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Maggie: Maybe I should play mozart’s “requiem mass,” and you could be even more depressed.

Victor: Well, if you think you’re going to cheer me up, you’re wrong.

Maggie: Oh, I’m not gonna even try to cheer you up when you’re in this kind of a mood. Victor, I know you’re upset, but one, there’s nothing you can dobout it and, two, it’s not the end of the world.

Victor: Thank you, mary poppins.

Maggie: Victor, this situation is complicated and it’s upsetting. But we’re talking about a baby. A new life.

Victor: A new life that was spawned by a woman who tried to electrocute me in my own bathtub. And now my grandson is going to have her hanging around his neck for the rest of his life. Get me another drink.

Belle: Were you leaving?

Shawn: I mean, not now that you’re here. I’m glad that you came. Should we grab a coffee or something?

Belle: Oh, I didn’t come to see you.

Ej: Looks like you’ve been caught red-handed, clyde. What are you up to?

Leo: You can help me with the jewelry? Clyde: Well, I’m on parole and i need to keep my nose clean. But I do have friends who deal in this kind of thing all the time. I can you get you 50 cents to the dollar for all this stuff, no questions asked. Just hanging out.

Ej: Oh. So what’s in the bag?

Clyde: Nothing you need to worry about.

Ej: Then you wouldn’t mind I take a look then.

Chloe: What kind of a savage would brutally murder the mother of two young children?

Brady: Someone who has no heart. The scum of the earth, the lowest of the low.

Leo: Who are you calling “the lowest of the low”?

Chloe: We’re not talking about you, leo.

Brady: Unless you were the sob who killed abigail.

Lucas: Oh, my god, this is great. You’re here. I really wasn’t expecting you.

Sami: Yeah, obviously not. What the hell happened in here, lucas?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Maggie: Victor, you have every right to be upset. But it’s just not good for you to feel sorry for yourself, to brood. That’s not who you are.

Victor: You said there was nothing I can do about it. I hate that.

Maggie: Yes, well, of course you do. And yes, there’s nothing we can do about that baby being born, but you can– you can stand by shawn. You can let shawn know that you’re by his side when he’s trying to put his life back together. And, victor, I know you hate looking at the bright side, but won’t jan be going back to prison again? And then– and then maybe shawn and belle can–can work it out.

Victor: [Harumphs]

Maggie: Oh, no, you didn’t just harumph at me. Shawn and belle, at least they have a chance. They still have their lives ahead of them. Sorry.

Victor: No, I’m sorry, maggie. I’m real sorry. I know–I know how much you loved abigail.

Maggie: Those sweet children without a mother. I’m sorry. Listen, whoever did that to abigail, they have to pay.

Leo: Yeah, I heard about abigail. What happened?

Brady: She was stabbed.

[Tense music]

Leo: Why would anybody want to hurt abigail?

Brady: The police think it might’ve been a robbery.

Leo: Oh, please. Please still be here. Oh. Yes. I’d have preferred an alamainian emerald, but you will do just fine. What a tragedy. Can’t imagine how hard this has been on her family.

Brady: Come on, stark. Cut the crap.

Leo: What is that supposed to mean?

Brady: It means that you went to a lot of trouble to inflict pain upon chad and abigail. Maybe you felt that they didn’t pay enough.

Leo: What the hell are you accusing me of?

Lucas: Here, here, let me help you. Sit down.

Sami: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Lucas: What are you doing here? I thought your flight was delayed.

Sami: It was, but then we made up time in the air.

Lucas: I really wanted to pick you up. I wanted to be there for you.

Sami: I know you did, but you have a lot going on, and you’re still grieving about abby. Hey, tell me how jennifer is doing.

Lucas: Oh, she’s barely hanging on, like we all are.

Sami: Which is why I took a cab. And I just left my luggage downstairs.

Lucas: All right, let me grab it for you.

Sami: What? No, no. Hey, wait a second. You’re not going anywhere until you answer my question, lucas. What is going on in here? It looks like a tornado hit this room.

Lucas: Um…

Belle: I’m actually here to see my mom. Chad’s at the house right now. Thomas and charlotte spent the night last night, and he’s telling them about abigail.

Shawn: Well, god help him.

