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Marlena: Nancy? Are you all right?

Nancy: Oh, yeah. It was a beautiful funeral, wasn’t it? You must just think I’m so silly falling apart like this.

Marlena: Not at all.

Nancy: I, um… I just keep thinking about my girls, chloe and joy, and how much we owe abigail. And now I’m never gonna be able to tell her how grateful I am.

Julie: Thank you for bringing us home, rafe.

Rafe: It was my pleasure.

Julie: Though I still feel guilty about leaving the wake so early–especially since we were hosting it.

Doug: Everyone will understand, honey. Although, I don’t think it was necessary to have two escorts home.

Ciara: Well, I wanted to see you guys home. Also, I wanted a moment to talk alone with the three of you. I have some news to share.

Julie: Ciara, darling, I can’t stand any more bad news today.

Doug: We don’t know that it’s gonna be bad news, honey.

Ciara: No, no, it’s not bad news–at least ben and I don’t think so. We’re leaving salem.

Julie: What?

Jan: How was abigail’s funeral? I’m so sorry you had to be there all alone. You know I would’ve been there with you if I could’ve.

Shawn: I wasn’t alone, jan. I was with my family. But I did just get some good news–I ran into dr. Goldfarb out in the hallway and he said little shawn has gained weight. Two ounces. And he’s been doing really well maintaining his body temperature and his oxygen levels. So that means we get to hold him.

Jan: Shawn, that’s the best news ever! Oh!

Orpheus: I didn’t mean to startle you, son. Still giving me the silent treatment, huh? I see. Okay, well… in that case, I’ll take my cards back.

Evan: I don’t care about your stupid cards.

Orpheus: Gotcha.

Evan: You’re unbelievable, you know that? This whole time you knew i was having a kid with jan spears and you kept that from me. What the hell would make you think I’d want to talk to you?

Orpheus: I’ve already explained it to you, son. It’s for your own good. I need something from, uh… from jan. And once I get it, we’ll be out of here. So, sue me. I was afraid that if you knew that she was having your kid you’d get too emotional and you wouldn’t be able to keep your mouth shut and play the game.

Evan: This isn’t a game. Zoe took my son, my first son, to the other side of the world. Something else you kept from me! And, yeah, you’re right, if i can’t be with david, I’d like to be a father to my other son. Because that’s what fathers are supposed to do, dad– take care of their sons!

Orpheus: And you will. And I’ll help you. Which I have, by not telling you. You’re welcome. Look. Now that, uh…now that the baby’s born, we don’t need jan spears. We just need to get something from her. One little thing. And, boy, let me tell you, once we get it…

[Shuffling cards] It’s gonna rock people’s worlds.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Ciara: Well, I was kind of hoping you guys would be happy for us.

Julie: Happy that you’re leaving salem?

Rafe: Yeah, and since when do you have a boat?

Ciara: Well, since mom just gave us one. And, yeah, and I was telling ben all about how mom and dad used to sail the world with shawn and how shawn and belle did the same thing with claire when she was a little girl. It’s kind of a family tradition at this point. And, I don’t know, we just thought we would keep the tradition going. I mean, you guys spent half your lives cruising around the world. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I mean, I’m pretty sure you’re the ones who started it.

Julie: No. No, we did not start it. Your father started it. He was in the merchant marines, he had a wanderlust. We’re from salem. We’ll always come back to salem.

Ciara: And so will we, grandma julie. I promise.

Clyde: So you’re just gonna take my baby grandson and sail away?

Ben: Dad, I know this is kind of out of the blue, but ciara and I really want to do this. And you’re upset.

Clyde: Well, how am i supposed to feel?

Ben: I know you’re just getting to know the baby and all, but–

Clyde: Well, that’s not the only reason I’m upset.

Evan: But you’re still not going to tell me what info jan has or what you’re planning to do with it?

Orpheus: Okay. But this stays between us. You got it? I mean it.

Evan: Yeah, of course.

Orpheus: Okay, sit down. Jan’s sidled up close to shawn, right? She’s gonna get the password– she’s gonna get the password to the salem pd mainframe and give it to me.

