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brad: [ Clears throat ] Croissants from eckert’S. Almond or chocolate? One of each. Whichever one you don’t want, I will take. Or you can have them both. So am I forgiven? Even a little bit? I know you didn’t intentionally set out to make an ass of me. Never. Fine. I forgive you. Thank you. And I promise I will never, ever — wait a second. That was way too easy. I have ulterior motives. Oh, great. By all means, use me. What do I have to do? All you have to do is listen.

[ Sighs ] Easy enough. To what? I have a little mystery that I’ve been dying to talk to someone about. I love it. Spill. The parachute guy. Cody? Whatever. I found him in an alley the other night. Someone beat the spit out of him. Did he say who? No, but I’ve been going through possible scenarios, and… britt, you can stop. I know exactly what happened. Why didn’t you invite me here, man? What are you talking about? You spent the day on the couch, barely forming any words. Why would I think today would be any different? Still, be nice to be invited. Alright. Are you sure you’re supposed to be up and about anyway? Well, it’s hard to leave town if I’m just gonna be laying on your couch the whole time, right? So you’re feeling better, then? Feeling stellar. Excellent.

[ Clears throat ] Maybe now you can answer some questions you’ve been avoiding. I’m honored the commissioner herself would like to speak with me. Any incident involving a civilian and one of my officers warrants my attention. I understand you’re pressing charges against detective chase. Well, he’s got a mean right hook, that one. I was under the impression that he’s already under suspension for punching a guy, just like he did to me. That’s correct. Well, obviously, the detective has not learned his lesson. Brook lynn: When are you meeting with the commissioner? I’m just waiting for her call. Just like I was 5 minutes ago. Right. Sorry. It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay, right? Especially because you’re still on suspension. You’re not actually a cop again, so it’s not like the commissioner can punish you, right? Doesn’t really work that way. Oh. So you’ve had like two strikes, so to speak. Yeah. So you’re gonna get a third strike, or are you already out? Wow, we have a full house. I mean, between wedding receptions, seminars, and conventions, we’re booked through the fall. Business is good. Yeah, meanwhile, my hair is falling out by the fistful. What are you talking about? You’ve handled busy seasons before. What makes this time any different? Let us just say that the energy at crazy house is up to 11 this morning. And with — with the — with the elq shareholder meeting this morning, everyone is just wired. I bet. I will be so happy when this whole thing is over. You know, drew and michael and ned, they have bent over backwards to get valentin out of elq finally, once and for all. I think it’s exciting. You must be so proud of michael for pulling this off. Yes, I am. But I have a personal stake in this, as well. Valentin? Forgive me, are we here for a morning business meeting or a little poolside r&r? Maybe a little bit of both. How’s the day going, marty? My day is, uh…just fine so far. How about yours? Are you ready for your day of reckoning? Michael: Want a cup? Oh. Oh, no, thanks. I’m fine. Are you sure you need one? You are literally bouncing. Oh, yeah, I just feel like I’ve been waiting for the shareholders meeting forever. I-I cannot wait to see valentin ousted as ceo.

[ Yawns ] Clearly, not everybody is excited about the family business. Sorry. Sorry. Wiley got me up early this morning. Well, I didn’t hear him. That’s because our son knows that I’m a light touch and will get up to make him pancakes, even if it’s the crack of dawn. Alright.

[ Sighs ] Good morning, everyone. Morning. Good morning. Beautiful day. Certainly is. To… today. The day everything changes.

Is this better? Yeah. I don’t mean to seem, uh, paranoid. That’s fine. You never know what judgy eavesdropper’s lurking through the halls. Now, tell me, how do you know what happened to parachute boy? Cody. Whatever. Who beat him up and why? Okay, so I only really know some of it. And that would be? Cody was at my aunt selina’s poker game.

[ Scoffs ] Of course he was. Let me guess. He made bets he couldn’t cover, and now — actually, he won big. And my aunt was furious. Wait, are you saying your aunt ordered cody’s beating? I’m an open book, man. You got questions, fire away. Excellent. Why don’t we start by you telling me how you ended up on my doorstep, beat up, with britt westbourne?

[ Sighs ] I saw a way to make some fast cash, and it didn’t exactly work out. Oh, so you’re still playing cards?

