GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron thanks Finn for his help with everything while Elizabeth has been gone. Cameron apologizes to Finn for his attitude towards him lately but he has been scared about what will happen to his mom.

Austin knows the person who has been secretly watching the campers and he tells the person who isn’t shown on camera to leave Maxie and her friends alone. Austin tells the person the next time the person needs to talk to him he should contact him directly.

Cody overhears the conversation between Spine and Zelda and later blackmail him, so people won’t find out what he is doing.

Brook Lynn finds out Linc is playing a poker game and follows him to the Savoy.

Josslyn and Trina are about to confirm that Esme bought a stolen phone that she used to post the video until a guy recognizes Trina and Joseph n for the story in the Invader. The guy starts bothering them and another guy in the bar defends Joseph n and Trina and a bar fight starts. The guy who sold Esme the phone takes advantage of the distraction and runs away.

Sonny tells Nina that they should stop denying their feelings for each other. Sonny kisses Nina and tells her that they don’t have to hide their relationship anymore because Carly told him that they are done. Nina is a little upset that Sonny kissed her because he had a fight with Carly.

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