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Steffy: Finn…

Sheila: Oh, my god, no. This can’t be happening. What do I do?

Mike: Why are you asking me? You–you–you were a nurse. I’m just a guard.

Sheila: Come on, finn.

Mike: That’s not doing any good.

Sheila: I need li! Why did she have to threaten me?

Mike: Maybe she couldn’t get over you shooting her son.

Sheila: He’s my son! I’ll protect him now.

[Monitor emitting continuous tone]

Mike: Whoa. Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. What are you doing?

Sheila: I’m gonna shock him back to life.

Mike: Have you ever used that before?

Sheila: Like you said, I’m a nurse.

Mike: That is not an answer. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll kill him for sure, sheila.

Sheila: Yeah, well, he’s gonna die for sure if I don’T. Now I lost him once. I am not gonna lose him again.

[Machine beeping]

[Knock on door]

Ridge: Hey. Sorry. I should’ve called before I came over. Are you in the middle of something?

Taylor: Yeah, I’m the middle of a very hot date. How’s that going? I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for checking on me.

Ridge: I’m always gonna check on you, especially with sheila running around.

Taylor: Okay, what’s going on? You seem upset.

Ridge: I am upset. I’m angry, and I’m– I’m frustrated.

Taylor: So it’s just a normal day for you.

Ridge: [Groans]

Taylor: Uh-huh. What’s happening?

Ridge: I went down to the police station, talked to baker.

Taylor: Let me guess. There’s no word on sheila.

Ridge: Nothing! Not a clue. They just keep reassuring me that everything’s gonna be fine. How do–how do they let somebody walk out of their jail?

Taylor: I mean…

Ridge: They gotta find this woman, put her behind bars before someone else gets hurt.

Mike: Don’t do it, sheila! Call 9-1-1 and get him some real help!

Sheila: No one can know that finn’s alive.

Mike: He won’t be if you start shocking him with those things.

Sheila: I have no choice. Would you get his shirt off, mike?! Hurry up!

[Monitor emitting continuous tone] Mike, come on!

[Defibrillator whining] Clear!

[Paddles thunk] She’s feeling the power of listerine.

Ridge: Well, I gotta give you credit. You made the right call.

Taylor: And which right call are you talking about? Because I make so many.

Ridge: So many, the one where you convinced steffy to go overseas–that one.

Taylor: Thank you. I knew that there was no way they were going to be able to heal here in this house. I still feel finn’s presence, don’t you? I-I keep expecting him to walk through the door with a–with a surfboard under his arm and that big goofy grin. I don’t know how steffy and the kids did it.

Ridge: That’s what I mean. You made the right call. You told ’em to leave even before you knew about sheila. You were protecting your kids before you knew about that danger. That’s just…who you are. That’s what I love about you– that intuition.

Taylor: Yeah. Usually, my intuition is a little more spot on than it was with sheila. But hey, don’t sell yourself short. You were right there with me encouraging steffy to– to go.

Ridge: Stop it. I was just following your lead.

Taylor: It’s because you’re a very smart man.

Ridge: I-I am a very smart man. Have you talked to steffy?

Taylor: I was actually just thinking about calling her.

Ridge: Well, then let’s do it. We’ll do it together.

Taylor: Yeah?

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: That’s such a good ideA. She’ll be happy to see another face.




Steffy: Hey, mom.

Taylor: Hi, baby! Hi! I-I hope it’s not too late. I, um, I didn’t check the time.

Steffy: Oh, no, it’s–it’s fine. The–the kids are sleeping. I’m just, um…just thinkin’.

Ridge: Hi.

Taylor: [Laughs]

Ridge: I’m here, too.

Steffy: [Chuckles] Hey, dad.

Ridge: And we were just thinking about you and the kids and thought we’d check in.

Steffy: Glad you did.

Taylor: So, um, how was the rest of your day? Is everything okay?

Steffy: Yeah, I’m a– I’m a little sad, obviously.

