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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Kate talked about Lucas possibly killing Abby. They worked things out. She offered to help him out with the kids. She told him she loved him. He said he loved her too. Before she left, Jake showed up. Kate told him it wasn’t a good time. He said he came to offer his condolences. Kate ended up leaving. Chad was shocked to see him. Chad walked away from him. Gabi was upset that Abby died. She felt she didn’t have the right to cry over her. Li said Abby might have been her enemy, but she was also her friend. Gabi said it was more than what he bargained for. Li said he was all in through the good and the bad. She told him not to say the ugly. He said she was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. Jack asked Gwen why Abby went to see her. Gwen said she had a gift for him. She said she wanted to give it too Abby so she could give it to him for his birthday. He said he couldn’t ask Jennifer to look through Abby’s things yet. He said he would do it later. She told him not to bother. She said she dropped it. He asked if she could fix it. She said like her relationship with her sister, the gift was broken beyond repair.

Jake told Chad about the time when he first came to Salem and fixed Abby’s car. He said there was a book inside that she wanted him to read. He said she barely knew him, but he considered that as her sharing a part of herself. He said it meant a lot. He said she made an effort to welcome him in the family. Chad said unlike him. Jake said he didn’t say that. Chad said he didn’t have to. Chad said he hated that he made assumptions about his relationship with Abby. He said he was a fool to believe Gwen’s lies. He said he betrayed Abby in the worst possible way. He said he thought he lost her for good. He said they worked things out. He said they were happy. He said they were planning to have another baby. He started crying. Jake comforted him. Gwen told Jack that it was cruel for him and Jennifer to have to view Abby’s body. He said what happened to him was nothing compared to what happened to Thomas and Charlotte. He said they were going to grow up without a mother. Gwen said Abby knew that she had a loving father who loved her. She said she knew that too. She said she was sorry that he was going through this. Kate met up with Lucas. She told him that Chad accused her of killing Abby. She said he thought she killed Abby to keep her quiet about him kidnapping Sami. Lucas said she would never kill Abby. Kate said she wouldn’t. She asked if he did. Jack said he had to go back to Jennifer. Gwen told him to give her her condolences. He said he would. She wished him a happy birthday. Lucas asked if Kate really thought he would kill Abby. Kate said it crossed her mind. She said it crossed Chad’s mind too. She said she covered for him. She said he was upset when she told him about Abby. She asked what he did to his hand. He said he fell off the wagon after they talked. He said he blacked out and had no idea what he did last night. Jack told Jennifer that he went to see Gwen. Jennifer said she was Abby’s sister and his daughter. She said Gwen had a right to know about Abby. He said she already knew about it. Ava went to see Gwen to ask if she killed Abby. Gabi went to see Abby. She told him it was a terrible tragedy. She said her heart went out to him and his children. She said she knew he was skeptical about her love for Abby. She said she loved her, but it was complicated. She said over the last year they got to a better place. She said whoever did this made a huge mistake. She said nobody, but her got to mess with Abby. She said they were going to find the person who did it. Kate asked how Lucas could drink. He said the pressure of what he did was starting to get to him. He said he didn’t know what he could have done. He just woke up with the cut on his hand. He said he wasn’t sure if he could have killed Abby.

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