Belle: Yeah, so I thought my mom could recommend a children’s counselor in case chad thought they needed one. Anyway, I should go.

Shawn: Look, belle…look, please, please wait. Moderate to severe eczema

Maggie: We’re somewhat in the same situation. I know what to do for chad and for jennifer and jack down the road, to be there, to listen and talk about abigail whenever they’re ready. But it won’t be for a while. And you can be there for shawn and belle when they’re ready. But not now.

Victor: No, we’re worthless.

Maggie: Well, to them. But hopefully not to each other. We can–we can to–we can try to treasure whatever time we have together.

Victor: I do. I do.

Bonnie: Come on in, honey.

Victor: Oh, god, spare me.

Bonnie: Oh, hi.

Victor: And it gets worse.

Bonnie: Maggie, I was just telling nancy about your figurines. Do you mind if she takes a peek?

Maggie: No, of course not.

Nancy: Oh. Oh, oh, maggie, this is lovely.

Maggie: Hello, nancy.

Nancy: Hi. Hello, victor. I guess the sun’s up over the yardarm somewhere, right?

Victor: Hmm.

Nancy: I do think this one’s my favorite, though.

Maggie: Oh, mine too.

Victor: Of course we value your opinion so much.

Bonnie: Nancy and I were just going to play some cards, so I just came in to get the pinochle deck. Honey, nancy, we can play in the conservatory.

Nancy: The conservatory? Ah, like “clue.”

Victor: Anybody seen my lead pipe?

Bonnie: Okay, so well, we’re just going to leave you two at it, unless you guys like to play. I mean, four-handed is much more fun.

Victor: No, we’re good.

Bonnie: Great.

Maggie: You know what? I would love to.

Bonnie: Really?

Victor: Really?

Maggie: Yes, victor, really.

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

Clyde: Why would you care what’s in this bag, ej? You know it ain’t none of your business.

Ej: Come on, clyde, I think you might have an illegal weapon in there.

Clyde: Well, now, that would violate my parole.

Ej: Oh, yes, of course, I forgot. You’ve been rehabilitated. You’re a new man.

Clyde: Absolutely.

Ej: So the way you just reacted right now, you know, like a low-life scum with something to hide, that was just reflex. That’s your lunch in the bag. Or maybe your knitting.

Clyde: Did you hear me say it’s none of your business?

Ej: Au contraire, it’s very much my business. You see, I think you’ve acquired said weapon in order to finish me off.

Clyde: It’s always about you, isn’t it, ej?

Ej: Well, you did try and have me killed once before.

Clyde: You need to let things go.

Ej: I really recommend you drop that glib crap with me. Before I got out of prison, you threatened to hurt my family. And my family was hurt. I’m not part of the legal system, so I don’t care about due process. If I think that you stabbed my sister-in-law, well, my last name is dimera. And we’re totally an eye-for-an-eye kind of family.

Brady: I’m accusing you of being a cold, heartless creep.

Chloe: You forgot cowardly.

Brady: You’re right, my bad. You’re a cold, heartless, cowardly creep that has zero, zero compassion for anybody but yourself. So this whole, “it’s to tragic. I can’t imagine how hard it this is on their family” makes me want to puke. You hated chad and abigail, you made him out to be a cheating husband, and you rubbed abigail’s nose in it. So don’t pretend to me that you’re grief-stricken.

Leo: Once again, I get blamed for things, even things that aren’t my fault.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Leo: I don’t want to speak ill of the dead or her grieving husband, but they started it. When they destroyed what I had with craig, they made an enemy for life.

Sami: Lucas, what happened? Did you call the police? Were you robbed?

Lucas: No, no, it wasn’t anything like that.

Sami: Well, then why don’t you tell me what it was like?

Lucas: I–it was– it was me, all right? I–I did this.

Sami: You did this? I know you can be a slob, but this is ridiculous.

Lucas: I was looking for something.

Sami: Okay, what?

Brady: The cops think it could’ve been a robbery gone wrong.

Lucas: A robbery?

Brady: It was in the paper this morning. They found some jewelry and some cash that was taken from the house. The cops think if they can find the jewelry they’ll find the person who killed abigail.

