Days Short Recap Monday, June 27, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami went to see EJ and found him with Belle. She wasn’t happy to see them together. She told him that she had divorce papers for him to sign. Chad talked to John about losing Abby. John told him what he went through when he lost Isabella. Sami continued to tell EJ that he should sign the papers. He let her know that he had a lot going on so he didn’t have time to worry about signing divorce papers. Kate advised Lucas not to marry Sami. She told him that he shouldn’t go through with it because of what happened. He wanted to know if she was trying to tell him to confess to the kidnapping. She didn’t want him to do that. She mentioned what happened to Abby. He got upset. He told her that he would never hurt his niece. He loved her too much to hurt her.

Chad continued to talk to John about Abby. He told him about wanting to go on a trip with her. He regretted not going to Boston with Abby. He felt like she would still be alive if they went on the trip. John reassured him that he didn’t know that would happen. John wanted to know what the last thing they to each other was. He said they said they loved each other. EJ finally signed the divorce papers. Sami warned Belle not to get locked up in the basement. She left the mansion. She went to Lucas’ place and told him that she got EJ to sign the divorce papers. Lucas proposed to her and she said she would do it.

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