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[ Relaxing music ]

[ Ridge sighing ]

Brooke: We needed that celebration today.

Ridge: Mm.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. It felt normal. Almost like I could forget about the army of security that we have surrounding the building.

Ridge: Oh, I know.

Brooke: Oh. Everybody is so happy that you’re back here with me. We’re living in the moment.

Ridge: I’m happy.

Brooke: Yeah?

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: It was a wonderful day. Well, maybe not for you.

Ridge: Of course, it was. The conversation with taylor was necessary, and I– I know she gets it why I need to be here. I need to protect you. So happy to be home.

Deacon: Um, taylor. Hey, look, if it’s hard for you to be here, I can take a break.

Taylor: Thanks. And, yeah, it’s awful being here. Where steffy and finn were shot. Where my son-in-law was murdered. Sheila has to pay for what she’s done. She has to be found.

Deacon: Yeah.

Taylor: Have you seen her, deacon? Has she contacted you?

Deacon: No. I swear. Taylor, look, if I had heard anything. I– I’d tell the cops. Tell you. I haven’t heard anything from her.

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

Sheila: Was that enough?

Finn: Yeah. Thank you.

Sheila: No. But don’t thank me because I’m the reason that you’re in this state. But you’re getting better. I see you getting stronger. I never meant to hurt you, finn. It was just a terrible, terrible accident. I– please, like, just say that you believe me.

Brooke: I am not taking this for gnted.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: You. Me. Us. Here.

Ridge: Hmm.

Brooke: Hmm.

Brooke: I can see it, ridge. That you’re still worried about taylor, aren’t you?

Taylor: I want to believe you, deacon.

Deacon: You can.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Taylor: But you and sheila were– were friends, you know? I– so, there’s been– there’s been no phone calls, no cryptic messages, no lingering shadow?

Deacon: Nothing. You’re scared for your family. Look, I get that. I’m still haunted by this. Steffy shot. Finn dead.

Sheila: I was– I was blinded when I pulled that gun out, finn.

Finn: Steffy. Steffy.

Sheila: Yeah.

Finn: What did you do to steffy?

Sheila: I’m sorry, okay? She was going to keep me away from you. Away from hayes. And I was not going to let that happen. Something inside of me– it just– it just snapped. Oh, god. It’s not going to happen again. It isn’t going to happen again. I promise you that. I love you. I love you more than anything. Please, finn, you’ve got to believe me. You’ve got to believe your mother.

Finn: You’re evil.

When I get out of here,

you’ll never get near me

or my family, again. Hi, I’m karen.

Brooke: Our son sent us a text saying he’s cautiously optimistic for us.

Ridge: Hmm.

Brooke: Less cautious, more optimistic.

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Those were his words?

Brooke: Yeah. I couldn’t make that up.

Ridge: I don’t know. Maybe you could. That’s lovely stuff. Here, take these.

Brooke: Oh, thank you.

Ridge: Dad and donna seemed happy for us.

Brooke: Oh, yup. They are. They’re also happy that for themselves. You know, they’re celebrating a reunion, too.

Ridge: Quinn is out of dad’s life.

Brooke: Yeah. Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision like that to move forward.

Ridge: It’s harder when you have to move forward and you didn’t make the decision. I’m sorry.

Brooke: Don’t be.

Ridge: No. I think about steffy and the kids.

Brooke: And taylor.

Ridge: Yeah, taylor. Look at what we have. So much to look forward to. Taylor, she doesn’t have that. It’s a tough place to be.

Deacon: You know, taylor, I really am sorry for what your family’s going through. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it. It keeps me up at night. And I… I swear I think if I hadn’t come out into the alley at precisely that moment and seen steffy there– I just wish I could have done more.

Taylor: Oh, deacon. You– you made the call, and I’ve never said thank you to you for what you did. I am– I am so grateful. If it wasn’t for you, bridget and her team would have never been able to save steffy’s life. My grandson would grow up without th hbo parents. You did good.

Deacon: Ah. Just feels like I should have done more.

Taylor: Oh, gosh. I so understand that. But thinking about what we should have done is never healthy.

Taylor: That is– um, is that your professional opinion or is this from life experience?

Taylor: That is a little bit of both. Yup.

Deacon: Okay. All right. I’m gonna remember that one. Look, it’s not exactly a big secret that I’m not a fan of your ex, charmer that he is. But hope did say that he was a real rock for you when steffy was in the hospital.

Taylor: Oh, that’s sweet. I’m sure that’s not all she said. About ridge–

Deacon: Hey, look, I’m not going to bash the guy. I promise. I know you want him back.

Taylor: Well, that’s what I was about to say. Um… you’re going to hear about this sooner or later and… hope’s your daughter. So, it’s going to affect you, too.

Deacon: What?

Taylor: Ridge moved back in with brooke.

Sheila: Please. Finn, honey, would you just look at me?

Finn: I’m tired.

Sheila: I know. I know you are. And I’m– I’m going to let you rest. But I just need you to understand how much… I love you. And this was just a terrible, terrible accident. And if I could go back and change things, I would.

Finn: I have to get out

of here. Find steffy.

Protect hayes and kelly.

Have to get home.

Back to my family.

Sheila: Didn’t mean& to hurt anyone. You’ve got to believe me. Please, you’ve got to forgive me.

Finn: I ba– believe you. You love me?

Sheila: Oh, yes, I do. I do, baby. Mama loves you more than anything in the world. More than anything. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Brooke: Sheila set all this in motion.

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: Taylor didn’t make you feel responsible. She didn’t blame you for coming home.

Ridge: No, she didn’T. But she’s upset.

Brooke: Yeah, and she probably will be for a while. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have any contact with her. You will. With her and with your family.

Ridge: Yes. I told her that.

