Days Short Recap Friday, June 24, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Leo ran into Brady and Chloe outside of the pub. He was shocked to find out about Abby’s death. Brady thought he wanted to get revenge on her. He wondered if he was finished getting his payback. Leo was offended that he accused him of killing Abby. He reminded them that Chad and Abby started the war by breaking up his relationship with Craig. Brady called him a child. Brady wondered why Leo didn’t come after him yet. Leo said he was tired of getting revenge and wanted to move on with his life. EJ wanted to know what was in Clyde’s bag. He refused to tell EJ. EJ warned him that if he did something to Abby, he would do anything to make him pay. Clyde said he didn’t kill her. Clyde said that EJ would have known if he was the one who killed Abby. Sami wanted to know why Lucas’ room looked so trashed. He said he was looking for jewelry. She wanted to know what jewelry he was looking for, but he wouldn’t tell her. She wanted him to talk to her because she would love him regardless of what he did. He told her that he was looking for a ring to marry her. He told her that he talked to Roman about it and had a ring for her. He said that the ring was gone. She said she couldn’t marry him because she was still married to EJ. She wanted him to keep looking for the ring while she confronted EJ.

Shawn thanked Belle for being there for him when Jan gave birth. He thought there was some hope for them. He wondered if she went home with EJ. She admitted that she went home with EJ, but they found out about Abby. Shawn was determined to find out what happened to her. She was surprised he was working on the case since Jan was going back to prison. She thought he would have to take care of the baby. He told her that he had Jan’s released extended. Belle was upset. He wanted to do what was right for his son. He told her that Jan named the baby Shawn. She cried and walked away. Leo looked at his revenge list. He noticed that Brady and Chloe’s names weren’t crossed off yet. He crossed Abby’s name off again. Belle went to the DiMera mansion to see EJ. She told him about what happened with Shawn. She wanted to finish what they started the other night. She kissed him as Sami was about to rind the doorbell.

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