[ Chuckles ] I’m better than I was when we were in summer camp. Clearly not. I had an off night. You know who did this to you? You know, they didn’t exactly introduce themselves. No kidding. Yeah. No kidding. Do you think you could identify them, though? I’d love to. Great. Why don’t you come down to the station, we’ll look at some photos? But the alley was really dark. Right. How did I know you were gonna say that?

[ Chuckles ] Well, you’re an excellent detective, clearly. Mm-hmm. So, do you think these guys are still after you? Maybe. You know, I’m not gonna stick around to find out. Did they let you keep any of your winnings? They did. Oh, how much? $50. Mm! Mm-hmm. $50?

[ Clears throat ] Listen, I’m gonna spot you some cash just till you get back on your feet, okay? Didn’t we already have this conversation? I don’t want you to pay my way, man. What, you’d rather get your ass kicked again? Yes, I would. Typical. Stubborn idiot. That’s why we get along so well.

[ Laughs ] Ow. Ha. They really worked you over pretty good, huh? Oh, doc westbourne said I should be fine. Doc westbourne. I still can’t believe brit actually stopped to help you. Isn’t that what doctors do? Yeah, typically. Yeah, but britt usually just does, you know, whatever’s best for britt. Sounds like there’s some history there. Yeah, there is. None of it good. The market has already reacted to the potential merger. Aurora stock just keeps going up. You know, our first priority should be to talk to the vps and confirm the merger. Just get everybody up to speed. Michael: Right. Ned, good morning. Good morning, all. I see the two of you are already making plans. We are. Yeah, actually, in fact, now is a perfect time to loop you in. I’m eager to hear it. Lucy: Oh, well, good morning, quartermaines. What a sight to behold. It’s good to see you, too, lucy. Thanks for coming. Lucy: Well, it’s my pleasure. I always love revisiting the quartermaine manse. I loved living here. And it’s so lovely to see all the heads of the family together. Look at you. My, how times have changed. Oh, there’ll be a reckoning, alright. I just don’t think it’ll take all day. You’re eerily calm. Does this mean you’ve heard from ned? What’s valentin doing? The shareholders meeting is in less than an hour, he’s lounging by the pool? He’s bluffing to give the impression he knows the vote’s going his way. I don’t know. That looks pretty convincing. It’s like he knows something we don’T. Cops don’t usually get a third strike when it comes to altercations with civilians. You could be fired? Maybe. I mean, I’d probably fire me. Absolutely not. I mean, how can a good guy like you get in trouble for slugging a sleaze like… maybe not. No, no, no, brook lynn. I know that face. Yes. That is your plotting face. Yes, this face. This is the face that is gonna fix everything.

Problem solved. I know exactly what to do. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Huh? What? Oh, I can’t tell you, because then you’ll try to stop me. Only if it’s a bad plan. Oh, just trust me that it’s not. No, tell me. And then I can poke holes in it. Another reason why I can’t tell you. But if I can poke holes in it, then you’ll know where the flaws are and you can cover them up and exonerate me in the process. Okay, fine. Here it is. I go to the pcpd, and I amend my original statement. I make sure all of your colleagues know that you saved me from a violent criminal. I can’t let you lie to the police for me. I won’t be lying. It’s just that now that the initial… shock is wearing off, I’ve realized that my original statement just didn’t convey how terrified I was when linc attacked me. Terrified? Really? Oh, if I’m lying, I’m dying. Okay. But to me and presumably to officer cabrera, you were just really mad. Which is how I cope with extreme fear. I put on a facade of extreme rage. Look, the bottom line is, if you hadn’t stepped in to save me, I would have been abducted by linc. Brook lynn. Okay, abducted is a strong word, though I think I could sell it. Look, the point is, it was your civic duty to defend me from a predator. Case closed. Throwing a punch in a club doesn’t usually rate criminal prosecution. It’s still battery, though, isn’t it? It is. And shouldn’t police be held to a higher standard? Of course. I don’t condone what detective chase did, but I’m also not convinced it’s worth pressing charges. Why not, may I ask? Judges are cracking down on nuisance lawsuits. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if the courts feel you’re wasting its time. Well, I only want to see justice be served. So if I drop the charges, what are my options? Cody: How is this even possible? Well, britt is a fertility expert and her mother is a scientist, so they stole lulu and my embryo and implanted it. And then she carried the baby — your baby — rocco. To term? Yeah. Then tried to pass the kid off as her own child? Mm-hmm.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chuckles ] How is she still a doctor? I don’t know, man. I don’t know. But she had her license taken away when she went to prison. When she got out, they gave it back to her. Okay, hold on, prison? Yeah. I thought she was this morally upstanding, outraged citizen.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, the only person who’d think that would be funnier than me is probably her. Britt’s been involved in some shady stuff, man, and that’s not even talking about the fact that she went on the run with her father. Alright, back it up. On the run? Like a fugitive from justice? Yeah. Okay. Who’s her father? Does the name cesar faison ring a bell? Britt’s father’s cesar faison? Well, was. He died like four years ago. Yo, cody. Hey, no, I’m — it’s just a lot to take in with the whole embryo-stealing thing, and — and to top it off, she’s faison’s daughter. Mm-hmm. I mean, it kind of explains things, doesn’t it? Anyway, I got to get out of here.

