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Victor: You think it’s gonna be that easy? That you are gonna get what you want? Think again.

Ashland: Victoria’s the one who’s getting what she wants.

Victor: You’re not gonna get away with this. You will not take my daughter away from her home.

Ashland: I’m not taking her away. She’s coming with me. Victoria is leaving genoa city of her own volition. She is aware of my mistakes and she wants to be with me anyway. That is love.

Victor: That is bull. She will soon become aware that you’re nothing but a human parasite. As I’ve always suspected you were.

Ashland: Always?

Victor: Always. Don’t you think I checked up on you? Don’t you think I learned about the fact that you assumed your dead friend’s identity and stole a woman’s fortune to build your empire? You thought I was that naive? The one thing I regret, ashland locke, is that I allowed my wife to call the damn ambulance when you suffered a heart attack in my living room. I should’ve let you croak.

Victoria: I am telling you, I’m starting over for myself, nobody else.

Billy: [ Sighs ] Yeah, that doesn’t make sense because why would you leave newman enterprises at the peak of your success?

Victoria: Oh, come on. You know there’s more to life than succeeding at your job.

Billy: Oh, I would love it if you actually believed that. But right now, I want at least a thread of truth from you.

Victoria: I’m trying.

Billy: Really? What does ashland locke have to do with you running out of town?

Victoria: Look, I can’t lie to you. Ashland is integral to my decision.

Billy: Okay. Look, if you are embarrassed because you think people are talking about you around town, blaming you for half of his crimes, that’s not what’s happening, okay? Nobody blames you. You don’t let him run you out of town like this, if that’s what’s happening.

Victoria: Billy, stop. Stop talking. That’s not it.

Billy: Then what is it, vick? Why are you leaving?

Victoria: Ashland has shown remorse, and he’s shown me how much he loves me and how strong his love is, and I…I’ve forgiven him. We’re leaving together.

Chelsea: Huh. You have enough time to go for a run in the middle of the day. How nice.

Adam: It’s extremely nice.

Chelsea: Mm, yeah, sure it is. I get my cardio dashing between connor’s practices and playdates, my office, meetings.

Adam: Well, I’m happy to handle more pick-ups and drop-offs, or we could have him spend more time at the ranch if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Chelsea: No, that’s okay. No, just a half-day at school today, so the logistics became a little more complicated, that’s alL. But connor’s at soccer practice right now if you want to stop by.

Adam: Yeah, I would like that. I’ll — I’ll stop over there.

Chelsea: I’m sure he’d love to see you. He can show off his new moves. Hey, do you know what a classic elastico is?

Adam: I have no idea.

Chelsea: Yeah, neither do I.

[ Chuckles ] Apparently connor’s perfected it.

[ Ghs si he seems to love his new coach, though. I think he reminds connor a lot of rey.

Adam: Chelsea, are you alright? Last time I saw you, you were kind of on edge.

Chelsea: I’m not falling apart, if that’s what you’re afraid of.

Sally: Summer.

Summer: Sally.

Sally: I heard that the newest star at marchetti was gracing genoa city with a visit. I’m surprised you were able to get away. Must be a pretty busy time.

Summer: It is. You’ve certainly had a meteoric rise after being kicked to the curb by lauren.

Sally: Yeah, well, always been resilient.

Summer: I was the first to admit that I really liked the wedding dress that you designed for my aunt victoria, but i could’ve never imagined that you’d be able to ride the train of that gown all the way to the coo’s office at newman media. What a stroke of luck.

Sally: [ Chuckles ] It wasn’t luck. It’s ambition — something that you and I both have a lot of, wouldn’t you say?

Jack: I keep seeing you at all my favorite spots.

Diane: Mm, it’s almost like i live in genoa city.

Jack: You really are here for the duration, aren’t you?

Diane: I’m here as long as kyle wants me to be, and our son has made it abundantly clear that I’m welcome. So why don’t you make yourself comfortable? Join me.

