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Summer: I’m glad that I ran into you. I told Chelsea, but I haven’t gotten a chance to tell you how amazing Mariah and Tessa’s wedding dresses were.

Chloe: Thank you. Though Chelsea should get most of the credit. But, you know, I do consider myself, you know, a genius whisperer.

Summer: [Chuckles] It’s an important skill to have when you work in fashion.

Chloe: I know, right? I mean, but they really need people like you and me to keep their, you know, creative juices flowing.

Summer: It’s my top priority as creative director at Marchetti. Artists can be a handful.

Chloe: Yeah, I know what you’re saying. But, you know, it’s kind of worth it. Well, most of the time.

Chelsea: Is everything okay with you and Chelsea?

Chloe: Mm, yes, could not be better. In fact, I’ve really got to get going. I’m late for a meeting with her.


Adam: Well, one of the worst things about Victoria returning to work and Nikki being installed as Co-CEO is that the streaming deal that I pitched to dad has completely gone by the wayside. He and Nikki are too focused on propping up their little girl that they have let business suffer. It’s a huge missed opportunity.

Sally: Well, maybe there’s a way that Newman Media can salvage at least part of the project.

Adam: Well, what did you have in mind?

Sally: Well, instead of creating a giant streamer, like we planned, to compete with the big guys, we execute a more surgical strike. We launch a niche platform targeted towards a very particular demographic, and we do that specific content better than the big guys and we build an audience that way.

Adam: That could be interesting. I like that you’re always thinking.

Sally: You keep up okay. I know that you’re frustrated that our plan to reunite Victoria and Ashland has been put on hold while Victoria’s off on her little spa holiday with Nikki, but it is just temporary.

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