[ Sighs ] Alright, I’ll come with you. Ahh. Nope. That hurt. Are you sure you’re alright, man? You know, britt said that these were just ribs that are bruised, but I’m starting to wonder. Okay, let’s go. We’ll go to G.H. No, man. You know I don’t like hospitals. Although, second thought… yeah, hospital sounds like a great idea. Alright, let’s go. If aunt selina had cody beaten up over a poker game, what will she do to you if you screw up? Oh, the — the beating wasn’t her doing. Well, I didn’t think she did it herself. Then again, what do I know? Yeah, she just had cody thrown out of the game, but he was totally fine. Right. So now that I’ve solved the cody mystery, maybe you can answer the question for me. What was that look between you and your mother? What look? The look that passed between you and liesl right before she kicked me out of your room. Clearly, I said something that upset you. But what, I have no idea. I mean, does it have anything to do with whatever the hell’s been bothering you lately? Yes. No, I have actually not spoken to ned. Well, then… why so free and easy? How can you be sure he’s gonna throw over his family and vote with you? Because if I’m ceo, he maintains a shot of keeping some influence. He’ll pick me. Huh. Well, far be it for me to question a “sure thing,” but as long as we’re on the subject of family, I got a very important update on yours. What, the cassadines? Far as I know, that’s the only family you got. Stop staring. Shh. Don’t interrupt me. I’m in the middle of a curse.

[ Laughs ] Look, don’t let valentin get in your head. Hey. Drew, michael, and ned, they know what’s at stake. They’re all gonna come together. They’re gonna oppose valentin. Everyone’s doing their part, including me. Okay. What’s going on? This is the second time you’ve mentioned yourself. What’s going on? I didn’t have a chance to tell you. The merger won’t just be good for elq. It’s gonna be good for me. I’m now a major shareholder in aurora. Ahh. Well, thank you, kind sir. Mmm. Mm. So I take this to mean that valentin is on his way out? Yes. If we all vote against him, there will be absolutely nothing he can do. Hmm. Well, you know, from my perspective, I think the q’s owe valentin a great, big, huge thank you.

[ Coughs ] Look, I know that this family loves me as much as I love them, but sam and I created aurora to have something on our own. So the merger between aurora and elq, it… I don’t know, this may sound a little bit strange, but… kind of feels like two separate parts of myself finally coming together. I hear what you’re saying, and you’re right, you know? It’s like… it’s a union of sorts between your past and the present you fought to get back to. And now, well, there is no escape. Settle in, drew, because you’re not going anywhere.

youto open up about this. Whatever it is. I know. I just haven’t been ready to talk about it. Not a lot of people know. If not a lot of people know, and… one of those people isn’t me, it must be pretty heavy. What’s going on?