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Adam: I’m not worried about you going off the deep end. I just — I know the signs when you’re trouble. I know it’s a stressful time. You’re working on a new line with chloe at fenmore’s —

Chelsea: Okay, okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. You don’t have to be so patronizing. I’m not troubled. Working with lauren and chloe has been a dream. There’s no ego, no in-fighting, no fear of getting stabbed in the back.

Adam: Oh, so, in other words, unlike your last employer.

Chelsea: Exactly. It helps me get out of bed in the morning.

Adam: Well, I’m — I’m glad to hear that. I know that it’s a lot of work, and doing something enjoyable can put just as much pressure on you as dealing with something difficult, and you’re dealing with both. You know, rey’s death was a shock, so I’m worried about you and connor.

Chelsea: And connor? Are you implying you don’t trust me around our son?

Adam: Chelsea, no, I’m not saying that. I know that you always putnnor fst. I’m just acknowledging that this is a tough time for you both. And I know how much connor liked rey, and we’re helping him get through this time. I just want to make sure that you’re taking time for yourself, that’s all.

Chelsea: It’s never just “that’s all” with you, adam. You always have an agenda, and i don’t need you to worry about me, okay? Because I’ve been taking care of myself my whole life.

Adam: Why are you being like this?

Chelsea: Being like what? I’m just saying, I don’t need your help during this difficult time. That’s all.

Adam: Chelsea, I’m just trying to make sure that you’re okay, alright?

Kyle: Is there a problem?

Billy: How do you forgive ashland locke for everything that he’s done?

Victoria: Gosh, I don’t know. I guess I’ve had a lot of practice. I’ve forgiven you many, many times.

Billy: Right, so you’re comparing your ex-husband, the one who lied to you for months about having cancer, to me? You think that’s fair?

Victoria: You know, billy, i thought that you of all people would understand. I mean, your podcast is all about redemption. You are all about giving people second chances right now, aren’t you?

Billy: Well, when ashland locke stole his best friend’s identity, then falsified a dying woman’s will, I think he ran out of second chances.

Victoria: Well, you know what? I believe that there is room for forgiveness when someone shows true contrition, which is exactly what ashland has done.

Billy: I mean, after everything he’s done? I have no idea what that would even look like. But what bothers me more is this hold that he has on you. That you would be willing to leave everything you have, your family, your company, including johnny and katie behind.

Victoria: Hold on a second. What are you saying?

Billy: What are you gonna say to the kids, vick? “Mommy’s leaving town with the man that’s been lying to her for months”?

Victoria: They don’t know about that, billy. As far as they’re concerned, we’ve been together this whole time. And they will always have a home with me. I will never, ever leave them behind.

Billy: Where are you going? Is it close by?

Victoria: Ashland and I would like to have a chance to get settled without you and my family monitoring our every move, so I will let you know where we land.

Billy: That’s very kind of you. You’ll let me know. And you expect me to sign off on johnny and katie leaving everything they know here to run off god knows where with ashland locke? That’s not gonna happen, victoria. I don’t want my kids anywhere near that monster.

Ashland: You can try to pull all the strings and control victoria’s life, but you cannot control her heart. Love triumphs over everything.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] Coming from you, that’s hilarious, man. It’s not love. You don’t even know the first thing about that. It’s a manipulative sham to convince my daughter to substitute the real thing.

Ashland: You know, I have to admit, I had given up. After the restraining order, i thought there was nothing left for me here in genoa city.

Victor: That was the idea.

Ashland: But then victoria came to me and told me she still loves me. Now, I can’t take all the credit for winning her back. Her loyalty to you and to the rest of her family runs deep, but, victor [Sighs] You blew it. You drove her away with your iron fist and your draconian methods, your conviction that only father knows best and your complete lack of respect for her intelligence and her independence. You tried to control every aspect of her life, and that’s what drove her back into my arms. Now, you can rant and rail against me all you want, but you need to know this — you have no one to blame but yourself.

