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Hi. Hi. Oh, do you know my brother, martin grey? Hi. Hi. Felicia and mac scorpio. Pleasure. Nice to meet you. So would you like to join us, or is it a date night? Oh, hardly.

[ Chuckles ] Gee, thanks. Oh, well, no, no, what I meant was, is that we were supposed to meet maxie for dinner. I roped bobbie into watching the kids, but, of course, maxie got called away. And now I’m feeling the pressure of making this a date night. Oh, gee, thanks. We’ll leave you to it. Oh, kevin is going to join us later for a nightcap. Maybe you’d like to join us then. Count us in. Okay, great. Nice meeting you. So jordan told me she reached out to you about the bureau’s findings. Reached out? She delivered the good news in person. That our dear brother is not behind the attempt on our lives. [ Chuckles ] Champagne all around. Yes, well, I still don’t believe his religious conversion. Does anybody? Still, it does beg the question. If cyrus wasn’t trying to wipe us out, who was? I’ve narrowed the suspects down to one.

Cassadine reunited with his trust fund, yet still bussing tables? Pourquoi? Uncle victor. Welcome back. Good to be back. But why the menial labor? This is my last shift, but cam’s been good to me, so I felt that I had to honor it. But now that I have a weekly stipend, my days of punching a clock are over. Good for you. High time you find something more befitting your talents and stature. Oh, I couldn’t agree more. So what’s it to be, then? The whole world is your oyster. Perhaps I can find you something in one of my businesses. Perhaps, someday. But right now, work isn’t my first priority. Ah, time for some travel, then. Actually, what I want to focus on is much closer to home.

[ Knock on door ]

Good evening, esmé. Kevin. Thank you so much for letting me stop by on such short notice. Well, I only have a few minutes, but how can I help? I need your insight, dr. Collins. My future depends on it.

That was so wild, joss. Hell, yeah, it was worth it. And we finally got a lead on esmé. If rory keeps it on the dl like he promised, nobody has to know how much trouble we — joss, I gotta call you back.

This is absolutely a date. Would you tell me the truth, though, valentin? Always. When I can. I won’t know until you ask the question. Are you worried that unless we’re talking espionage, we’re gonna discover we don’t have anything else in common? Are you? Well, no. I mean, I wasn’t until you went on this little fishing expedition just now.

Uh, hi, everybody. What’s going on? Honey, are you okay? I’m fine. Of course you’d say that, but you don’t have to be. Look, we are just as upset by this as you are. Thank you? And we are gonna march right down to that school, and we are gonna fight this decision no matter what it takes. Right, the title ix decision. And, trina, you can blame me for calling your father and telling curtis. I-I just really wanted to rally the troops for you. And I appreciate that, really. But I’m okay. Better than okay, actually. Really? Yeah. Why? Why? I guess I just… feel better. Uh-huh. So, trina, what happened between the angry texts that you sent me and you walking through the door just now? Uh, well, for the first time since this happened, I think there’s a chance things might work out in my favor.

You sound like a man with a plan. Like you, uncle victor, I prefer to play my cards close, at least for now. Well, good for you. Never let them know where you’re headed. That way, you can surprise them when you arrive. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. You can count on it. Meantime, where are you living these days, now that you’ve accepted ava’s bribe to leave wyndemere? Oh, you haven’t heard. Ava amended the deal. Yeah, in exchange for my allowance, she’s actually asking that i stay at home. You have to be joking. What prompted this sudden gesture of goodwill? Ava wants to repair her relationship with my father, and he wants to repair his with me. Ha! Wow. Bravo, my lad. First round to you, it seems. Both your birthright and your relationship with your father are finally to be restored. I know it’s a bit of a sacrifice, but — it is. Still, I mean, the three of you coexisting under the same roof, it’s a small price to pay for family unity. Actually, it’ll be four of us. What? You mean… ava’s agreed to let esmé stay on at wyndemere as well? She has. And don’t you even dare suggest that she leave. Why not? Because I have very good reasons to keep esmé close.