[ Telephone rings ]

[ Clears throat ] Yes. Okay, I’ll be right there. I have to go. Oh, come on. I have a patient. Really? Now? I have a patient, and this is… it’s not a conversation I want to rush. What do you know about the cassadines that I don’t? Relax, relax, relax. It’s a good thing. Maybe I get to be the judge of that. Your victor problem will soon be over. What are you talking about? My sister. She hit on a brilliant but simple way of getting rid of him. She’s pulling strings to have victor deported. Isn’t that a little outside of her reach? Not at all. Laura’s both well connected and very determined, and it makes perfect sense. Victor’s got a criminal record, goes back decades. Ample reason to have him deported for — wait for it — moral turpitude.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I got to go. But we — the quartermaines await. I know aurora’s stock price is climbing. On the rumors of a merger. And once the merger is officially announced, they’re gonna skyrocket. And the q’s will once again be in charge of elq. Yeah, I got to say, drew’s idea to merge these two companies, brilliant. That’s right. Which is why I sold my half of the metro court to raise the capital to help michael and drew. I’m sorry, you did what, now? Oh, wait. Are you okay? I’m fine. I’m fine. But what in god’s name can this family possibly thank valentin cassadine for? Well, elq has thrived under valentin’S…tenure. Not to mention the fact — you know what? — He has united all of you together against a common foe. Yes, and that unity deserves to be fought for and protected. Well, the quartermaines are nothing if not excellent fighters. Just think about what you could do if you all worked together for once. Willow: I’m going to check on wiley. Already? Don’t worry. I won’t hover. Wiley should be so lucky. I’ll be right back.

[ Chuckles ] Cody: Dr. Westbourne. Oh, god. You?

[ Chuckles ] There’s that bedside manner you must be so famous for. All the doctors in this hospital, and you ask for me? You’re the one most familiar with my case. You have bruised ribs. It’s not like you’re a case study the medical world is going to marvel at. Yeah, doc, turns out I might be more banged up than you thought. Well, the E.R. Is right down the hall. I will call an orderly to wheel you over.

[ Groans ] Come on. Can’t you just check me out? I’m an ob-gyn. Yeah, I heard. I’m sure you have. So here’s the problem. Um, as I told you the other night, when you were so kindly taking me to your car, trip to the E.R. Actually not really in the budget right now. Right. And you don’t have insurance, and whoever beat you up took all your money. Otherwise, I’d be happy to pay. Mm-hmm. Well, I can’t treat you off the books. Okay, well, you know what? I’ll cover his bill. Can’t put him on a bus out of here if he’s got broken ribs, right? You’re leaving town? That’s the plan. Right this way.

[ Chuckles ] Brook lynn. I can’t let you lie to the police. It’s a valid interpretation of the events of that night. No, brook lynn, it’s not. Well, who’s gonna contradict me? A club full of witnesses? Oh, please. A bunch of hipsters who were three sheets to the wind? Chase, I’m unworried. It will totally work. Okay, brook lynn… thank you. Really. It means the world to me that you would do this for me. Well, you pretended to be bailey’s dad. It’s the least I can do. Bottom line is, I got myself into this mess, and I’m ready to face whatever happens next.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be — I’ll be right there. That was jordan’s assistant. The commissioner is ready to see me.

If the quartermaines united to run elq, that would be so incredibly formidable. That’s not ever gonna happen, though. What do you mean? I just mean that when valentin leaves, all the in-fighting that edward so successfully cultivated, it’s just gonna resurface again, which is really, really a shame.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, excuse me. Sorry. I — I do have to take this. Of course. Just a second. Okay. Hi. I’m alone. Now you know how I feel. You know how much I missed waking up to you this morning? I missed you, too, so much. But, you know, with the slot coming up on the home & heart shopping channel, I had so much work to do for deception, and then I had to come to this shareholders meeting, which is gonna be a total waste of time. Now, now, you never know. Well, ned and drew and michael, they’re all united on this crazy valentin front, and so I don’t get to vote unless there’s a tie, which there’s not gonna be. And that means I’m just gonna sit around twiddling my thumbs. I’m gonna feel totally superfluous. Now, that is nonsense. You are definitely the center of my world. Thank you. You do say the absolute sweetest things. Lucy, you’re more important than you know. Far more. I sold my half of the metro court to stillwater venture group to get the money to help michael and drew. So now I’m partners with stillwater venture group? No. God, no, I would never do that to you. I have 30 days to buy back my half of the hotel. The price has already been set, and I’m going to have more than enough money. Aurora’s stock is gaining value by the hour. It sounds risky. No way. I have faith in drew, and I will always bet on michael. Can I get a refill on my cup of coffee, please? Actually, just make it a whole new cup. I kind of — for sure. Thanks. Ugh. Don’t they make an ointment to get rid of you? Brook lynn, I don’t like this tension between us. This isn’t tension. This is hatred. I sold another one of your songs. Which one? “Morning rain.” I wrote that when my cousin died. Well, it’s very touching. Soft-tee paper towels thinks it’s perfect for their new commercial. My song is gonna be used in a paper towel commercial? A national paper towel commercial. So when anyone in the entire country hears it, they’ll think “absorbent.”