Victor: You’re a hell of a talker, ashland. You’re good at that. But this is not over.

Meet ron.

Jack: So many options. Abby keeps changing the menu.

Diane: Mm, well, everything I’ve had here so far has been good.

Jack: To my mind, this is the best restaurant in town.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Whatever happened to gloria’s? I remember she was really proud of that place.

Jack: Glo-worm? Mercifully, it burned to the ground. Though they did have a dover sole with cream and capers that was pretty memorable.

Diane: Jack, we can do better than this.

Jack: What do you mean?

Diane: Menus, restaurants. What, are you gonna ask me about the weather next? We don’t need to make small talk. We have a son. We have a grandson. We have history together.

Jack: Most of it unpleasant. Come on, we can’t exactly walk down memory lane together without smashing into a boulder or two.

Diane: Fine. We can just sit here in silence.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Diane: Or I could tell you about harrison and all the little things he does that reminds me of kyle.

Jack: You can’t really see that many resemblances. You haven’t spent that much time with him.

Diane: Well, that’s true, but I hope to fix that. He’s just so cute. Oh, come on, doesn’t he remind you of kyle as a boy?

Jack: [ Sighs ] The other day, I came home from work and harrison was so happy to see his grandpa jack. I’d had a tough day at the office, and suddenly everything was bright and…he shared his lemonade with me and asked me if I wanted my own cookie.

Diane: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: He’s a pretty great kid.

Diane: See? That’s what I told you. He’s kind and generous, just like kyle.

Adam: There is no problem, kyle. Just talking to chelsea about our son.

Chelsea: I appreciate your concern, but everything’s okay.

Kyle: Glad to hear it.

Adam: Well, you must be extra vigilant these days. Protecting harrison must be foremost in your mind.

Kyle: Yeah, things have gotten a bit unpleasant.

Adam: Well, you can relax now, ’cause locke’s leaving town. Looks like that restraining order that victor facilitated worked.

Kyle: Are you sure? I haven’t heard anything about it.

Adam: I know for a fact that locke is on his way out of genoa city.

Kyle: Forgive me if I don’t consider everything you say to be gospel, adam.

Chelsea: Wise man.

Kyle: Looks like you were in the middle of a run. Don’t let us interrupt you.

Chelsea: The nanny’s gonna bring connor home after his scrimmage, so if you want to see him, you should go now.

Adam: I will. Maybe we can catch up later.

Kyle: You sure you’re alright?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, that was just a couple of exes arguing over their kid. Adam can’t help being adam, you know? He is who he is. He can be a lot, but I have years of practice, so…

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] Well, I guess connor’s wellbeing is the most important thing.

Chelsea: Yeah, adam is a good dad. Connor is his priority.

Kyle: That’s great to hear, ’cause being a father is my top priority as well.

Chelsea: Of course, and it’s so great. I mean, you and harrison back in town, and summer, too.

Kyle: Thanks. I hope I wasn’t overstepping.

Chelsea: No, not at all. I appreciate the interruption, actually. Can I thank you with a coffee for your chivalry?

Kyle: I could use some caffeine.

Chelsea: That’d be good.

Kyle: Yeah.

Chelsea: Shall we?

Kyle: Mm.

Sally: You know, we don’t need to get into a blow-by-blow of our career trajectories. Too many details.

Summer: You mean like you conspiring with tara locke to drive me out of town and away from kyle?

Sally: Yeah, mm-hmm, that’s one example.

Summer: You know, I can’t help but wonder if your ambition — as you referred to it — your ascension to coo of newman media has anything to do with you sleeping with the boss.

Sally: My point is, just think about how amazing it is that everything worked out. Both of us ended up right where we belong, doing what we love, our dream jobs with our dream guys. Genoa city.

Summer: I know you liked that I was on a different continent.

Sally: You wanted to be the creative director of marchetti. That is where they’re located, so you have to go where the work is, right?