Kevin: As much as my clients depend on me, I’ve never been entrusted with anyone’s entire future. I’ll admit I’m sometimes prone to exaggeration, but I’ve read how effective exaggeration technique can be in gestalt therapy. Oh, you’ve studied gestalt. On my own. The class I audited at pcu was limited, to say the least, which is actually what brings me here. I’ve been accepted into pcu for the fall. Congratulations. I’m glad you found a direction. Oh, I have. Psychology is my passion. Well, the undergrad psych program at pcu is highly touted and notoriously difficult to get into. Oh, don’t I know it. The program requires an entirely different application process, including an amateur case study. And you’re hoping I can help you choose a topic? Actually, I have already selected my topic. I just need background. If I have any expertise to lend, I’m happy to help. As it so happens, you’re the foremost expert on the subject. My a case study is on ryan chamberlain.

What are we drinking tonight? Because I’m thinking champagne. What’s the occasion? Do we need one? At these prices? Yes. If living a little isn’t reason enough, then how about our granddaughter bailey’s clean bill of health? Just when I think I can’t love that munchkin any more, she smiles at me and I’m a goner. Same here. Which reminds me, we should also toast to being grandparents and together, accepting that that’s good enough for us. More than enough. Where’s that waiter? Oh, and we should toast something else. Let’s raise a glass to the dressing down I gave ryan chamberlain today. You did what?

I’m in for what’s next. Essay examining ryan’s adult attachment style and interpersonal trauma will be enough to wow the psych program’ admissions panel. Well, that certainly sounds compelling. I’m glad you think so. I’m afraid you’ll have to write your admissions essay without any help from me. But how can I do that when you denied me access to ryan at spring ridge? Besides the man himself, you know ryan’s history best. Esmé, do you understand why I had you barred? To teach me a lesson. I defied you, for which I have apologized. It wasn’t punitive, esmé. It’s because proximity to my brother isn’t healthy. Well, let’s be honest, if I were anyone else — it isn’t personal, esmé. Isn’t it? I know what my brother is capable of. My decision was purely professional. And I respected your professional opinion, but your brother is a legitimate subject for a psychological study. If I were one of your students, you would at least share what you know. So if this isn’t personal, why deny me the same benefit?

I get the strong impression that ava is hoping that esmé will trip up and give ava an excuse to evict her. But you don’t agree with that? You’re sticking with esmé. Without reservation. Look, spencer, I know you have strong feelings for esmé. You have no idea. But aren’t you in the least bit concerned that her continued presence at wyndemere could hinder this reconciliation with your father? What? What, did I say something — no, no, no, no. It’s just… for two people who really don’t care for one another, it’s incredible how often you and grandmother are on the same page. Huh.

Victor cassadine. It’s got to be. Why? Clearly, you’ve been a thorn in his side with, you know, spencer, nikolas. A mother, grandmother worried about his influence on your loved ones. But do you really think that’s enough of a reason for him to want you dead? It has nothing to do with family meddling. Well, if not that, then what? It’s nothing I can prove. Well, now, don’t you dare. What, do you think he’s gonna overhear us and sue for slander? Tell me. I’m not gonna beg. If you’re right, I nearly died because of the man. I think I deserve to hear any and all theories. Okay, look, I think you were targeted just because you were with me, you know? And they went after both of us because that frames cyrus. Oh, so I was just merely collateral damage. I wouldn’t say merely. You know, baby sister, I realize I’m not supposed to be offended, but somehow I just am. Come on, marty. Look, you’re a lawyer. There’s probably lots of people who want you dead. You’re just saying that to make me feel better. Still, you’re correct. If victor cassadine had the minerals to try to take out the mayor of port charles, you really think he’d risk killing someone who has that many high-powered friends? It’s not like having a lot of high-powered friends did anything for luke. Luke? What are you saying? You think — okay. I’m saying… I believe victor cassadine had a hand in my ex-husband’s murder.

Well, you’re right about one thing. When I get nervous, I ask too many questions. Are you nervous? Not in the slightest. [ Chuckles ] Are you? Well, look around. Nobody’s pointing any guns at us. We’re not handcuffed to some chair, dripping sweat on an explosive device. We’re at a drive-in movie. We can pretend that we’re concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning. Toxic gas is one thing. Disappointing you is a whole other ball game. I haven’t disappointed you tonight, have I, darling? Despite your best efforts, no. Do me a favor. Mm-hmm. What? Tell felicia I tried. What? I’m supposed to report back to felicia? She gave me what for. Oh, she didn’T. She gave me a real beatdown for avoiding you. She’s right about that, though.