Evan: What does that get you?

Orpheus: Once my guys get into the system, we’ll have access to everything. The whole shebang. The da’s office, the mayor. I’ll be able to get my hands on files that not even the commish and detective brady himself can touch.

Evan: Well, tell me, what’s in the files?

Orpheus: Best you don’t know the details.

Evan: Here we go again.

Orpheus: All you need to know, boy, is that once I get what I need, we’ll both be out of here and you’ll be where you want to be. Where you ought to be. With your son.

Jan: Shawn, I’ve been dreaming of this moment since i first found out I was pregnant. Our son.

Nurse: Are you ready to hold him?

Jan: Are you kidding me? Oh. Hello. Hello, little shawn. I’m your– it’s me, mommy. Do you see how he’s looking at me? We can’t keep our eyes off each other. Ohh… and look, look, little one, daddy’s right here too. And daddy and mommy love you so much.

Shawn: Yeah, we do. As sensodyne scientists

Ciara: We are planning on taking the same route my parents did. First down the salem river, chicago, then up the st. Lawrence seaway. Yeah, and then ultimately out into the wide open sea, nothing but sky and the water. And our first stop is mom. She absolutely cannot wait to meet little bo.

Julie: Perhaps you could interest her in paying us a visit? Maybe on some less exotic form of transport? Perhaps a first-class airline ticket?

Ciara: Well, maybe she will come back with us.

Doug: Hear, hear.

Julie: I suppose we have plenty of time to be together as you’re planning for this great endeavor. When are you going to leave?

Ciara: Uh…tomorrow.

Julie: Tomorrow?

Doug: What’s the rush?

Ciara: Will, little bo is at his most portable form right now, and the older he gets, the harder it’ll be to do this and we’re afraid that if we put it off we’ll never be able to get to do it. The way that ben and I see it, we’re at a crossroads right now. Either I get back to work and we put little bo in a daycare or we set sail for a grand adventure.

Doug: Well, I do love a grand adventure.

Rafe: Yeah, it sounds like you got it all figured out.

Ciara: Yeah, well, there is one loose end we have to tie up.

Clyde: Well, I hate to put a damper on your excitement, but I think you’re forgetting something.

Ben: What’s that?

Clyde: Me. You know it’s a condition of my parole that I live with you. So while you’re sailing off into the sunset, they’ll be hauling my butt back to statesville.

Ben: Dad. Ciara and I did not forget about you, okay?

Clyde: You didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms to begin with, and ciara’s been counting the days till she’s rid of me, I know that.

Ben: Ciara and I made a promise to take care of you. And we will.

Clyde: You gonna take me with you? I don’t know how the man might feel about that, though, technically, I suppose, I would be living on some houseboat or something with you. But what will I say to my new girlfriend?

Marlena: Why do you want to thank abigail?

Nancy: Abigail and chad interrupted craig and leo’s wedding. They helped save craig from marrying that money-grubbing, slimy bigamist.

Marlena: Yes, that’s right.

Nancy: I, um, I also want to thank you, marlena, for all the help you’ve given me in our therapy sessions.

Marlena: Well, you’ve worked hard–I think you made a lot of progress.

Nancy: Thank you. I also have something else that’s helped me accept what happened between craig and me.

Marlena: What is that?

Nancy: I have a new boyfriend.

Marlena: Oh! I’m– I’m glad, I– I guess i thought that might’ve come up in our therapy sessions.

Nancy: Truthfully, I thought maybe you would judge him. I mean, he’s a wonderful person. He’s kind, he’s family-oriented, he’s employed. But he, um, just got out of prison recently. His name is clyde.

Marlena: Clyde weston?

Nancy: I-I see you know he’s an ex-con.

Marlena: I do.

Nancy: But marlena, isn’t prison about redemption? I mean, just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean that you’re condemned to be a bad person for the rest of your life, right?

Orpheus: Jan’s going to be heading back to the big house soon… and when she does, you’ll be the only parent that little boy has.

Evan: Assuming good ol’ reliable jan comes through for you. You know that she’s living with a police detective. How do you plan on getting in touch with her without shawn brady knowing and bring down the hammer?

