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Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, i realize it’s a holiday weekend. I realize that. So, let’s look at this as — i don’t know — a challenge as opposed to a setback. So, this is what you need to do. You need to e-mail our regular spa clients, and you need to tell them about our state-of-the-art equipment, alright? I spent a lot of money on this stuff, and if we don’t get people in there, well, you’re not gonna have much of a staff left. Exactly. Inspirational. I like that. That was inspirational. I got to get back to you. Hey, Diane. You need a bell around your neck.

[Clears throat] What can I help you with?

Diane: Well, I’m so glad you asked. In light of our recent truce, i thought it’d be wonderful if i could go back to having full access of your top-of-the-line gym and spa.

Phyllis: Why? I hear that the athletic club has more than adequate equipment for, you know, the average guest.

Diane: [Sighs] We can be honest with each other, can’t we, now that we’re family? Your equipment is a cut above, and Astrid’s massages have made a new woman out of me.

Phyllis: Um… I can’t help you. I’m really sorry. We have an agreement with the athletic club that they don’t poach our clients, we don’t poach theirs. Besides, we are all booked up.

Diane: Oh. Huh. Funny you should say that because I could have sworn i just heard you complaining that you were desperate for customers.

Phyllis: I was not saying that, that I was a desperate for customers. I just — you misunderstood. Diane, we have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Diane: [Scoffs] You don’t have any grounds to do that where I’m concerned. I’m wearing shoes, I’m not drunk, and I’m certainly not being disruptive.

Phyllis: Um, you were escorted off the premises before.

Diane: Oh, but, Phyllis, that was back when we were bitter rivals. If that ban still holds, then that means our truce isn’t really real. I would hate to think our détente was just on paper, and i know other people would be disappointed, too


Noah: How do you feel about surprises?

Allie: In general, I hate them. They’re very unpredictable. But I can try to be open-minded.

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