Summer: You’re right. I was destined to be at marchetti, regardless of how i ended up getting the position. But milan was never where I was supposed to be. My home is genoa city. And I’m back for good.

Sally: You’re quitting your dream job?

Summer: No. We’re relocating marchetti to genoa city.

Victoria: Johnny and katie are off at boarding school, so their lives are not going to be immediately disrupted. And besides that, it’s not your call. We have joint custody.

Billy: Yeah, well, that agreement is based on the two of us living in the same city.

Victoria: Well, then it’s a minor adjustment. Divorced people relocate all the time. I will file a motion with the court and tell them that I’m moving out of ate. It’s not a big deal.

Billy: No, it is a big deal, ’cause I will fight that motion. I’m not letting you take our kids away from genoa city.

Victoria: Do you really think that I would do anything to put johnny and katie in danger?

Billy: No, I never thought you would do anything to put johnny and katie in danger. You always put them first, which is why this is so stunning, because you’re not thinking rationally. Ashland locke is a threat to our kids.

Victoria: Ashland would never do anything to harm them. They love him, and he loves them.

Billy: You know kyle and summer took out a restraining order to keep him away from harrison. You know that, right? So I’m not the only one that thinks he poses a threat.

Victoria: Yes, billy, I know. I heard all about it. I know. My father, he orchestrated the whole thing. He pulled some strings to get the judge to sign the paperwork. Believe me, that was the last straw for me.

Billy: Well, unfortunately for you, that court order is now public record, so good luck on trying to find a court to ignore it.

Victoria: Since when have you become such a fan of my father’s methods?

Billy: Got to do what you got to do to protect your kids, right?

Victoria: You know what? I did not come here to ask you for permission anyway. I came here to tell you, as a courtesy, what my plans are.

Billy: And you expect me to sign off and let you walk away, taking our kids with you?

Victoria: I expect you to be rational, to not want to put them through a tug-of-war, but i guess my expectations were too high.

Billy: Victoria. Victoria, you are making a mistake. Ashland locke crossed a line, a line that no one should cross or be allowed back from. He is going to hurt you again. You know that.

Victoria: Billy, I’m a grown woman.

Billy: Right, so you’re a grown woman. You can make your own mistakes. Good for you. But I am not gonna let your bad choices affect my children. I will fight you on this. Wipes. Wipes. Wipes.

Summer: Oh, you don’t seem happy to hear our news.

Sally: No, I’M…just surprised. But good for you, summer. You deserve it.

Summer: I can’t wait. It’s gonna be really fun. I’ll have full creative control of a fashion house, a loving husband, our adorable son, and a full life in my hometown, surrounded by friends and family. Turns out you really can have it all.

Sally: Yeah, guess you can.

[ Indistinct speaking ]

Summer: Speaking of which. Are you okay?

Sally: Yeah, fine. Never better.

Kyle: Hi, hi.

Chelsea: Hello, sally.

Sally: Chelsea.

Kyle: What’s going?

Summer: We were just getting re-acquainted.

Kyle: Mm.

Summer: Sally, you suddenly seem so skittish. Is something wrong?

Sally: You know what? I actually have to get going. Can’t sit around all day, chit-chatting. Have a lot to do at the office with all my responsibilities. Have to run, but it was really great to see you all. And let me know if your little fashion house needs a push from the giant media conglomerate adam and I run. I’d be glad to help.

Summer: Chelsea, it’s so good to see you, and I’m glad you guys came when you did. You rescued me.

Chelsea: Aw, well, there seems to be a lot of that going on today.

Jack: I said, “harrison, there are no frogs allowed in the house. Do you have one in your pocket?” He shakes his head, he looks at me like I’m crazy for even suggesting it. I said, “can I see what’s in your pocket?” He pulls out a frog. I said, “what is that?” He says, “it’s the tiniest dinosaur in the whole world.”