Lucas: I was looking for some jewelry.

Sami: Jewelry? Okay, what jewelry?

Shawn: Look, I just–I want to thank you for being here when jan was in labor.

Belle: Well, I knew that the baby might not be make it. And I know how hard that would be for you. Because I know better than anyone what being a father means to you.

Shawn: Yeah, but belle, you– look, you waited. You waited with me. And–and I know how hard that was for you, so–so thank you.

Belle: No need to thank me.

Shawn: Look, when I–when i thought that the baby wasn’t going to make it, look, you were there, and you– belle, you held me, and I felt like there was hope for the two of us, and… look, I’m just hoping that you felt the same way too. Fishing helps ease my mind.

Maggie: You know, this is nice. I don’t know why, but sometimes time just kind of sits heavy in late afternoon.

Bonnie: I’m sorry. Are you guys up for this? I mean, I know you have a lot on your mind and everything.

Maggie: Maybe, maybe too much.

Nancy: I was so sorry to hear about abigail.

Maggie: She was a wonderful young woman. You know, she helped me bring sarah back.

Bonnie: Thank god.

Maggie: Poor jack and jennifer. I know how hard it is to lose a child.

Nancy: And, victor, I was so sorry to hear about philip.

Victor: He’s not dead.

Bonnie: He’s not? You guys have heard from him?

Maggie: No, but we just haven’t given up hope.

Nancy: Oh, that’s good. I know my chloe still misses him terribly.

Victor: It’s a good thing she can expunge her grief in brady’s bed. You dealt, right? I’ll open for 500.

Brady: “They started it”? What the hell is this? Third grade? You realize I’m not talking about getting pantsed in the hallway, leo.

Leo: Yeah, I know you’re not. I found the love of my life, and on a whim chad and abigail set out to destroy my once chance at happiness.

Chloe: No, I think you destroyed your one chance of happiness when tried conning my father into marrying you even though you already had a husband.

Leo: Getting married was your father’s idea. It would’ve crushed him if I turned him down.

Brady: Once again, reality just escapes you. Everything is everyone else’s fault, and you were never to blame.

Chloe: You think that sonny would disagree with that. I think that sonny would blame leo for drugging him and then publishing pictures of the two of you together in bed.

Leo: That was consensual. Once again, sonny is lying.

Brady: You know what I don’t get, though? You’ve spent all this time and energy into getting back at chad and abigail and sonny and will but not me. I’m the one who blew up your sham of a wedding. And I was very proud to do it.

Belle: I did feel it too.

Shawn: I knew it. Belle, this–we could–

Belle: And the baby was born, and you went straight to jan.

Shawn: Yeah, well, that’s because I knew that ej was there to hold your hand.

Belle: Don’t make this about ej.

Shawn: Belle, of course I went to jan. I mean, she just– she just gave birth. All right, the baby was premature, and she was scared. I couldn’t just leave her there wondering whether or not the baby was alive or dead. Hey, but then I came back here. I came back here, and you were gone. And I cannot help but think that you–you left here with ej, and you went back to his place.

Belle: I just want to forget about everything. I want this. I want you. Take me to bed. I did, and then we heard chad screaming. And I saw abigail lying there.

Shawn: I know. I know. Look, I’m sorry. Look, I know what you’ve been through.

Belle: Well, it’s nothing compared to what chad’s going through. Who would do something like that?

Shawn: Look, I swear to god we are going to find out.

Belle: We?

Shawn: I spoke to rafe. I asked him to put me on the case. Look, we’re going to find out what happened that night.

Clyde: I don’t know what the hell you think you’re talking about.

Ej: Oh, I’m pretty sure you do.

Clyde: Don’t you try to pin this on me. I did not kill your sister-in-law.

Ej: And your word is your bond, isn’t it? Only a low-life scum would stab a defenseless woman, and god knows you fit the bill. And as I said before, whoever did it is not going to get away with it.

Lucas: I–I don’t want to say.

Sami: You don’t want to say what kind of jewelry you were looking for? Lucas, okay, what’s going on?

Lucas: Nothing. There’s nothing going on.

Sami: No, obviously there is something going on. You’re a wreck. And I know it’s not just because of abby.

