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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen called Leo and told him that she wanted him to stab Abby in the heart. Leo thought that was extreme, but Gwen wanted Abby to suffer. Gwen wanted him to do more than just plant a fake article in the newspaper. His phone died while they were talking. He picked up a knife and put it in his bag. Belle was upset when EJ told her that Jan’s baby dying could be a good thing. Belle was upset about the pregnancy, but she would never want the baby to die. She said she wouldn’t forgive herself if she wasn’t there for Shawn so she decided to go see him. EJ looked at Stefano’s portrait and vowed to make things right with Belle. He walked out the room just as Leo came out of the tunnel. He looked at Stefano’s portrait and wondered what he should do to Abby. Shawn sat by Jan’s side as she panicked about the baby coming too soon. Sarah ran into Marlena and told her about her concerns that the antidote was wearing off. She talked to her about seeing Kristen kidnapping her. She realized it was just Victor with a pen. She didn’t want to tell anyone that she thought she was losing her mind. Marlena thought her medication needed to be increased. She advised Sarah to talk to Abby since she went through the same thing. She thanked Marlena and left. Belle went to the hospital and ran into Marlena. She told Belle about Jan’s condition. Shawn ran out of the room and told her that Jan passed out. Shawn and Marlena rushed off. Later, Shawn told Belle that Jan was in surgery. He told her that she had a placenta abruption. Belle knew he was scared. She hugged him just as EJ got off the elevator. Shawn saw EJ and told him to leave. Marlena came out and told Shawn that Jan was fine, but she had to give birth. She said the boy was small and had to be in the NICU. He thanked Belle for being there for him. He went to be with Jan. Belle asked EJ to take her away from the hospital.

Kate told Lucas that Chad talked to Abby about him kidnapping Sami. He panicked after she told him what Chad did. Kate assured him that Abby would keep quiet about it. She warned him to tell Sami the truth. He refused to do that. She’s okay with it because she knew Roman wouldn’t forgive her if the truth came out. They agreed to meet later for dinner. Lucas sat alone at the table and worried about Abby telling the truth. He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and snuck out of the pub. Abby told Chad about her visit with Gwen. He told her about his conversation with Kate. He apologized for keeping her in the dark about Lucas. She assured him that she would be by his side. She told him that she was ovulating so they decided to go home. Sarah went to see Gwen. She wanted to confront her about what she did to her. Gwen said it was Abby’s fault for leaving the syringe in the basement so Kristen could use it on her. She told Gwen that she had to mourn her baby twice and she’s hallucinating. Gwen said that she’s paying for what happened. Sarah gloated that she and Xander were back together. Chad and Abby made love and she was convinced they made a baby. Thomas told them that he saw the Tooth Fairy and he thought he wouldn’t find them. Abby assured him that he would find them. Chad planned on taking the kids to the movies so he left Abby alone. Leo peeked out the door while he was alone with Abby. Kate wondered what happened to Lucas. He passed out on the bed. He was holding an empty bottle of alcohol. Gwen was missing at the prison. She told the guard that she fell asleep in the library. Leo was sweaty while he was in the park. He held on to his bag. Chad went back to the room and found Abby dead on their bed.

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