Diane: [ Laughs ] Aww. I can’t wait for him to get to know his deedee. I remember the early years of kyle’s life so well. And I realize that’s because I — I did miss a lot of his childhood, but the memories I do have I replayed over and over again.

Jack: Yeah, I’m sure.

Diane: And now that we’ve reconnected, I’ve noticed that kyle has inherited your sense of wonder.

Jack: What?

Diane: Yes, I see it in the way he plays with harrison. The same way you did with him when he was a boy. It warms my heart, truly. You know, we didn’t have a lot of time as co-parents, but we did have some good days when kyle was little. Oh, I remember when you brought over your childhood toys to entertain him.

[ Both laugh ]

Jack: I remember that.

Diane: Yeah. You were built for fatherhood, jack. I saw it in the joy in your face as you shared your favorites and making memories with your son.

Jack: It’s funny, the joy i get now is watching kyle do the same thing with harrison.

Diane: Oh, and we also had some good times by the pool.

Jack: Oh, kyle loved the water.

Diane: Oh, yeah, and phyllis was always lurking around in the background, keeping her eye on me, making sure I wasn’t honing in on her territory. Oh, I — I guess that’s one of those memory lane boulders you were talking about.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Thanks for coming by to meet with me here. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.

Victor: What is so important you wanted to discuss?

Adam: Well, in light of victoria’s decision, I think that we should talk. You know, if she’s to run off with locke…

Victor: It’s not a question of “if.” I just ran into that son of a bitch. She is leaving with him.

Adam: So there haven’t been any new developments?

Victor: Not that I know of.

Adam: Well, there are a couple of positives. He’s out of newman and he’s leaving town.

Victor: Yeah. He’s leaving with victoria. The guy’s latching onto her like a leech. She’s just lost all her senses. Now she’s gonna leave this company, leave our family.

[ Sighs ] It’s just the whole thing is inconceivable to me. I’m gonna get that bastard if it’s the last thing I do. -Fixed. -That’s my son.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. Got lingering odors?

Jack: You even bringing up phyllis proves this was a mistake to join you.

Diane: Jack, please.

Jack: Our history is too fraught to have pleasant conversation, as I predicted.

Diane: I apologize. I — I didn’t realize that bringing up phyllis would upset you like this.

Jack: Oh, it’s a lot more than that, and you know it. Reminiscing about that period of our lives is going to set off emotional fireworks of all kinds.

Diane: You’re right. I…I was out of line back then, but I —

Jack: We don’t need to go through all that.

Diane: No, no, let me say this.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry for who I was and what I did. For taking kyle away so that you missed quality time with your son during his formative years. For — for abandoning you so that you had to raise him alone. For being petty and unkind and selfish. I’m sorry that I wasn’t stronger and braver in how I handled things. You deserved better than that. Jack, I have so many regrets and I have so many amends to make to all the people that I’ve wronged. But you have to believe, you are at the top of that list.

[ Sighs ]

Summer: So what other rescuing has been going on today?

Kyle: Chelsea’s just being nice about me butting in on what was none of my business.

Chelsea: That is not true. Your husband walked in on adam and I having a discussion, which quickly could have escalated into an ugly argument if kyle hadn’t shown up.

Summer: I bet things are tricky with adam these days.

Chelsea: Oh, things are always tricky with adam.

Summer: I have a feeling that there’s something more to it. When you guys interrupted the two of us, sally was clearly intimidated by you.

Chelsea: She has everything she could want right now. She couldn’t possibly be intimidated by me. Or could she?

Summer: Well, I’m guessing she did something to blow up newman fashion, which is such a shame, ’cause I really wanted to see what you and chloe were gonna do.

Chelsea: It actually wasn’t her fault that it shut down. That was a corporate decision when newman/locke bought newman media.

Summer: But still, it couldn’t have been easy working with sally.

Chelsea: I mean, it wasn’t all bad. Most of our arguments were usually about where we should put our focus.

Summer: Let me guess — her focus was on adam.

Chelsea: I don’t want to gossip.