I mean, I’m just– I’m really thinking about what this trip could have been like if finn were here, you know,

here with the family. Days with the kids, nights for us, but…

believe it or not,

things are–are going okay.

You know, I guess it is good

that it’s a change of scenery.

It’s like a different vibe,

and it’s really good for

kelly and hayes,

distracting them

from missing finn.

Ridge: What about you?

Steffy: [Sighs] I mean, I’m still trying to wrap my head around losing finn. It’s still pretty shocking.

[Paddles thunk]

[Monitor emitting continuous tone]

Sheila: He’s not responding.

Mike: Sheila, you’re gonna kill him… again.

Sheila: I am not gonna stand by and do nothing while my son is flatlining.

[Paddles thunk] Come on, finn. You gotta come back to me. It–it needs more of a charge, mike.

Mike: Based on what? Some tv show you’ve seen? Sheila, you don’t know what you’re doing!

Sheila: I am bringing my son back. It’s right there. Will you turn it up?

Mike: Not a chance in hell. I am not participating. I am not gonna be an accomplice.

Sheila: You’re already here!

[Sighs] Okay. Okay, here we go, baby.

[Paddles thunk] Come on. Come on.

[Defibrillator whines] Come on, finn. Finn, no, I can’t do this on my own. You’ve got to meet me halfway.

Mike: Sheila… you gotta let it go.

Sheila: Let go of me.

[Paddles thunk]


[Defibrillator whines] Come on, finn. We can do this. We can do this together. We can do this together.

[Paddles thunk]


[Defibrillator whines]

[Crying] Come on. Please. Please. Please.


[Monitor emitting continuous tone]

[Beeping steadily]

[Gasping] Oh, my god.

[Crying] Oh, my god. I did it! I brought him back.

[Beeping continues]

[Continues sobbing] What happens to your body language

Taylor: I hope you’re allowing all the emotions, honey. I mean, this is– this is called a process for a reason.

Steffy: I know.

I’m letting myself feel

whatever comes through,

whether it’s anger or sadness

or even something I don’t

quite understand.

Taylor: Well, you and finn shared a beautiful love, and you created a beautiful child. I hope that gives you comfort.

Steffy: It does. And I-I wanna hold on to those memories, especially now that finn is gone.

We had so many plans

for our future. Just never would have thought it would be taken from me so quickly.

Ridge: I know, and I’m sorry.

Steffy: Because of sheila.

I’m assuming she hasn’t

been found.

Taylor: No. You’ll be our first call.

Ridge: She will be found, if I have to go out there and find her myself, but she’s gonna pay for what she did to you and to her son.

Steffy: I still can’t believ

she just sailed out of prison.

Taylor: Yeah, but thank god you and the kids weren’t here.

Steffy: Just please

be careful, okay?

Taylor: Oh, I am. I promise. I’m a little freaked out, but your dad has a lot of security around here, so I feel safe.

Steffy: Good. I miss you.

Ridge: We miss you, too.

Taylor: So much.

Ridge: But you stay put, all right? Do what your mom tells you to do. We’ll figure this out. We’re gonna get through this together, all right? We’ll–we’ll get you whatever you need.

Steffy: I need finn. But you can’t bring him back. No one can.

[Beeping steadily]

Sheila: Oh, my god. I-I did it.

Mike: Son of a gun, you did it. You did it, sheila. You brought finn back.

Sheila: We did it together.

Mike: Well, mostly, I just provided moral support.

Sheila: Not–not–not you. Finn and me. You stood there holding your– your pearls, talking words of doom. Somehow, I got– I got through to him. He heard me, and he fought to come back.

Mike: Well, what I saw was a-a warrior woman refusing to give up against all odds.

Sheila: What you saw was a mother saving her son’s life. Now if I can just get him to open those beautiful eyes.

Mike: Thought about what happens when he does?

Sheila: What do you mean?

Mike: Not to be debbie downer but I don’t think you’ve thought this through. What are you gonna say, I’m wondering? He wakes up. He’s gonna know what went down in that alley, unless god forbid there’s a neurological issue.