[ Moving playing in background ] Do you feel like I’ve been avoiding you? I mean, not at this precise moment, but yes, lately, definitely. What the hell has been going on with you? I’ve had a lot on my plate. Charlotte and elq. It seems like it was more than that. I promise you, it’s got nothing to do with you. That is good to know. What else did felicia say? She asked my intentions. [ Chuckles ] Whether I was serious about you. Are you? Very.

Joss and I were trying to think of ways esmé could have slipped up, and we realized there was an avenue of investigation that wasn’t explored. So you and joss thought of something the pcpd may have overlooked? No disrespect, but they think like cops, and we think like an 18-year-old woman. She does make a good point. Thank you. Okay, if you and joss have found another angle, then we need to be calling jordan. Actually, um — the cops don’t have to be involved. Not yet. Because you and joss went chasing down your own lead? Am I right? My me itching. Okay, don’t be mad. Okay, you know what? I don’t like the sounds of this. Curtis is right. Joss and I found out about this guy that sells black-market phones, and tonight we paid him a visit. Where, trina? This place called, um… the highsider? Have you lost your mind, little girl? What is this? What’s the highsider? It’s, um… it’s a biker bar on the outside of town. You and josslyn went to a biker bar by yourselves? Okay, before you freak out, we’re both fine. And the good news is, we showed a picture of esmé to the guy, and he totally recognized her. And he confirmed that esmé is the one that bought the phone from him? And he’s going to make a statement to the police to that effect? Well, not exactly. Before we could get him on the record — [ Groans ] Some creep manhandled joss. Manhandled? Trina, how? I told you, she’s fine. The bouncer took care of it right away. Oh, so the bouncer took care of the man who accosted josslyn at the biker bar while y’all were playing nancy drew? Yes? Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. I guess it’s better that than the bouncer not intervene. So he broke up the fight, and, um… and that was the end of it, right? Trina? What happened after the bouncer intervened? Then a fight broke out? Trina robinson! Please tell me the police didn’t show up. I didn’t get detained. Okay, I just want to know, why didn’t you tell us what you had planned? This is why. I knew y’all wouldn’t let us go. You’re damn straight! What if you had got arrested? How would that look to the jury? Portia: Thank you. I didn’t get arrested. I got a lead. A lead that can exonerate me and incriminate esmé. Mom, you understand, right?

I don’t kn ow whyyover wanted is what’s best for you, and once in the bluest of moons, we might actually agree on what that is. I appreciate your concerns, both yours and grandmother’S. I admit, esmé can be polarizing. [ Laughs ] I see a career in diplomacy in your future. Uncle, the bottom line is that I need her. [ Sighs ] Spencer. This is a girl who fabricated a pregnancy scare to keep you trapped in the relationship. What’s more, she got caught. Esmé says that she genuinely believed that pregnancy was a possibility. And you believe her? Uncle victor, I know esmé better than anyone, and I can only hope that very soon, everyone else sees esmé for the person that she truly is. [ Scoffs ] Well, amen to that. Look, far be it for me to stand in the way of true love. But please promise me, spencer, that from now on, you’ll take precautions. Last thing anyone needs is for your girlfriend to find herself actually in the family way. I’ve learned my lesson, and there is only one way that esmé’s family is growing, and that’s when I locate her birth parents. What’s this, now? Oh, is this that mysterious mission of yours? Locating them would be the most priceless of gifts. And what’s more, I know that esmé would give absolutely anything to know who they are.

