GH Short Recap Friday, June 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Laura persuades Camron to go on a camping trip with Jake, Aiden, Violet and Finn. Finn thinks about contacting Elizabeth’s parents but instead decides to listen to his dad’s advice and trust Elizabeth to know what is best for her.

Spencer is about to tell Ava his plan to help Trina, but he is interrupted by Nikolas. Spencer goes to Kelly’s to tell Cameron that for his plan to work he has to quit his job.

Trina opens the text message from the Title 9 Committee telling her that they have found her guilty of posting the video and they will contact her later to discuss sanctions and possible expulsion from the University.
Trina tells Josslynn, and Rory she has figured out a way to prove Esme posted the video but she must do italone without help from them.

Curtis tells Portia about Marshall’s illness and she suggests he consider getting a genetic test to find out if he could get the disease in the future. Portia calls a generic specialist to make an appointment to ask the doctor some questions.

Ryan is taken to the hospital for a checkup and Esme gets to visit. Esme tells Ryan that she slept with Nikolas and it’s only a matter of time until his marriage to Ava ends. Ryan is angry that Esme didn’t tell Ava right away that her husband cheated on her. Ryan grabs Esme ‘s arm really hard just as Felicia walks by his hospital room.

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