Sheila: Oh, god, don’t even say that.

Mike: I’m just pointing out that he’s gonna know you almost killed him and his beloved wife, the–the mother of his son, and that doesn’t put a dent in what you did to his mother.

Sheila: I…i am his mother.

Mike: I don’t think that’s gonna buy a lot of slack against the woman who raised him.

Sheila: Why do you have to be so negative? Can I just enjoy this one moment? My son who I thought was dead, finn, who died and who almost died right now, I-I brought back, and you’re already trying to take him away from me again.

Mike: No, I’m just thinking one step ahead, like what happened to li’s body? Where’s the corpse? Was she thrown clear from the car? Probably not. She was wearing a seatbelt. Fact is, that car’s gonna be down there a very long time. I remember reading about this entire train–jumped the tracks, went over the edge years ago.

Sheila: Stop talking! Stop talking.

Finn: [Groaning]

Sheila: He’s coming to. You–you’ve got to leave, mike. Finn can’t see you here when he wakes up.

Mike: Don’t have to tell me twice. I’m out.

[Door closes]

Finn: [Grunts]

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Sheila: Finn?

Finn: [Grunts]

Sheila: Open those eyes. I want you to come all the way back to me. Mama’s right here waiting. For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Ridge: So what’s going on here?

Taylor: I can’t stop thinking about steffy and–and the pain that she’s in right now. I know she just–she wants to scream all of her rage and all of her anger, and she can’t because she’s trying to be strong for the kids, and my heart hurts for her.

Ridge: She doesn’t deserve any of this.

Taylor: No, she doesn’T. But at least her and the kids are safe. They’re not here. I can’t imagine–

Ridge: Why are we imagining? Why do we have to imagine that there’s somebody out there that’s gonna hurt our daughter? Why? She should be in jail and–and behind bars where she can never hurt anybody again.

Taylor: I know. None of this makes sense. Just like sheila makes no sense. Ridge, she killed her son. How does she even wake up in the morning, much less plan an escape from jail?

Ridge: Well, that’s what we’re dealing with. That’s who she is.

Taylor: How did finn turn out to be such a wonderful, wonderful man? You know, he… he never shut the door on sheila completely, not once. He always gave her the benefit of the doubt because he was A… he was a decent and kind person.

Ridge: He was. He was a good man.

Taylor: He really was. God, I-I’m so–I’m so glad that I moved in here when I– when I came back, ’cause I got to– I got to witness their– their love, and I got to see their happiness. And I got to see our little girl have some much joy.

Ridge: He gave her a beautiful life, beautiful boy. And…hopefully one day, she’ll learn to heal.

Finn: Steffy forrester,

will you marry me?

Will you be my wife?

Steffy: Yes,

I’ll be your wife.

I can’t believe it.

We’re getting married.

Finn: And we’re having

a baby.

You have given me

the greatest gift–hayes.

Steffy: You’ve captured

my heart–the way you are

with kelly and hayes,

your unconditional love

for all of us.

You look at your son

with such pride in your eyes.

Finn: I give you this ring

as a sign of my love

and commitment to you.

Steffy: I give you this ring

as a sign of my love

and commitment to you.

I love you. I love you so much.


[Monitor beeping steadily]

Sheila: That’s right, baby. Come on back. I’m right here.

[Sighs] Come on. Oh, yes. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You’re back.

Finn: [Exhales]


[Weakly] Mom?

Sheila: Yes. Yes, baby, I’M…I’m right here. I’m right by your side, and I love you so very much. Don’t ever doubt that.

Finn: What…

Sheila: No, don’t–don’t– don’t talk. Don’t even try. Don’t even try. You’re gonna be– you’re gonna be confused. You’ve been somewhere else a very long time. Thank god for your mother–me– for bringing you back. Thank god I didn’t give up, because look at this incredible miracle. You’re alive. My son. My beautiful boy. You’re alive.

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