Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance is happy because he closed another one of Rey’s cases. Chance tells Abby he feels like his old self again in regard to his job. Abby worries about the danger that Chance faces in his job.

Devon is annoyed that Nate revealed Chancellor Winters plans to launch fifty podcasts the newest of which will be a true crime podcast. Billy and Lily agree that Nate was right since he revealed some of the company’s plans it created more buzz for Chancellor Winters.

Jack tells Diane that Kyle seems open to letting her be a part of his life. Diane cries a little and tells Jack that she now has hope and that will help her handle the hatred from the people of Genoa City.

Amanda tells Jack she thinks Phyllis is truly sorry for the mistake she made with him.

Adam is very happy when Victor tells him that he is the new CEO of Newman Enterprises and that Sally is the new CEO of Newman Media. Adam buys champagne and goes to the Newman Media office to tell her the good news. Sally is thrilled that she and Adam have everything they wanted because they make a good team.

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