Brooke: And you’re going to follow through with that because that’s the kind of person that you are. And she knows that. And I know it. That’s why I love you so much.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah. Sure, it’s going to be an adjustment. But who can handle change more than taylor, right?

Ridge: Right. She’s strong.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: Resilient.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: But she’s vulnerable.

Brooke: Vulnerable?

Ridge: Yea. And I don’t want someone to take advantage of her.

Deacon: Ridge moved back with brooke? You sure?

Taylor: I am sure. Yes. Because she broke her ankle.

Deacon: What?

Taylor: She’s fine.

Deacon: Well, I guess, you know, a broken ankle is as good a reason as any to give a marriage another shot.

Taylor: I– I just said the same thing. He moved back in to take care of her. I mean, that– that’s not the only reason, but, you know.

Deacon: It must have sucked to hear that.

Taylor: Yeah, it– it really did.

Deacon: Sorry. I mean for both of us.

Taylor: Me too.

Deacon: Yeah.

Taylor: You know, he– he said that they were just living in the moment, which ironically, is the same thing that we said to each other when he moved in with steffy. So anyway, I digress.

Deacon: It’s going to be a lot harder for me to see my daughter now. I mean, brooke banned me from the property. Wanted to get ridge back, and…

Taylor: Well played, brooke.

Deacon: Oh, yeah. You know, I tried to talk her out of it. But– the hell, I guess they both got what they wanted, right? Ridge gets brooke back. I’m out of her life.

Taylor: I’m sorry.

Deacon: Yeah.

Taylor: You can still see hope and beth.

Deacon: But like I said, it’s going to be a lot harder. I don’t even have my own place yet. You know, brooke doesn’t want me there. Ridge is back. I mean, it’s just– the whole thing just doesn’t seem fair. I’m sorry. Yeah. I mean, you’re going through this, too. I didn’t mean to dump on you. Yeah.

[ Taylor sighing ]

[ Heart rate monitor beeping ]

Finn: Oh. What– wha– wha– what is this?

Sheila: Ah. It’s mainly for pain and inflammation and to prevent infection.

Finn: Infection?

Sheila: Just a precautionary measure.

Finn: You have to take me to the hospital.

Sheila: No, no. No, I’m not taking you to the hospital.

Finn: Take me to the hospital.

Sheila: The hospital isn’t going to do any good. They wanted to give up on you. Your mother wouldn’T. I… would never give up on you.

Finn: How long do I– how long have I been here?

Sheila: All these questions. You just need to stop. You need to conserve your strength. I’m your mother. I’m going to be taking care of you. I am a nurse. You’ve got to trust me. Finn, you need to trust me.

Finn: Trust you? Never. I want to.

Sheila: Yeah. And you can. I’m right here, baby. I love you so much. And I am going to be here every single minute.

Finn: You saved me. You saved my life.

Sheila: Yes, I did. And I would do it all over again. I would do anything… else that you needed for me.

Finn: Medicine.

Sheila: I know. I know where to get it. It’s– it’s just– you were unconscious, and I– I didn’t want to leave you alone.

Finn: Be– I’ll be okay. I can tell you what to get. Please. Nope

Brooke: Did you worry about taylor when she lived halfway around the world?

Ridge: That seems like a long time ago.

Brooke: Okay. Well, it could have been, yeah. But taylor hasn’t changed. She’s done so much to help so many people around the world, ridge. And she’s– she’s very capable of taking care of herself. Really. Get over here. Before I have to drag you over.

Ridge: Is that right?

Brooke: Get moving.

Ridge: Hi. How you doing?

Deacon: I am really going to miss seeing my daughter.

Taylor: Hmm.

Deacon: I’m– I’m sorry. I don’t have to tell you about that.

Taylor: No, you can. I’ll listen.

Deacon: That’s– that’s not exactly my thing.

Taylor: Sharing your feelings isn’t your thing?

Deacon: Pouring my heart out at work.

Taylor: Well, people pouring their heart out is my work, so.

Deacon: I’m guessing you’re off the clock about now, doctor.

Taylor: You know, I don’t know if I am ever off the clock. But deacon, I– I understand. I do. This isn’t news that either one of us wanted to hear.

Deacon: You know taylor, if I’m being really honest. I saw it coming. What about you?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, I– I saw it. Yeah, it was like a– it’s like a light coming through a tunnel. It was a train.

Deacon: I mean, he did leave her.

Taylor: He did. Yes, he did. He did. And we reconnected and it was wonderful. And it was– it was secure.

Deacon: Old times.

Taylor: Yeah. Like old times. You too?

Deacon: In my head. You know, she was– she was gonna give up. She was going to let him go.

Taylor: Oh, my god. Deacon, brooke is never going to let him go. And ridge is always going to go back to her. It’s just the way it is. You know, relationships are like emotional roller coasters, you know? The view is so beautiful right before the plunge.

Deacon: Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could just keep that feeling and stay at the top?

Sheila: I don’t think that I should leave you here.

Finn: I need more medicine.

Sheila: Look, you’re awake. You’re doing so much better.

Finn: I’ll get it myself.

Sheila: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hold on. Lay down. Don’t do that. Don’t try to get up. Honey, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Don’t worry, okay? You’re regaining your strength. And you’re going to be the man you were before all of this.

Finn: I still need treatment.

Sheila: I understand. I don’t want you to be in pain or have any kind of a setback.

Finn: I need more medicine. Now. Please. Mom.

Sheila: Are you sure you’ll be okay if I leave you alone?

Finn: You’ll go?

Sheila: I won’t be long.

[ Door closing ]

[ Finn breathing deeply ]

Finn: I will get to you. I’m coming for you, steffy.

[ Finn grunting ]

[ Monitor beeping faster ]

Finn: Ah.

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