Orpheus: You’re forgetting your father’s A… what’d they say? Criminal mastermind. Yeah. I like that. That’s got a nice ring to it. I mailed jan a burner phone disguised as junk mail. And now I’m gonna signal her to get herself alone and wait for my call.

Jan: Oh my goodness, he’s got my finger. What a grip. Ohh… look at these little hands. His little fingernails. His skin is so soft. Shawn, he’s just–he’s perfect. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Our little miracle. And I know I told julie that he looks just like me, but really, he looks just like you.

Shawn: I’m not sure I see it.

Jan: Well he’s, you know, he’s a preemie, so he looks a little bit like an alien right now, but a little preemie alien version of you. And soon he’ll be a big, healthy, strong version. You’ll see. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Marlena: Clyde is working very hard to turn his life around.

Nancy: Oh, he is. I’m so glad that you see it. He really, really is. And, well, roman says that he is the best cook the pub has had since caroline brady. And you know that’s high praise. I just know you do. And, well, marlena, I haven’t had this much fun since… well, never. And…

Marlena: I’m happy for you.

Nancy: Thank you. And I…I know that if his son, who was the necktie killer, can be reformed and accepted, well, then anyone can.

Ben: So you and nancy are getting pretty serious, huh?

Clyde: Well, uh, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to up and leave at this juncture.

Ben: Well, that’s good to hear, pop. Because I’m sorry… you can’t leave. You’ve been working really hard trying to prove yourself, and I’m proud of you. I wouldn’t want to see you violate your parole, dad. You come with us, that would easily be misconstrued as you skipping town.

Clyde: [Sighs] So what’s the alternative? I need you here, but you’re leaving. I can’t skip town with you guys. So what do you got?

Ben: You don’t necessarily need me here. You need a responsible party to vouch for you.

Clyde: Ha ha ha. We both know how popular I am in salem, right?

Ben: Why don’t you just live here?

Julie: But what happens if roman does not agree to let clyde stay at the pub?

Doug: Julie, if you’re thinking of lobbying roman to torpedo ben and ciara’s plans, I don’t–

Julie: Torpedo? Me? Torpedo?

Ciara: I don’t think that uncle roman will say no, and if clyde doesn’t like the idea–

Rafe: Well, I can think of one place that will welcome clyde back with open arms. They even offer three hots and a cot.

Ciara: Rafe.

Julie: Talking about prison.

Doug: Oh, thanks a lot.

Ciara: I actually don’t think it’ll come to that.

Rafe: Just trying to help.

Ciara: Ben really loves his dad, and he would do anything to help him, but we agreed that our own family comes first.

Doug: As well it should.

Julie: Well, all family is important. I mean, I’m just saying.


Doug: Ciara, we understand being young and in love and wanting to see the world. It’ll be a magical time for the two of you. Now the three of you. But while you’re out there conquering the world, we’re gonna be back here missing you terribly.

Julie: Counting the days till you come home.

Doug: Yes.

Ciara: [Sighs] I love you both. Thank you so much for understanding.

Doug: [Murmuring]

Ciara: [Murmurs response]

Julie: Understanding. Yeah, well, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m understanding, but I’m not gonna try to talk you out of this because you’re your mother’s daughter, and you’re both stubborn.

Ciara: Yes, we are.


Rafe: And I’m gonna expect frequent updates on my godson.

Ciara: Oh, you’ll absolutely be getting them because the boat has wi-fi, so expect a constant bombardment of pictures and videos.

Rafe: You better send ’em. I’m telling you, okay?

Ciara: I will, I promise.

Rafe: Okay, good. We got it cleared up.

Ciara: Yeah. Also, there’s one more thing. I kind of wanted to have bo’s christening before we left. I know it’s short notice and you have a lot on your plate–

Rafe: No, no, listen, when it comes to baby bo, my schedule is wide open. Any time works.

Ciara: Thank you, rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ciara: Oh, you have always been there for us.

Rafe: And I always will.

Ciara: And that is why you are the godfather.