If you’re going to use the exaggeration technique, you’re better off using it on someone who doesn’t know what you’re up to. But since I am, as you put it, the world’s foremost expert on my brother, you’re really better off finding a different case to study. It’s too late. I’ve already selected my topic, and the deadline is next week, and I really only have one question. Just one? Well, it’s the only thing I couldn’t find in the rather extensive material I found. What is it? Would you describe ryan’s attachment style as avoidant or anxious? Neither. He’s a psychopath. I know his clinical diagnosis, but surely you can’t tell me that ryan never formed a sincere attachment as an adult. To whom? Well, what about you? I mean, you’re his twin. You literally have the same dna. And I’ve read that identical twins have an almost magical bond. Magical? Like when he drugged me and held me in a mental institution for months? In all fairness, kevin, weren’t you doing the same thing to him? Esmé. [ Scoffs ] If you can’t appreciate the difference between keeping a psychopathic killer under lock and key for the sake of public safety, and him falsely imprisoning me in order to take over my life and go on a killing spree, then maybe psychology isn’t for you. Now, I really, really am out of time. I have to get to dinner. Wait, dr. Collins, please. Has ryan ever formed a sincere attachment with another human being? And if he hasn’t, is his detachment hereditary? Do you want to know thisbecause of your case study or for some other reason? Very perceptive, dr. Collins. You got me.

When I saw ryan chamberlain at general hospital today, it brought up a lot of old emotions. All the more reason to avoid him. You know what he did to me, what he did to us. What he still could do. Ryan’s days of abductions and druggings and murders, they are over. Felicia, he can still communicate. One blink at a time. And yet, he has conversations. I’m not saying that he’s completely helpless, but this is as close as it gets. I really needed to tell him that he lost, I won. Listen, we were just talking about all the many, many, many blessings we have. Was seeing ryan worth the risk? I spent decades haunted by how he sees me, his obsession, and today I got to tell him how I see him — as an impotent maniac who deserves to be forgotten and will be. Damn. It was liberating, mac, so please don’t begrudge me that. From now on, there’s nothing ryan chamberlain can do to me.

Do you want to skip the second feature? Is that an indecent proposal? Indeed. Say the word, darling. I will do anything you want. Anything?

have you suspected victor of luke spencer’s murder? Come to think of it, you’re the mayor. If you’re so convinced that victor has people killed for a hobby, why is he buzzing around port charles with total impunity? Because the wsb have determined that somebody else was responsible for the cable car crash that killed luke. And you’re not buying it? No. Not for a second. They took jennifer smith into custody. Jennifer smith was crazy about luke. I mean, really, really crazy. She would never kill him. She might kidnap him, hold him at gunpoint, force him to marry her, but never kill him. Comforting to know her lunacy had limits. This one reeks of victor cassadine, and I’m gonna prove it. How? I’m working on it. For god’s sake, be careful. I waited my whole life to find out I have a sister. I don’t like the idea of losing you now. I’m not going anywhere, but victor cassadine is, if I have anything to say about it. You seem fairly certain of that. Oh, yeah. I’ve been meeting with some people in D.C., And, uh, I think I can have victor cassadine deported.

Finding esmé’s birth parents is going to be quite an undertaking. I just hope she’s worthy of all that effort. Most of those esmé’s issues stem from her sense of abandonment. I’m hoping that her biological parents, when discovered, will provide her with the support that she has been lacking ever since her parents, well, gave her up. [ Sighs ] Just be careful, spencer. Distracting esmé with total strangers she just happens to be related to could backfire. What if they’re dead or neglectful? I’ll certainly vet them before making any introductions. Does esmé want to find them? I mean, if so, why hasn’t she been looking for them herself? She has. But she doesn’t have the cassadine money or connections. [ Scoffs ] Who does, really? No one is in a better position to give esmé exactly what she wants than I am. Except maybe… you, uncle victor.

I never knew my biological parents. Now all of my studies have me wondering what kind of psychological behaviors I may have inherited. And you’re wondering if examining ryan’s interpersonal relationships might shed some light on your own? Isn’t that why we study psychology? To better understand ourselves? My relationship with spence has been a rollercoaster. I have no friends, and I have managed to offend most of the town, you and mayor collins included. So I am asking not as a student or as a patient necessarily, but… just as someone you’ve gotten to know. Dr. Collins, what is wrong with me? Well, I can tell you what isn’t wrong with you. You’re not a narcissistic sociopath like my brother. But before he was incarcerated, ryan must have had a social life. Oh, of course he did. When he isn’t manipulating people or using them as chess pieces or toys, it’s almost as if he doesn’t exist to himself. He needs people’s admiration, adoration, and ultimately, their terror. That’s how he validates himself. Wow. Tell me what you really think of your brother. Ryan can make people believe anything he needs them to believe. It’s one of the reasons I barred you. Even locked in, he is the most dangerous person you will ever meet. Now, I really have to go. I’m very late.