Summer: But…

Chelsea: But she was the worst person you would ever want to work with. I mean, everything became about her. And then once she got her claws into adam, who was the boss, it all just became very uncomfortable.

Summer: I’m not surprised. She is a world-class opportunist.

Chelsea: Yep. But I don’t want to bad-mouth her. Let’s just say I am a lot happier working with chloe on our own to produce an exclusive line for fenmore’S.

Adam: Look, I understand why you’re so upset. You have invested a lot of time and energy and love into victoria. You’ve groomed her to take over the company, only to see her self-destruct. I mean, she’s been given every opportunity, and she’s just throwing it away.

Victor: Yeah. You know…I’ve only always wanted…what’s best for my children. I raised you all to be strong and self-possessed adults.

Adam: Of course. And yet, victoria, she’s lost her way. I know that has to be the most painful thing for you. You know, it’s always been clear to me and everybody else that you have viewed her as the heir apparent, so I know this has got to be an especially hard reckoning.

Victor: Yep.

Adam: And I’m not saying that out of self-interest. I’m not trying to take a jab at victoria. You know, after all, I’m the one that made the deal with locke, so I’ve done my part to get rid of the guy. But her decision to walk away from the family and the company after all these attempts to help her to be viewed as unwelcome meddling, I just — I don’t know how we reach her.

Victor: You know…I’m coming around to your way of thinking.

Adam: She’s headstrong. It’s usually a gift, but in her case, it seems to be a curse.

Victor: I just can’t get through to her, to make her realize that if she walks off with that son of a bitch and marries him, god forbid, it’ll have consequences. What if she fails? Comes back a broken woman? Your sister’s getting involved in something that may be irreparable. An irreversible mistake. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Summer: So you and chloe are happy with your partnership at fenmore’s?

Chelsea: Totally. Lauren has been wonderful to us.

Summer: When is the new line dropping? Have you settled on a price point yet? Are you doing all of the designing yourself or are you collaborating with fenmore’s in-house team?

Chelsea: This is starting to feel like an interview. What’s going on?

Kyle: Go ahead. You can tell her.

Summer: Jabot is buying marchetti. We’re relocating headquarters to genoa city.

Chelsea: Wow, that’s huge. Summer, that’s so exciting for you.

Summer: I know. We are so happy that everything is finally falling into place. But kyle and I were thinking about a collaboration between fenmore’s and marchetti.

Kyle: Especially when you consider we will own all of marchetti and jabot will own almost 50% of fenmore’S. Makes for greater profit margins.

Summer: Lauren’s on the board, so she knows that jabot is acquiring marchetti, but we haven’t talked to her yet about fenmore’s being an exclusive distributor, so this is just between us.

Chelsea: Of course. Of course, but why are you asking about the design side and process?

Summer: I just wanted to get a feel for things. It’s been a while since I worked in fashion in genoa city, and you are at the heart of it.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Well, I’m intrigued. I love the idea of possibly working with you. Both of you.

Jack: Thank you.

Diane: Thank you. And thank you for joining me today. I’ve been spending a lot of my time alone. Guess I’m no one’s idea of a fun lunch companion.

Jack: It’s got to be pretty lonely.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Maybe. But it’s honest. Back in la, I hid my past. I was living a lie. I — I couldn’t get close to anybody because of it. And here in genoa city, I am dodging grenades, but I have to earn my conversations and my companionship. I have to face the damage that I’ve done, head on.

Jack: That is your mission.

Diane: Yeah. It’s going to take a while, i think. But being here with you today and talking about kyle and harrison and being open about my past, it…

[ Exhales sharply ] …Almost makes me feel normal. And gives me hope for my future. I have you to thank for that.

Lily: Hey. Everything is falling into place. The launch is gonna go off without a hitch. The pr team is doing great. We’re gonna get a ton of media coverage. I’m really happy with their work.

Billy: Yeah, that’s great. Everybody’s doing a great job.