Lucas: Listen, I can’t, all right? I can’t say.

Sami: You can’t tell me what it is? Are you serious? After everything that I have told you? I’ve told you–I–I mean, I can’t even list it all. I told you about what a disaster my marriage to ej was. And you know what? It’s a good thing I did tell you, because telling you, talking to you helped me move on with my life. Lucas, I love you, and I’ll love you no matter what. So come on, just tell me.

Lucas: Okay. All right. I have something to confess. My asthma felt anything but normal.

Belle: You’re going back to work?

Shawn: Yeah, of course I am.

Belle: Well, there’s no “of course” about it. Jan’s going back to statesville. Even with help, you’re going to have your hands full just with the baby.

Shawn: Look, jan’s not– not going back.

Belle: What?

Shawn: At least–at least not right now.

Belle: Okay. All right. She has already played her whole high-risk pregnancy get-out-of-jail-free card, and she’s not pregnant anymore. And she is still a dangerous, violent psychopath. She’s not pregnant.

Shawn: Look, the warden–the warden extended her release just so that she can be with the baby a little bit longer.

Belle: What? How did that happen?

Shawn: Because he’s premature, and he needs–he needs jan’s breast milk.

Belle: And the warden just knows that? What, he’s like a really woke warden?

Shawn: No, kayla, she spoke to him, and she explained the situation.

Belle: Kayla? Well, I think she and i are going to have to have a nice a little chat.

Shawn: Look, she–she did it because I asked her to.

Belle: W…wow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Jan always has an angle to work, and she always knows how to get you to work it for her.

Shawn: Look, belle, this is for the baby’s sake, all right? It’s temporary. It’s only until the baby gains a little bit more weight; that’s all.

Belle: Right, and then until the baby’s christened, and then until he goes to school, and then until he gets his driver’s license.

Shawn: Look, we’re talking about my son.

Belle: Yes, your son, the living ammunition jan uses to make you dance attendance for the rest of your life.

Shawn: I’m just trying to do what’s best for him. That’s all.

Belle: And she knows that. I’m sorry, I– I really try– struggle to not let my feelings about jan spill over onto your son.

Shawn: I know it isn’t easy.

Belle: So… did you decide on a name yet?

Shawn: Yeah. Look, we– we I named him shawn.

Nancy: The fact that chloe is now with brady does not mean she doesn’t care deeply for philip.

Victor: I agree, like she cared deeply for brady all the time she was with philip.

Nancy: And what exactly is that supposed to mean?

Maggie: It means that victor is doing his best to make everyone wildly uncomfortable. He’s so good at it.

Victor: I thought I was giving chloe a compliment. She seems to sense that whether she’s with my son or my grandson, eventually she’s going to drive that lucky young man to drugs, distraction, or out the door.

Bonnie: Okay, all right, you know what? Nancy, just ignore him; he’s trying to bait you.

Nancy: He’s insulting my daughter. And I’m sorry, but neither your son nor your grandson has led a blameless life.

Victor: “Neither my son nor my grandson has led a blameless life.” When “neither” is in the third person plural, it’s takes “have.”

Bonnie: He likes to torture people with grammar. Please.

Maggie: Well, I guess he also likes sleeping in the guest room, because that’s where he’s headed.

Victor: What do you know? We won, red. What a good idea you had, bonnie. Pinochle, a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

[Laughter] Don’t you think?

Clyde: For the last time, I did not kill your sister-in-law. And if I had wanted to send you a message, believe me, you would have gotten it, and you would have known it was from me.

Sami: Okay. Just tell me.

Lucas: I was looking for a ring.

Sami: A ring?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I didn’t want to tell you like this after everything that’s happened, but I was going to ask you to marry me.

Sami: [Gasps]

It’s started. Somewhere between a cuddle

Clyde: You know, right now I’m wondering why you’re so paranoid.

Ej: Paranoid?

Clyde: Yeah. Why would I want to hurt anyone in your family? You gave me your word that you’d keep your mouth shut about our little arrangement. As far as I know, you have, unless you have told someone.

Belle: Everyone said that you were shot by a mugger in the park. You’re saying clyde did it?

