Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nick tells Victoria he is worried Ashland will hurt her again but he wants her to know he will always be there when she needs him. Nick also tells Victoria he loves her and will miss her very much.

Billy and Lily argue about him trying to stop Victoria from making a mistake. Lily makes Billy see that he has to let Victoria make her own mistakes. Billy gives Lily an amethyst ring to symbolize their love and help her remember the launch of Chancellor Winters.

Imani tells Amanda that the guy from marketing is her date for the evening. Elena has to work and can’t go with Nate to the launch party. Elena worries that Imani will be at the party and flirt with Nate. Nate reassures Elena that he will miss her and will only be thinking about business since she won’t be there with him.

Victor tells Nikki they must let Victoria go because the only way she will figure out Ashland is a bad person is if she does it on her own. Victor does decide to issue a press release making Adam CEO of Newman Enterprises and making Nikki COO to see if Victoria can leave town knowing that Adam will be in charge of the company.

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