Mom, I know it was a risk, but it paid off. Nobody is saying it isn’t a good lead. But two women underage at a biker bar? Trina, you should have come to us. Or the police. But… she did find a lead that none of us have been able to find. So the truth is, honestly, I’m not disappointed in you. Not at all. You mean it, mom? Absolutely. I’m disappointed! Proud, yes. Amazed, absolutely. But I’m disappointed. Marcus, our daughter is fighting for her life. We haven’t been able to help her so far, and trina found a way to help herself, so I think that we should be proud of her.

ed me to death, but I’m always gonna be proud of you. Thanks, dad. [ Portia laughing ] Just don’t do it again. Okay. So you’ve had a big day, huh?

[ Laughing ] Yeah. Is anybody hungry? Starving. Why don’t I order pizza and then maybe I’ll make some snacks or something until it gets here, and then you can tell us everything that you and joss found out about tonight. And I’ll help you. Okay. Come on. Well, tonight had to be terrifying. I didn’t want to say anything to make them worry even more, but they have a point. Tonight could have gone seriously south. Could have. But it didn’T. Do you think it was the wrong move? I think your parents have spoken, and it’s not my place to offer an opinion. But you have one. Yeah, I do. Trina, what you did… is exactly what I would have done in your position. Thanks. Of course, you are a very tall man, and I’m not. But see, that’s what makes what you did even braver, but I knew that about you when we met. Trina robinson, you’ve got guts.

It’s called moral turpitude. It’s a catch-all for foreign nationals who really shouldn’t be living in the united states. And victor cassadine meets the definition. But all that’s gonna do is get him out of the country. It doesn’t prove that he murdered luke. Baby steps. It gets him out of nikolas and spencer’s orbit and this mysterious project that he keeps alluding to — it should make it that much more difficult to complete that from a distance. I recognize that look. What’s she determined to do now? Ah. I told you, sweetheart. I’m this close to getting the megalomaniac. Ah. Apparently, the sooner the better. Sorry I’m late. Oh, no problem. Sorry to interrupt. Laura, I was hoping you and felicia could have a little chat. Oh, by all means. Here, here, here. Take my seat. If you’ll forgive me for one minute. Do you handle divorces? I do. Hurry back. Oh, so are you causing trouble again? No, um… mnh-mnh. [ Clears throat ] Uh, maybe yeah. A little. Felicia confronted ryan chamberlain at the hospital today. And lived to tell the tale. Felicia, what possessed you to confront my brother? I needed to face him and prove to myself and to him that he no longer occupies any more emotional real estate. Isn’t it important enough that you know that? Felicia, ryan will either not care, not believe, or just get pissed off. Kevin, back me up here. You’re not wrong. Maybe so, but I get it. I mean, confronting ryan was not about ryan. It was about you. Exactly. Seems like looking ryan in the eye and saying your piece was cathartic. Yes, it was. He is still a monster. Agreed. But he can’t hurt anyone in his condition. At least, not physically. So you agree with me? As long as he can communicate, he’s still a threat. One letter at a time. Wait. Did ryan communicate back to you? I have to say, his aide was very good at conveying his thoughts. Uh, I didn’t realize spring ridge had replaced harmony. I’ll be sure to have a word with ryan’s new minder as soon as I can. Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. From the vibe I was getting, this esmé person could use all the guidance she can get.

Before, you asked if there’s anything you can do to help. I did. Well, then. Can you please help me find esmé’s birth parents? Can I? Of course I can. Should I? Newly-discovered blood ties can upend lives, spencer. Familial reunions are not always joyous. But it worked out for you and valentin, didn’t it? Look, uncle victor, I realize that I’m not in a position to make any asks of you, especially not after everything that you’ve done for me. But you have no idea how much this means to me. Alright. Anything for you, my boy. I’ll reach out to my contacts, see if they can uncover esmé’s origins. You’re a lifesaver.