Rafe: And for that, I… I’m honored. I’m so honored. I love you.

Ciara: Love you. Oh, my god, and now I have to go tell shawn. I have to tell him about our plans. Wish me luck.

Jan: I think shawn christian is going to look just like you. His chin, his fingers.

Shawn: Ha. His fingers?

Jan: Yes, they’re so long. Which is why he’s gonna be a concert pianist. And we will be so proud. But we’ll be so proud of our little guy no matter what, right? Oh…shawn.

Shawn: What? What is it?

Jan: I’m so happy that our son is getting healthier and that he’s going to be leaving the hospital, but… when that happens…shawn, i don’t want to go back to prison.

[Phone rings] Who is it?

Shawn: It’s statesville. Detective brady. Yeah, I’ll accept the call.

Evan: Detective brady? It’s evan frears.

Shawn: Evan? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Clyde: You want me to live here? In the pub?

Ben: Why not? Maybe you could roll out a little sleeping bag behind the bar, make a little fort out of table cloths? You and nancy, huh? It could be kind of fun. You know there are rooms upstairs, right?

Clyde: Yeah. Also, that’s where roman lives, with his girlfriend, who happens to be my ex. And what makes you think roman will ever agree to such a thing in the first place?

Ben: Ciara’s gonna talk to him. She’ll set it all up. And as far as kate goes, you’re a spoken-for man now, anyway, right?

Marlena: You know, you’re right. Ben has worked very hard to overcome his illness and get his life back on track.

Nancy: And so has clyde.

Marlena: Mm. H– how serious are the two of you?

Nancy: Well, we really haven’t put a label on it. Oh, but… marlena, he did give me this beautiful bracelet. Oh. I didn’t want to wear it to the funeral because it was too flashy, but… I could put it back on now. Marlena… I, um, I can’t go back in there. That’s all right, isn’t it? I mean, you can tell abigail’s family that I’m so sorry.

Marlena: Sure. I can do that. Nancy, it’s a beautiful bracelet.

Nancy: It is, isn’t it? Oh, I am one lucky lady.

Shawn: What the hell do you want, evan?

Jan: Hang up! He’s a maniac!

Evan: I know this might be inappropriate, but I just didn’t know how else to go about it.

Shawn: Spit it out or I’m hanging up.

Evan: I wanted to apologize for what I did to your sister and your nephew. I feel awful. I wasn’t in my right state of mind.

Shawn: Oh, because the devil made you do it?

Evan: I’m sorry.

Shawn: You’re sorry? Oh, that’s all you have to say?

Evan: I guess I’m just… I’m just looking for some sort of redemption.

Shawn: Yeah, well, find it someplace else and lose my my number, okay?

Jan: Shawn, what did he say?

Shawn: Look, he– he wanted to apologize for what he did to ciara and bo.

Jan: That’s it? He said he was sorry?

Shawn: I don’t– I don’t know what his deal is, but he…he said he was looking for redemption.

Jan: Did you say redemption?

Orpheus: You’re gonna have to find a way to–

Jan: I’ve been around the block a couple times, all right? If I said I can get it, I’ll get it.

Orpheus: Good, jan. That’s good. I’m gonna… I’m gonna mail you a burner phone. Find a safe place to hide it. And then I’m gonna signal you with a word, a magic word. When you hear the word, you have five minutes to get the phone, get yourself alone, and wait for my call.

Jan: So? What’s the magic word?

Orpheus: “Remption.”

Jan: [Sighs] I don’t know why evan frears thinks he deserves redemption.

Shawn: Listen, can we not talk about evan? Is that okay? All right.

Jan: Yeah.

Shawn: Come on.

Jan: I’m actually starving. Nursing will do that to you. So, do you mind if you can once again save me from the slop in this place and get me a chili cheeseburger from buddy’s?

Shawn: Yes, okay, yeah, I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back, all right?

Jan: Oh, god, come on. Come on! God. Oh. What did orpheus tell evan? Oh, you’re going to ruin everything. I didn’t win the lawsuit, but everybody knows I wrote that song.

