: Kidnap mom?

Ej: Hmm.

Johnny: As bad as you want that to be true, the police couldn’t find any evidence that he did it. If you ask me, my money’s on aunt kristen.

Ej: Ha ha. If she’d done it, she’d be braying about it to anyone who would listen.

Johnny: But now she’s back in the slammer. She’s not a threat to anyone.

Ej: Remains to be seen.

Johnny: So I guess I don’t need to ask if you want me to give your best to the bride and groom. Text you lots of pictures.

Sami: I’m not trying to argue with you. I just don’t know what you’re getting at. That’s all.

Marlena: It’s been clear to me for years that lucas is threatened by ej.

Sami: No, he’s not.

Marlena: Really? You were married to ej twice, okay? And for long periods of time.

Sami: Okay, fine. What would you like me to do? Dump lucas and go back to the man who kidnapped me?

Lucas: I’m–I’m just worried about your mother.

Will: Why? Is there something wrong with her?

Lucas: No, no. She’s fine. It’s just I-I feel so guilty.

Will: For what?

Lucas: For your mother’s skiing accident. When–when she broke her leg, you know, she wanted to do another double black diamond run and I told her not to. I told her she was too tired. She didn’t–she didn’t listen to me. I could have talked her out of it.

Will: Well, who talks her out of anything?

Lucas: I could have. That’s what I do, you know? And she–she broke her leg because of me, basically, and she couldn’t be there for allie when allie was possessed and she feels horrible.

Will: What? Dad, that’s on her. That’s not on you. It’s her own damn fault she wasn’t here when allie needed her. And it’s not like it’s the first time either.

Allie: I am so sorry. I had no business saying that. I–you know, I love rafe. I love him. He’s such a great guy.

Nicole: I’m not gonna argue with that.

Allie: And I love you but I just–I can’t help wondering, worrying even, you marrying rafe so quickly– did that have something to do with uncle eric coming back to salem?

Nicole: No.

Allie: I was going to say uncle eric coming back and not being a priest anymore.

Nicole: Well, I was shocked at the church for doing that to eric. I mean, he may not have had the correct permission to perform the exorcism, but his–his mother’s soul was at stake and so is yours. And to answer your question, I will always care about eric and admire him, but the man I love is the man I married. And I know we made it legal on spur of the moment, but that’s because rafe is consumed with finding abigail’s killer, and he is gonna bring her killer to justice. And that’s only one of the reasons why I love him so much.

Sami: Mom why do you question everything that I do? What is marrying lucas have anything to do with ej?

Marlena: Okay, I should have phrased it differently. Are you still convinced that ej had something to do with your kidnapping?

Sami: Absolutely.

Marlena: Even though his conviction was overturned?

Sami: Well, that was just a technicality. It’s not like he was found innocent.

Marlena: You know, ej told me that he didn’t do it.

Sami: Right, because ej never lies? When did you talk to ej?

Marlena: Came by this morning looking for chad.

Sami: Why?

Marlena: Clyde has been arrested for abigail’s killing.

Sami: Great. I hope he fries. What does it have anything to do with ej?

Marlena: Ej feels that clyde did it to send a message to him.

Sami: What kind of message?

Marlena: He doesn’t want him to talk.

Sami: About what? Mom?

Marlena: I’m trying to find a way to break this to you.

Sami: Okay, just tell me what you’re talking about.

Marlena: Ej has had recovered memories of the night that he was shot.

Sami: Memories?

Marlena: Apparently, clyde was the person responsible for ej’s shooting.

It’s started. Somewhere between a cuddle

Eric: Oh–

Nicole: Oh!

Eric: I’m so sorry. Let me help.

Nicole: Okay. Yeah, okay.

Eric: Oh, my god. I remember that day.

[Laughs] Oh, my god. I remember when you took this picture. You know, holly, she just wanted to see real tigers, so we took her to the–it was the brookfield zoo, right? And… that was so much fun.

Nicole: Yeah, it was fun.

Eric: I haven’t seen you around much lately. I guess that’s what you should expect since you’re newlyweds and all.

Nicole: Actually, I haven’t seen rafe much. He’s had his hands full these days investigating abigail’s murder.

Kate: So in less than an hour, the man that I feel so deeply about is going to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to her kidnapper.