Lily: Are you okay? Something happen?

Billy: Victoria was just here, and she informed me that she’s leaving newman and genoa city.

Lily: What? Why would she do that?

Billy: Because she’s forgiven ashland locke and she’s fleeing town with the man. The man that lied to her for months about dying from cancer in order to get control of her company. And he has now somehow convinced her that he is sorry for his mistakes, and she’s not only accepting of that but she’s fleeing town with him to start over, abandoning her entire life here. I don’t understand any of it.

Lily: Yeah, I don’t either, but I thought you decided to take a step back and let her family deal with it. I thought you realized that she can live her life the way that she wants to.

Billy: Yeah, that’s fine. But this is different. I mean, this is everything i feared. This affects my kids. She’s taking them god knows where, living under the same roof as ashland locke. I’m not okay with that. I don’t want my kids anywhere near that monster.

Lily: Okay, honestly? Enough is enough.

Dry skin is

sensitive skin, too.

Adam: Maybe victoria won’t fail.

Victor: Of course she will. There’s no future success involving ashland locke, i promise you.

Adam: That may be true. But she might surprise us all. She’s giving up a lot, but she is resourceful and she is smart. She could find a way to flourish out of your shadow. And who knows? Maybe this is her destiny — start over. In fact, maybe it’s an opportunity for everybody. Maybe this is a reset for the entire family. Maybe we could get out of the roles that we’ve been set in for so long and we can become something greater.

Victor: Maybe so.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I am ready to go.

Victoria: Me too.

Ashland: Looks like you’re traveling light.

Victoria: Yeah, I know, but, well, once we get settled in new york, I’ll just send for the rest of my things.

Ashland: Mm. You’re sure about this?

Victoria: Absolutely, I’m sure. Why do you ask me that?

Ashland: Well, your father stopped by for a visit. His fury was something to behold.

Victoria: Did he intimidate you?

Ashland: No. Not at all. It was sad, though, I think. You see, I’ve been emboldened by your love, but I also understand what it means to lost that love and the pain it can cause. That’s what I saw in your father’s eyes. He’s afraid he’s going to lose his beloved daughter.

Victoria: Well, he’s the one that drove me away.

Ashland: That’s exactly what I told him. And at some level, I think he knows that. But, victoria, as angry as you are at your father right now, your connection to your family runs deep. Victor’s gonna take advantage of that.

Victoria: That’s why we need to leave now. I just — I want to start somewhere fresh, outside of my father’s reach.

Ashland: I agree. I just want you to understand this is gonna be difficult.

Victoria: I understand that. I do, and I’m ready for it. The only problem that I have right now is billy. Turns out that he wants to fight me on custody.

Ashland: See, we talked about this. I can’t let you risk losing your kids.

Victoria: It’s okay. Billy does not have a leg to stand on, and I’ll fight him back twice as hard. I just — I hope that it doesn’t get too ugly.

Billy: I agree with you. Enough is enough. I’ve tried to be patient with victoria’s feelings for ashland. I’ve tried to live and let live, but I’m done. I’m putting my foot down. I need to do what I need to do to protect my kids from their mother’s bad decision.

Lily: I wasn’t talking about victoria, billy. I was talking about you.

Billy: What about me?

Lily: This is victoria’s decision to make. You can’t penalize your kids for it.

Billy: I’m not penalizing my kids. I’m protecting them, because ashland locke is dangerous.

Lily: Ashland is not a physical threat to johnny and katie, and you know that and you know victoria would never put their lives at risk.

Billy: I used to know that, but she’s not thinking clearly. We know what ashland locke is capable of, how far he will go. I don’t want my children to be the ones to find out.

Lily: This is not about your kids. This is about your inability to let go of victoria. Honestly, billy, it’s like you try to seize any opportunity you can to remain her protector. I mean, you know how much it bothered me in the past, and now, honestly, I am so fed up with this twisted push-and-pull routine. I am — I’m not putting up with it any longer.

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