Ej: He didn’t pull the trigger. He lured me to the park and threatened me. When things became heated, his man shot me, and then they left me there to die. No, I haven’t told anyone.

Clyde: Well, then, you got absolutely nothing to worry about. And I got a date.

Victor: You sure you don’t want to play some more? We’re having such fun.

Nancy: I’ve had more fun doing laundry.

Victor: Oh, you found a new career?

Bonnie: Oh, my gosh.

Nancy: I am so sorry to leave you alone with him, but I have a date.

Victor: How brave of you to try to put your shattered life together again.

Bonnie: Say hi to clyde for me.

Victor: What? You’re not talking about clyde weston.

Maggie: Victor.

Victor: Look, I know you’re desperate, but this is the bottom of the barrel.

Maggie: Okay, victor, that’s enough.

Victor: Maggie, the man had sonny stabbed in the back. Even she deserves better than that.

Nancy: I’m sorry, mr. Kiriakis, but given your history I don’t think you have the right to pass judgment on anyone.

Victor: I was just trying to help you out. I’m worried about you. I understand it’s very difficult to get a relationship going with a sociopathic criminal.

Maggie: Nancy, I’ll walk you to the door.

Nancy: Thank you. How do you put up with that?

Maggie: Massive denial.

Victor: You know, I always thought that dr. Wellsley was the bottom of the barrel.

Bonnie: Oh, wesley!

Victor: Oh, whatever. She sure can pick them.

Bonnie: Well, not everybody can be as lucky as maggie.

Victor: You know, when you’re right, you’re right.

Bonnie: [Scoffs]

Shawn: Look, the name was jan’s idea.

Belle: Yeah, of course it was. And then you went along with it.

Shawn: I guess, yeah, I did I–

Belle: So much for our moment of hope.

Shawn: Look, come on, belle, I just–

Belle: You know, I have to go, okay? I have to go talk to my mom. I hope you and jan and little shawn are very happy.

Brady: I mean, I’m the one that recruited sonny and will. I was the one that brought them to town, had them tell craig about your past. I mean, he would’ve never known about your other husband if it hadn’t been for me, so why don’t you just let everybody else alone and focus on me?

Chloe: I think that’s a great idea, except you should think of something new this time. I think the whole scandalous photoshop sex selfies are getting old.

Brady: Agreed. I think we should do this the old-fashioned way. Just a bare-knuckle fistfight. How about right here? How about right now?

Leo: Ugh. It would hardly be a fair fight. You’re bigger; you’re stronger than I am. Besides, you’re wrong; I’m no longer interested in revenge, I’ve given it up.

Chloe: Yeah, right.

Leo: I mean it. It weighs on me that those photos of chad in drag and the little memoir I wrote upset abigail, and now she’s gone, and I can’t tell her that I’m sorry.

Chloe: Well, that’s very sad for you.

Leo: I can’t change the past, so all I can do is look forward. I’m trying to move on with my life, I would appreciate it if the two of you would let me.

Chloe: Did you believe that?

Brady: Not one word.

Lucas: Before you came back, I asked your father for his blessing.

Sami: What?

Lucas: And I got a ring. And I was going to give it to you when you came back. I was going to surprise you, but I–I– I don’t know what I did with it. I think I lost it.

Sami: So you tore this room apart?

Lucas: I panicked, okay?

Sami: It’s okay. Lucas, you shouldn’t be doing this right now anyway. You’re still dealing with everything that happened with abby. And I can see that you haven’t been sleeping.

Lucas: I just– I feel bad, okay? I feel bad about everything and things that have happened, and I–I made a mess out of everything.

Sami: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need a ring on my finger as long as I know what’s in your heart.

Lucas: You know what’s in my heart. I want you to be my wife.

Sami: Lucas, I know you don’t want to hear this. Right now my answer is no. I can’t marry you.

From prom dresses

Lucas: Why not? Why can’t you marry me? You just told me you loved me and you know how much I love you.

Sami: It’s not about that. It’s I’m still married to ej. Remember? He tore up those divorce papers.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, okay, fine. That bastard.

Sami: Yeah, but I sent them, and I re-sent them, and he never signed them and I don’t know why. He has to know there’s no way I’d stay married to a man who lied to me about kidnapping me. But you know what? You keep looking for the ring, and I am going to go talk to ej in person, okay?