Julie: I just can’t believe this. Ciara is leaving town too? I mean, after losing eli and lani and the twins and abigail?

Doug: Well, ciara now is a grown woman, honey. With a family of her own. She has her whole life ahead to settle down. Which she will, eventually. In the meantime, you got me, baby, you got me.

Julie: Oh, of course. Thank god I do.

Doug: Rafe, we won’t keep you any longer. We know you have a lot on your plate.

Rafe: Thank you. Yes, I do.

Julie: Speaking of that, could you tell us has there been any progress in this search to find out who killed abigail?

Rafe: Well, uh, all we know so far is that the killer was able to get into abigail’s bedroom, despite the dimeras’ tight security. There were no signs of forced entry. And, um, we don’t know how the perpetrator got on or off the grounds, and there was no weapon left behind. The only solid clue that we do have is of the jewelry and the money that was stolen. Now, fortunately, chad took pictures of the jewelry, which was quite distinctive. So, we find the jewelry, and we’ll be able to find the killer or person that will lead us to them.

Nancy: Oh. Hello, ben.

Ben: Oh, hey.

Nancy: It’s so nice to see you again.

Ben: Hey, nancy, nice to see you too.

Nancy: Oh.

Ben: Well, I actually have some errands I need to run. Should probably get going. But I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay with all this, dad.

Clyde: Yeah, yeah, it sounds like a hell of an adventure. I’m happy for you. But I’m not gonna lie to you. I’M…gonna miss you and the little one something fierce.

Ben: We’re gonna miss you, too, pop. I know, uh… we spent more time apart than together over the years, and the times that we did have together weren’t always the best…but we’ll be back. And you and I are gonna pick up right where we left off.

Clyde: I’m gonna hold you to that.

Ben: Bye, nancy.

Nancy: Bye. Clyde, what was that all about?

[Phone rings]

Jan: [Gasps] Oh, god. Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the call. I thought you were gonna call me and give me the magic word.

Orpheus: Hello to you too, jan.

Jan: What the hell did you tell evan? Why are you even talking to him anyway? He’s not supposed to know anything about the baby being his–you promised me.

Orpheus: Calm down, jan. He doesn’t know a thing. He’s just a means to an end. I used him to call shawn because he had a plausible reason to call him. And don’t worry about the paternity of shawn christian. It’s a well-kept secret.

Jan: How do you know my baby’s name?

Orpheus: I know all, jan. So don’t cross me. Because I’ll know that too. I kept my end of the bargain. So, did you get shawn’s password to salem pd?

Jan: Yeah. I have it. I have it memorized. And I know things too. So don’t cross me either.

Orpheus: Noted. Let’s have it.

Jan: Okay, ready? It’s lower case x, 92, f as in frank– wait a minute–maybe it’s upper case x, lower case F.

Orpheus: I thought you said you knew things, jan.

Jan: Yeah, just hold on a sec–you’re making me nervous. Um… okay, I got it, I got it. It’s x, 92, f, 5, smiley face emoji, 29.

Orpheus: Smiley face emoji?

Jan: Yeah. You know, the little sideways smiley face?

Orpheus: You mean a colon and a closed parenthesis?

Jan: Yeah. That. The curvy one at the end, not the curvy one at the beginning.

Orpheus: You’re sure? The smiley face isn’t winking, is it, jan?

Jan: I’m positive. No winks.

Orpheus: Okay. Pleasure doing business with you. Time to get to work. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Nancy: So, out of nowhere, your son decides he’s going to be captain ahab, and he didn’t even consult with you first or officially set up a workable situation for you?

Clyde: He said that ciara would talk to roman.

Nancy: When?

Clyde: They wanted to tell their nearest and dearest first.

Nancy: Okay, so…what if– what if roman decides he doesn’t want to take responsibility for you?

Clyde: I guess it’s back to the slammer for me.

Nancy: Oh, no it’s not! Um…if it turns out that you can’t stay here at the pub, then…

Clyde: What?

Nancy: Maybe you can move in with me?

Marlena: Ben. What a nice surprise. Come in. And hello, little bo.

Ben: Yeah. Fast asleep, as you can see.

