Days Short Recap Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ saw Belle reading the program from Abby’s funeral. He told her how hard the funeral service was. Belle wanted to know if he was okay. He was upset about what his family does to people. He told her that Will and JJ were more like brothers to Chad than he was to him. Someone called him and told him that Clyde was arrested with Abby’s jewelry. He wanted to go to the station because he thought Clyde killed Abby to retaliate against him. Belle tried to talk him out of going, but he wanted Clyde to pay for what he did. He left as Chloe showed up. Jan held her baby and packed a bag and let him know they were leaving. Shawn arrived in the room later and realized that Jan took the baby. Evan was getting tired of waiting for Jan to show up with the baby. He called Shawn, but he didn’t want to hear from him. Shawn said on the phone that Jan kidnapped his son. Evan was happy because he knew that Jan pulled off the plan. Chloe talked to Belle because Brady was worried about her living with EJ. She told her that Brady wanted to show up last night and put a stop to her staying there. Belle admitted that she slept with EJ so it was a good thing Brady didn’t show up. Chloe warned her that Sami would be upset. Belle said that Sami moved on with her life. Chloe said that she never moves on with her life. Belle wasn’t worried, but she felt guilty. She admitted that she thought about Shawn and Claire while she saw Chad with his kids.

Rafe showed Chad the bracelet that Clyde gave Nancy. Clyde remembered giving Leo a lot of money after giving him the jewelry. Chad walked in the room and was ready to attack Clyde. Rafe stopped Chad from attacking Clyde. Clyde told him that he didn’t hurt Abby. Rafe told Chad that he didn’t think Clyde was the killer because he didn’t have a motive. EJ walked in the room. He told them that Clyde was the one who shot him. He said he didn’t turn him in because he threatened to hurt him and his family. Chad maws upset that he kept important information like that from him. Chad reminded him that Clyde stabbed Sonny once. He thought EJ was protecting his dirty secrets and not his family. EJ whispered his apology to Chad. Rafe let Clyde know that the charges against him would be for the stolen jewelry for now. Rafe returned to Chad and told him to see his kids. Chad told him to warn Clyde that he was facing a death sentence either way. Evan told Orpheus about his phone call with Shawn. Orpheus thought he was stupid to do that because Jan wasn’t going to show up. Evan threatened to tell Shawn the truth about the baby. Orpheus told him to wait until they were out of prison. Shawn put out an APB on Jan. She called him and told him where she was. She wanted him to come alone or he would never see his son again. Later, he showed up on the docks and saw Jan. She told him they were leaving Salem together. Shawn said the baby wasn’t strong enough. He asked her for the baby. She tossed him a bag of oranges. He was about to get on the boat to get the baby, but Jan knocked him out with an oar. She wanted to be a family with him. Belle showed up. Belle called for help, but she and Jan ended up fighting. Belle knocked the baby into the water with the oar. Shawn told Belle that Jan was gone.

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