Days Short Recap Friday, July 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben went to see Clyde at the precinct. He assured Ben that he didn’t kill Abby. Ben believed him. He asked Ben if he shot EJ. Clyde said that he didn’t do it. Ben didn’t know how he could leave when Clyde was facing going back to prison. He assured Ben that he would be fine. He wanted Ben to keep in touch. Ciara went to see Victor to tell him the news. He was happy that she named the baby after her father. He was happy that she was leaving town. He wanted her to visit him. Jake read about Clyde’s arrest in Abby’s murder. Ava read the story too. Jake noticed that she looked relieved. She thought about her conversation with Gwen. She was happy that Rafe didn’t blame her for it. Jake was surprised that Clyde was arrested. He thought Gwen was responsible for what happened to Abby. He thought she could have broke out of jail to kill her. He said it wouldn’t be the first time someone broke out of jail in Salem.

Leo went to see Gwen at the precinct. He was glad that Clyde was arrested for Abby’s murder. Gwen wasn’t happy about it. She wondered if he was the one who sold Clyde the jewelry. She said she wouldn’t judge him if he did do it. Leo was shocked by the accusation. The guard told her that she had art therapy and she wouldn’t be able to disappear again. Leo wondered what that meant. Leo realized that the person who killed Abby had nothing to do with the jewelry. Leo asked the guard about Gwen’s disappearance. He didn’t have any information for him. Gwen called Ava and she wondered what she did when she broke out of prison. Belle found Shawn at the hospital and wanted to know how the baby was doing. She also wanted to know if he had any information about Jan. He said the baby was doing fine, but the coast guards didn’t find Jan. Belle was worried that Jan would come after the baby and him. He didn’t think they had to worry about that. He thanked her for saving them. He told her that he loved her and always would. He wanted to know what that meant for them. She didn’t know how to answer to answer that. She said she loved him, but she didn’t think she could raise Jan’s child. He didn’t think the baby was their only problem. He thought they needed to talk about EJ. Belle didn’t want to talk about him. He said he wanted to get to the docks so he could say goodbye to Ciara. Ben and Ciara had the christening for baby Bo. They said goodbye to everyone and went on their journey.

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