Chad: Well, there is another possibility. You tell roman the truth or have lucas do it.

Kate: No, believe me. I suggested that, but he’s just so damn ashamed of what he did.

Chad: Yeah, he should be.

Kate: He doesn’t want anyone to know. I mean, he was absolutely appalled when he found out that abigail knew.

[Uneasy music]

Chad: I thought you told me lucas didn’t know abigail knew.

Will: Dad, I’ve learned a lot about the 12 steps over the years.

Lucas: I’m sure you have.

Will: And they say that it’s not a good idea to take a big step like marriage right after a slip.

Lucas: Listen to me. I know. I know that, but it was just one night. It was one mistake. It’ll never happen again ever. And I-I’m going to meetings, and–and–and I’ve been talking to my sponsor and everything.

Will: Does mom know?

Lucas: No, she doesn’t know.

Will: Dad!

Lucas: Well, what am I gonna so–I didn’t wanna ruin today for her. So I’ll tell her–I’ll tell her later in the week. How about that, okay?

Will: Great. So you’re gonna start this new chapter in your life with–with a big secret.

Lucas: It’s not a big secret. I promise you I will tell your mother.

Allie: Tell our mother what?

Sami: It–[Breathing heavily] It was clyde weston? We thought ej was dead.

Marlena: I know, honey.

Sami: And then he wasn’T. But he went through hell. We all went through years of hell because of clyde weston?

Marlena: I know.

Sami: Why? Why? What did clyde weston have against ej?

Marlena: I don’t know, and I’m so sorry you had to find this out today.

Sami: Okay, I just– I just went through so much. I fought so hard to make ej better, and I did. I did make him better and then he–he just turned on me.

Marlena: You’re gonna be okay.

Sami: Yes. Yes, I am fine, and in fact, I’m really glad that you told me. I’m so glad that you told me today because it’s really important that I know that I am making the right choice. I am marrying a man who would never hurt me like that.

Eric: Listen, I’m sorry. I really wish I could stay longer and catch up, but I have to go pick my mom up because did you know I was marrying lucas and sami today?

Nicole: Yes, I heard. Well, it was good to see you.

Eric: Yeah, it’s good to see you too.

Nicole: Hey, eric, um… you know, a couple of days ago you came by my place and told me that you needed to tell me something. You got time to tell me what it was?

Feeling sluggish or weighed


Kate: I had to tell lucas that abigail knew he kidnapped sami.

Chad: But you lied to me about doing it. Why?

Kate: Because I was protecting my son.

Chad: No. Lucas is desperately trying to keep sami from finding out what he did to her. He had every reason to make sure that abby would stay quiet. When? When did you tell him?

Kate: Right after you told me.

Chad: The day that abby was murdered.

Kate: No, no, no. Don’t you go there. You cannot go there. Clyde weston, he killed abigail. Lucas was not thrilled that abigail knew. You’re right about that. But I reminded him that abigail is his niece and that she loves him and that she would never betray him. And he knew that I was right.

Chad: Will you tell roman?

Kate: No. I do that and lucas goes to prison for kidnapping the woman he loves.

Chad: So what are you gonna do?

Kate: I am going to learn to live with it.

Chad: Good luck with that.

Allie: I’m waiting.

Will: Dad was just–he was telling me his vows, and they’re great. I mean, mom is going to be knocked out when she hears how crazy he is about her.

Allie: Well, that is salem’s worst kept secret.

Will: Well, I got best man stuff to do, so I’ll see you later.

Lucas: Okay.

Allie: Well, you look very handsome, mr. Horton.

Lucas: Thanks, miss horton.

Allie: I’m so happy that you and mom are back together. I used to pray for it when I was a little kid.

Lucas: Pretty happy myself.

Allie: You said you’d do anything to get her back and now you have.

Sami: Mom, what do you think?

Marlena: Oh, you look glorious.

Sami: You don’t it’s too much? I mean, it is my–well, if you count–

Marlena: Oh, don’t go there.

Sami: I mean, it’s been a lot of weddings.

Johnny: Wow. Lucas horton is a lucky guy.

Sami: Aww, at least he knows it. Look at that suit.

Marlena: I almost wore it myself.

Johnny: You like it? You guys like it?