[ Knock on door ] I’d really rather not get esmé’s hopes up, so if we could just keep this between you and I. Hi. Hello, victor. How wonderful to see you. Esmé, always a pleasure. Spencer. So, all finished with your errands? Mm-hmm. You? Yeah. Yeah. Officially unemployed. At long last. Let’s go home.

The young woman you saw with ryan, her name was esmé? Felicia: Mm-hmm. And she told me her last name too, proudly, I might add. What was it? Um.. was it prince? Yeah, that’s it. You know her? Do we ever. Esmé prince is practically famous. Her name comes up at the precinct. Who — who is she? She is spencer’s overly entitled girlfriend. I swear, that girl is allergic to the word no. I think it’s more than that. What? W-what am I missing? I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to take a rain check on tonight’s nightcap. I think there’s one more thing I need to take care of tonight. Okay. I’ll see you at home. Alright. Good night. Sorry. What’s got kevin so upset? He has already restricted esmé’s access to ryan. She found a way around it. That can’t be good. No, it can’t be.

Your bucket of hydrogenated butter substitute, my lady.

[ Car door closes ] Now we’re talking. I mean, not that white stilton and comice pears isn’t a treat, but this is great. Want some? No, thank you. I’m driving. Suit yourself. By the way, you had a text while you were gone. Who from? How would I know? I didn’t look. Keeping secrets from me? Onceibs-c and could treat it with linzess. That’s why some things helped, you have another woman stashed somewhere? Maybe. But the only one with a key to my heart likes classic movies and large amounts of popcorn. Oh, it’s martin grey. Therfor the both of us. Oh, right. And who did you think it was? Just one of my many agents of chaos. Anna, at the risk of seeming eager, is now a good time to ask for a second date? Um… at the risk of sounding eager, is now a good time to accept? Wow. Do you know what this popcorn and the next movie have in common? No. They were both made in 1942.

[ Laughing ]

[ Movie theme begins ] Oh, “casablanca.” Oh, my gosh. What a great double feature. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

Well, dr. Collins, you seem fit to be tied. I trust my nephew isn’t responsible? No. This time, spencer only has the company he keeps to blame. I just have to grab my stuff from the back, kill the lights, and then we are out of here for good. [ Laughing ] Take your time.

Someone at highsider can probably I.D. this guy. Rory said that he would look into it, but I don’t want to get him in trouble. Your cop friend offered to help? Mm-hmm. A young man of principles and integrity. That’s a lovely change of pace. We get it, mom. You hate spencer. Hate? Honey, that’s such a strong word. I don’t hear nobody denying it. Thank you, marcus. Anyway, at this point, I don’t think there’s much joss and I can do on our own. Nor should you. Look, I admire how proactive you’ve been. I really, really do, but you and joss were so very lucky to get out of that situation unharmed. I mean, I think you did the right thing by passing the baton. Let the trained professionals handle it from here. Mm-hmm. Someone recognized us from the news, and now the bartender knows that I’m the daughter of an ex-cop. He probably won’t answer questions. Have you forgotten that you have a former police officer and a pi at your disposal? Portia: Mm-hmm. And he may be in the wind, but not for long.

Kevin, what a surprise. I’m afraid, uh, kelly’s is closed. Well then, it’s good I’m not here for a blt. You lied to me. I don’t know what you mean. When you told me you were steering clear of my brother. I said I respected your professional opinion. That’s a distinction without a difference. I don’t know what you’re playing at, esmé, but I warned you to stay away from him. Shouldn’t it be ryan’s choice who sees him and when? No. He’s a homicidal psychopath. Again, that is your opinion. No, that’s a fact. Just like the fact that you no longer work at spring ridge. What? For your own safety, I’ve ended your internship and had you barred from the facility. Y-you can’t do that! I can and I did. From now on, you’ll never see my brother again.

Well, we’ve lost two, but we can still buy you a drink. And I would love that.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hang on. Oh, I should probably take this. Excuse me. Hi, alexis.

Laura. I’m glad i caught you. Why? Something wrong? I’m afraid so. And I’m sorry, I would have reached out to you sooner, but this just landed on my desk. What’s going on? Something catastrophic is gonna happen tomorrow. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to stop it.

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