[ Sighs ] And I’ll be making a nice chunk of change from it, too. You know, I bet if you tried, you could come up with some catchy jingles. Then we can make money together. I would rather never write another song. You really want to work with me again? I do. Why? Okay, fine. I’ll do it. If you recant your accusation against chase. Commissioner. Detective chase. Close the door and let’s have a seat. I wonder if you realize how disappointed I am to find you in this position again, and so close to the end of your suspension. I’m sorry. I acted in haste, and while I was provoked, that is still no excuse. If there’s no excuse, why say you were provoked? Accuracy. Of course, now that I’m facing assault charges, I know you can’t bring me back to the force. I spoke with mr. Brown. He’s agreed to drop the criminal charges. You won’t be facing prison time. How d– thank you. Thank you for going to bat for me. You can save your thanks. Linc brown still wants you to lose your job. I hear you’re working for your aunt selina now. Yep. Yeah? What are you doing for her? Oh, this — this and that. You know, entry level stuff. Yeah. Errands and whatnot. Super…boring. Hmm. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, do you? Very colorful. Is it okay that it hurts to breathe? That would be a sign that your rib punctured your lung.

[ Groans ] It doesn’t hurt

that bad. Well, we shall see.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] It’s cold. Take a deep breath in. Okay.

[ Inhales ] Yeah, hurts. Exhale it.

[ Exhales ] One more time.

[ Breathes deeply ] I should send you for an x-ray. I’m sure if you just wrap me up, I’ll be fine. Really? Just a moment ago, it hurt to breathe. Now you’re fine? You must have the healing touch. Yeah, we’re all set. The proxies are here, and we are good to go. Hey. Everything okay with wiley? Oh, yeah, he’s fine. And you? Are you — are you okay? Ned: Pascal, I think you know drew. Yes. We’ve spoken several times on the phone after your return. It’s a great pleasure to see you in person again. Well, it’s great to be seen. Thank you. Michael, hello. Pascal, thanks for coming. We’re just waiting for — oh, there he is. Good morning, everyone. What say we begin? I don’t think this is gonna take too long. No, no, it certainly will not.

[ Groans ] So dante and I weretalking about you earlier. I’m sure he had a lot to say. Well, he’s definitely not a fan. To me, it sounds like you got a raw deal, though. How do you figure? Well, your mom and dad, you know? Not the easiest role models to live up to. You can get dressed now. I just meant, you know, it’s got to be hard to live up to your dad’s legacy. Meaning what? Linc: So let me get this straight. I drop the assault charges, and you’ll write songs for me again? No charges, no civil suit, no other complaints or demand for apology. No comment to any reporter that chase attacked you. This never happened. Okay, you go to the D.A., You go to the commissioner, you tell them that you lied. You make this go away forever, and I’m all yours. It’s a tempting offer, but, um… no deal. What? All I care about is that detective friend of yours loses his job for good.

