Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa return home from their honeymoon with stories of Paris and gifts for their loved ones.

Allie talks to Noah about the tour of the Jabot lab that Ashley gave her. Allie also tells Noah that the Abbott family has been so welcoming to her and she likes them all very much. Allie feels she is betraying her father because she is getting to know the Abbott family. Noah thinks Keemo would be happy Allie is getting to know the Abbott family despite his strained relationship with Jack.

Victoria tells her family that she is leaving town with Ashland and there is nothing they can do to change her mind. Victor tells Victoria that leaving town with Ashland will be the worst decision she has ever made in her life. Ashland and Victoria decide to move to New York and start their own company.

Nick tells Sharon that he feels Victoria has been brainwashed by Ashland and he is worried Ashland will hurt her again.

Billy tells Victoria he supports her if she wants to leave town to cut ties with Victor but, if she wants to be with Ashland they will have a problem.

Victor tells Ashland that he isn’t going to let him leave town with everything he wants it won’t be that easy for him.

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