Days Short Recap Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin was in Melinda’s office to talk to her about Lani’s plea deal. The deal included a manslaughter charge and some time in minimum security prison. Melinda said she changed her mind. She refused to let Lani get away with killing an unarmed man. She said it was another crime on top of her killing Stefan and helping Kristen escape from jail. Justin wanted to know what she would charge her with then. Beth went to see Abe and Paulina. She apologized for not saying anything about TR. She knew what he was capable of doing. They said they didn’t blame her. Abe got a phone call about Lani. He found out Lani’s deal fell through. Paulina wanted to make things right for Lani. Eli talked to Julie about regretting revealing that TR shot him. He also regretted letting Paulina take the blame for Lani’s crime. She assured him that things would be okay. He left to see Lani.

Lani was in the interrogation room when Kristen showed up. She figured Lani would need her. She wanted to break Lani out of prison. Kristen refused to let her spend one minute without her. Lani loved her for what she was willing to do, but she made peace with her decision. Eli arrived so Kristen put on her Susan disguise. Eli knew she was Kristen. He arrested her. Justin arrived and told them that Trask bumped Lani’s charge to murder one. She would get life without parole. Eli blamed Kristen for Lani being in trouble. He thought Lanj shouldn’t have helped her escape prison. Kristen told him that she was going to help her escape. Lani couldn’t live a life on the run. Lani wanted to know if she felt free as a fugitive. Justin wanted to talk to Eli and Lani. He told them that Trask backed down and gave her minimum security for manslaughter. Lani and Eli were relieved. Eli went back in the interrogation room. She took off her wig and realized that Lani was right. She was tired of running. She wanted to face the music.

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