[ Exhales sharply ] But look on the bright side of things, blq. I’ve come around to your way of thinking. Some things truly are priceless. I just meant it must be tough to live down cesar faison’s reputation. Right? I mean, he was one of the wsb’s most wanted, wasn’t he? Continue with the ice packs. If the pain persists for more than two days, see a doctor. Have a nice trip. Oh, wait, wait. What — what just happened here? Dante said you were getting on a bus. Bon voyage. Jordan: Linc brown is filing a complaint with the civilian review board. As you know, the outcome of the board’s investigation could be censure or even dismissal. I know I was in the wrong. In the heat of the moment — this was not a life-threatening situation. No one was in any imminent danger except mr. Brown. Once again, you’ve shown that you can’t keep your head in situations, especially when brook lynn quartermaine is involved. So answer me this, detective. Why shouldn’t I fire you right now? Hey, sand or stone? Pardon? Well, I’m planning a deluxe family vacation. Oh. I mean, it’s been a rough few months, so I feel like we deserve it. So, should we go to the beach or should we go to some foreign city? Well, I guess that depends on who all’s going. Me and donna, of course. I’m hoping michael, willow, and wiley. Okay. And I was gonna ask ava if I could take avery. Ha! I wouldn’t hold my breath on a yes for that question. Well, ava and I — hate each other. Yes, but we will move heaven and earth for avery, so maybe there’s a possibility. Ooh, listen to the optimist. I mean, after the year I’ve had, things are finally going my way. Valentin: As ceo, I am calling this shareholders meeting to order. So… any new business? Chair recognizes drew cain. I make a motion to remove valentin cassadine as ceo of elq. I second. So moved. Anyone want to make a statement supporting the removal of valentin cassadine? I think we can just get this over with. I’ll take that as a no, but I want to make a statement on my behalf. Elq has grown significantly during my time as ceo. It’s no secret the rumored merger between aurora and elq, and it’s also no secret it has nothing to do with the strength of our company. It has everything to do with making drew cain a majority shareholder, and that’s a dangerous reason to make this decision. Anyone else want to say something? No. Okay. Well, then I will entertain a motion to bring this to a vote. So moved. Seconded. We’re gonna vote on the motion, and I will turn the procedure over to elq’s chief counsel, pascal everett. Thank you, chairman cassadine. The motion on the floor is to remove mr. Cassadine as chair. Before we get to those present, are there shareholders represented by proxy? There are. These are the proxies from family members who couldn’t attend in person authorizing me to vote on their behalf. And how do they vote? They all vote “yes” on the motion. Very well. And now to those present. Chairman cassadine. I vote no. Mr. Drew cain. Yes. Mr. Michael corinthos iii. Yes. Mr. Ned quartermaine.

You’re still here? We weren’t done. Right. Um…about that — it’s — it’s okay. I know now is not the right time for whatever this conversation is. Thank you. But I do want you to know that I’m here for you. Alright? Whatever’s going on, you can count on me. I know. But, um… I-I had a chance to think about it, and I’m fine. Well, that’s — that’s great. It is, yeah. And, you know, if — if anything changes, I’ll — I’ll let you know. But for now, you should focus on your fabulous new job. Chase. Cody: Bad news. Oh, broken ribs? Nah, they’re just badly bruised. Right? But the doc ordered me to take it easy, so… no hours on a bus right now. Okay. So you’re sticking around? I mean, if that’s okay. Yeah, man. I got to get out of here, but, uh…I’ll call you a ride-share. Dude, no, I’ll — I’ll take the bus. Are you sure? Look, it’s like a 10-minute ride to your place. Okay? I think I can gut it out. Oh, I’m in awe of your courage, sir. Mm-hmm. Thank you.

[ Grunts ] Actually, it did hurt. Seriously, man, I’m happy you’re sticking around. Dr. Westbourne, thanks for the tlc. Better hurry — I wouldn’t want you to miss your bus again. Yeah, yeah. I am hopping on a bus. It’s local. To dante’S. I don’t care where you’re going as long as you leave my hospital. I found a reason to stick around port charles, so…see ya around. You will be sitting pretty once this merger goes through. Your whole life’s gonna be like a big vacation. Oh, no, I’d be bored in a month. Maybe two.

[ Laughs ] Make it a business trip. World domination. You know what? You’re right. I’m gonna build a hotel empire.

[ Laughs ] The metro court will become an international brand. Mr. Quartermaine, the motion on the floor is to remove valentin cassadine as ceo of elq. Do you vote yes or no? I vote no. Very well. Between mr. Corinthos, mr. Cain, and the proxy votes voting “yea,” and mr. Cassadine and mr. Quartermaine voting “nay,” we have a 50/50 split. What the hell, ned? This was your idea. You’re the one who started this. You wanted to force valentin out. Valentin: The meeting will come to order. We have not finished voting. Ms. Coe, as bequeathed by your late ex-husband, alan quartermaine, you have the tie-breaking vote.

[ Chuckles ] Would you look at that? Wow. You know, last time I had a vote, I felt a wee bit of pressure, but this time, I get to vote my conscience. I vote an oh, no. The motion fails. Valentin cassadine remains as chief executive officer of elq. Excellent. Pascal, thank you for your time and your service. Always a pleasure. Well, as ceo, onto the next order of business, namely the rumored merger between aurora media and elq. It is not happening. And this is bad?

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