Lucas: All right.

Sami: I think that I’ll be able to confront him face-to-face, and then he won’t be able to weasel out of it.

Lucas: Well, I just– I’m not wild about you being alone with the guy, so why don’t we just let the lawyers handle this, okay?

Sami: I tried that. It didn’t work. No, I think I have to go with the direct approach. Don’t worry about me. But will you get the door for me?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Belle: Mwah! See you later.

Lucas: All right.

Ej: So if there’s anything I can do… right. Tell charlotte and thomas I love them. And, chad, I love you too. Right. He sounded awful.

Belle: Oh, well, my mom cancelled all her appointments. She’s going to go home, spend some time with chad and the kids.

Ej: So what is it you’re not telling me? This is about shawn, isn’t it?

Belle: I ran into shawn at the hospital. Guess who’s not going back to prison.

Ej: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Belle: No. We knew she’d find a way to keep her hooks in shawn. And that’s where they’re going to stay for the rest of his life.

Bonnie: Ooh. You owe me 15 bucks. Want to play again?

Victor: Sure.

Bonnie: Cool.

Victor: I don’t think maggie’s talking to me.

Bonnie: [Chuckles] No.

Victor: Well, sorry if I offended your friend.

Bonnie: Well, she’s tough. And besides, I don’t think you can date clyde weston and not expect a little blowback, you know?

Victor: I’m in a foul mood.

Bonnie: Well, victor, who could blame you? I mean, you have a new baby in the family; everybody should be over the moon. But instead it’s like, “my grandson is going to have to deal with that woman for the rest of his life.” Jan spears. Ugh.

Victor: My sentiments exactly.

Bonnie: I mean, right? The woman has had way too many sequels. It’s like “alien 47.” The alien is still disgusting, but now she’s also boring. Because you know the alien’s never going to have a change of heart. The alien is never going to say anything funny. It’s just going to sit there waiting for that next crappy thing to happen. And you? You can’t share a nice meal. You can’t have a happy thought, because in the back of your mind it’s just sitting there. Whose chest is she going to pop out of next? Sorry. I know. Bonnie lockhart running her stupid mouth again.

Victor: What you said, it’s exactly what it’s like. Bonnie lockhart, unexpected depth.

Nancy: [Laughs] I don’t care if leo stark put his hand on ten bibles and swore that he’s seen the light. He is like– he’s like florence nightingale when it comes to nursing a grudge.

Chloe: Amen to that.

Nancy: Oh, and by the way, he told me to tell you that you’re on “his list.”

Brady: What list?

Nancy: I don’t know; he wasn’t specific. But it sounded like it was an enemies list.

Brady: Well, I’m sure as hell on that then.

[Tense music]

Need long-lasting freshness?

Clyde: Well, you look beautiful as always. Are you ready?

Nancy: As ever.

Clyde: Nice to see you two again.

Chloe: Ugh. I find it very, very, very not fun to be civil to that man.

Brady: With very good reason.

Chloe: It’s not only that he creeps me out, belle told me to keep my mom away from him. She said that he’s definitely bad news.

Clyde: I have something for you.

Nancy: Really?

Clyde: I didn’t get it wrapped, because I wanted to put it on you myself.

Nancy: Oh, my god, clyde. It’s lovely.

Clyde: Just like you.

Chloe: So belle me that you two are legally separated now. I’m so sorry.

Shawn: Thanks. It–it wasn’t my idea. I was actually hoping that we would be able to– to work things out once the baby was born.

Brady: Doesn’t seem like you think that anymore, though.

Shawn: I’m just afraid that– I’m afraid this whole situation is just pushing us further and further apart.

Belle: So shawn arranged for the warden to let her stay in the hospital with the baby, shawn brady jr.

Ej: They named the baby shawn?

Belle: It wasn’t bad enough that my worst enemy has my husband’s only son, but now the baby is his namesake.

Ej: I’m so sorry. What can I do?

Belle: Well, we could finish what we started the other night. Let’s go upstairs right now.

Sami: He has to know there’s no way I’d stay married to a man who lied to me about kidnapping me.

Ej: You sure this is what you want?

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