Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Imani persuades Amanda to go see Naya who has had a stroke. Imani thinks that this will give Amanda a chance to spend quality time with their mother as, she recovers from her stroke. Imani overhears a phone call Elena is having with the person who is going to cover for her at the hospital and she tells the person that Nate won’t be able to go with her to hear her speak at the medical convention in Hawaii because he has to work.

Jack is sad that he isn’t going to work with Kyle anymore at Jabot but looks forward to watching what he can do as CEO at Marchetti.

Michael tells Diane Nikki asked him to investigate her time in Los Angeles when she lived there using the name Taylor Jenson. Diane tells Michael he won’t find any dirt on her because she lived a quiet life in Los Angeles. Michael sees Phyllis hiding in the bushes at the park. After Jack and Diane leave the park, Michael tells Phyllis to come out of the bushes so they can talk. Michael advises Phyllis to let go of her hatred toward Diane so that Summer won’t be forced to choose between her and Kyle.

Phyllis tells Summer she has let go of her hatred for Diane. Summer asks her to prove it by going with her to talk to Diane right now.

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