Marlena: Hmm. What a shame you couldn’t get a cute baby.

Ben: Oh, thank you. I’m glad you’re home. I know today’s been, uh…

Marlena: A rough one for everybody. I can’t even imagine what abigail’s family is going through, it… can’t be easy for you either.

Ben: I just felt it’d be inappropriate for me to attend the funeral. Can’t help feeling somehow selfish for wanting to grieve her.

Marlena: Of course you would grieve her. Why would that be selfish? Ben, you are such a good and kind man. Believe that, all right? And if I can do anything at all to help, please let me know.

Ben: Thank you. Dr. Evans, that’s actually what I wanted to come talk to you about. Do you offer any type of, um… virtual therapy?

[Elevator bell dings]

Shawn: Oh, hey, sis. What are you doing here?

Ciara: Well, I came to see you.

Shawn: Uh, why? I mean, I just saw you an hour ago.

Ciara: Yeah, well, abigail’s funeral didn’t really seem like the place to tell you.

Shawn: Tell me what?

Evan: So you got what you needed from jan?

Orpheus: Oh, I think so. She knows there’ll be hell to pay if she screwed this up.

Evan: So when you hack into the mainframe or whatever, how long will it be until I see my baby?

Orpheus: In a couple weeks. Months, max.

Evan: Months?

Orpheus: We’re playing the long game, son. 3d chess takes time. I’ll get my guys on it right away. Be patient, my boy.

Evan: [Sighs] I don’t think I can do that.

When moderate to severe

ulcerative colitis persists…

Evan: Weeks? Months? He can’t expect me to wait that long to see my son, no way. Where the hell did he put that number? Yes!

[Dark music]

[Line rings]

[Phone rings]

Jan: Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the call. Orpheus, I told you, sideways smiley face, no winks. I’m sure that’s right.

Evan: This isn’t orpheus. It’s evan.

Jan: Evan?

Evan: You remember. Your old friend from prison.

Jan: What do you want?

Evan: I want my baby.

Ciara: Please don’t be mad.

Shawn: Look, I’m not mad, all right? I mean, how could i be mad when I did the exact same thing with belle and claire? And you know what? I don’t regret a single second of it–some of the best times of our life were on the “fancy face iv.”

Ciara: Look, I know you’re going through a lot right now, and trust me, I want to be there for you more than anything, but I– I’m just a video call away. You know that, right?

Shawn: You know what? I’m gonna take you up on that, so watch out.

Ciara: Good. You better. And please come see us off tomorrow. And I promise, watch, I’ll be back before you know it–we’re not gonna spend nearly as much time as you guys did out there. I’m very looking forward to watching baby bo and baby shawn grow up together side-by-side. But in the meantime, I’m really gonna miss you.

Shawn: Not as much as I’m gonna miss you.

Doug: Somehow, I know everything is gonna turn out all right, my darling.

Julie: I just can’t get over so many goodbyes.

Doug: Yes. Eli and lani and jules and carver, and now ciara and ben and little bo. But, honey, they’ll all be coming back.

Julie: Abigail won’t come back. I know I should be grateful. I know I should be counting my blessings for all the years I’ve been here, for all the time with my family, for all the time with you. But I can’t help but think that chad will never have those years with abigail.

Doug: Well, that’s another reason I’m here. I’ll be counting the blessings for both of us. And top of my list is you. I love you. I love you so much, my darling… julie olson williams banning anderson.

[Both laughing]

Julie: I love you, doug. You are the captain of my heart.

Clyde: You want me to move in with you?

Nancy: Oh, that was kind of forward of me, wasn’t it? I mean, we’ve just been seeing each other for a short time and all, and then… why don’t we just forget i mentioned it?

Clyde: No, no, no, it’s very kind of you, I just– I’m a little surprised, is all. You’ve just come through a really difficult divorce.

Nancy: Well, these are extenuating circumstances. I mean, clyde, if things don’t work out with roman, then, well, maybe you’d consider me your backup plan?

Clyde: [Chuckles] Nancy, I would be honored to have you as my backup plan.

[Nancy giggles]

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