Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 9, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack and Diane have lunch together when they run into each other at Society. Jack and Diane talk about Harrison and share memories of Kyle when he was a little boy. Jack almost walks away from the table when Diane mentions Phyllis, but Diane apologizes for all the pain she caused him in the past. Diane cries and also apologizes to Jack for faking her death leaving him to raise Kyle alone.

Summer takes great pleasure in telling Sally that she and Kyle are moving back home since Jabot is buying Marchetti and moving the company headquarters to Genoa City.

Summer and Chelsea talk about fashion and Summer tells Chelsea about Marchetti’s move and that she plans to talk to Lauren about developing a Marchetti clothing line to be sold at Fenmore’s.

Victor tells Ashland that this battle isn’t over. He will not allow him to take Victoria away from her family and her home.

Billy tells Victoria he intends to fight her for custody of Johnny and Katie because he doesn’t want his children anywhere near Ashland. Billy tells Lily about his conversation with Victoria and that he intends to fight Victoria for custody of his kids from Ashland. Lily tells Billy that this has nothing to do with protecting his children it is about his constant need to protect Victoria and she can’t stand it anymore.

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