Sami: Yeah. Well, I mean, luckily you will be the only one in the church with a suit that color.

Johnny: I come by to see you before you walked down the aisle and you insult my suit.

Sami: Oh, no sweetheart. I’m not insulting your suit. I’m not insulting anyone. Mother…help.

Marlena: Hey, hey, gotta see a guy about a red suit. You’re on your own here.

Sami: It’s not that time of year yet. Okay. Yeah. Johnny.

Johnny: I’m so happy I could be here today.

Sami: So am I.

Johnny: You know in case you’re interested, I-I saw dad before I left the house. He–he didn’t even know you were getting married today till I told him.

Sami: So how did he take the news?

Johnny: Oh, he was thrilled. Yeah, told me you have his blessing, that he couldn’t be happier for you, and he wanted to know where you’re registered so we could get you an amazing gift.

Sami: Okay, stop right now. Just tell me the truth.

Johnny: Okay, okay. The truth? He thinks you’re making the biggest mistake in your life.

Eric: I said that I need to talk to you because, um…

Ej: Oh, sorry. I seem to be interrupting.

Eric: No, because I wanted to see about–whether I could see holly or not. Now and then. That is, if it’s okay with you, that is.

Nicole: She adores you and of course, it’s fine with me.

Eric: Great. Yeah, I was thinking about the zoo. You know, did you hear about the new elephant?

Nicole: Yes, she would love that. Yes.

Eric: Great. All right. Well, I’ll call you and set something up.

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: All right.

Both: Bye.

Ej: Care to talk about the elephant in the room?

Nicole: I have no idea what you mean.

Ej: I’m not talking about the one in the zoo. I’m referring to the energy between you and the good father. Well, former father… in spite of the fact that you’ve married another man. Up to your old tricks already?

Nicole: [Laughs mockingly]

Nicole: Eric and i are good friends now. If you ask him, he’ll tell you the same thing, but he had to go to a gig. You know, he’s marrying sami and lucas.

Ej: So I hear.

Nicole: Hmm, I know that face–somebody is not happy about the wedding.

[Both chuckle]

Sami: Your father admitted to you that he was jealous?

Johnny: No, he didn’t, but he was hurting. I could tell.

Sami: He’s hurt me a lot too, you know. And I really truly believe that it is for the best that we each go our separate ways.

Johnny: Whatever you say, mom.

Lucas: You know, things are finally looking up for me in my life. I’m gonna marry your mother and our–our kids couldn’t be happier about it. And I’m just so relieved. You know, I’m just so relieved that that–that bastard who killed abigail is put behind bars.

Allie: Weston said he’s innocent.

Lucas: Well, he’s lying about that. You know that, right? I mean, the cop said– the cop said that he did it to get back at ej for threatening his family.

Allie: Are you kidding?

Lucas: No, I’m not kidding at all. Apparently, ej forgot to mention that weston threatened his family. I mean, he didn’t even tell his own brother. Well, abigail, she had to pay the price.

Will: Chad. Hey.

Chad: It’s good to see you.

Will: What are you doing here?

Chad: Just thinking I guess. Kate told me that your dad’s marrying your mom today.

Will: Yeah, he is.

Will: Well, I don’t–i don’t wanna bother you about it. You got enough on your mind.

Chad: No, man, I asked.

Will: Okay. Um… well, I was with my dad and he told me something that has me worried.

Chad: What did he tell you?

From prom dresses

Will: I don’t wanna tell you about my problems. Not now.

Chad: No. Come on, man. You and sonny have always been there for me. I wanna return the favor. It would help me do that.

Will: Okay. Um… my dad fell off the wagon, big time.

Chad: When did that happen?

Kate: Big day for you today.

Lucas: You’re telling me.

Kate: How are you feeling?

Lucas: Relieved. I feel relieved.

Kate: Because sami said yes?

Lucas: No, because I know I didn’t kill abigail.

Ej: I have all sorts of reasons not to rejoice over samantha’s marriage to a bore.

Nicole: Okay, well, you can tell me all about it over a drink or maybe you’d like to drown your sorrows with sami’s sister in the hopes of finally getting her into bed.

Ej: You underestimate me.

Nicole: Oh ho ho ho. You did it, you rascal, you. You finally slept with belle, didn’t you?

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