GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brad apologizes to Britt for making the gif that could cost her the job of Co-chief of staff at the hospital. Brad is worried about Britt. Britt is about to tell him about her illness but they are interrupted by Brad’s Aunt Selina who tells Brad she is impressed by how he is running the poker games. Brad tells his aunt he wants more responsibility in the family business. Selina tells Brad he needs to learn the business before she can give him more responsibility.

Sasha gets a package that she bought for Liam when she was pregnant with him. Sasha is sad and leaves Brook Lynn and Gladys so she can cry and splash water on her face. Brook Lynn tells Sasha that she will have to present Deception Cosmetics to the Heart and Home shopping Channel.

Brandon arrives home just when Sasha is trying to open a bottle of pills and is upset that she can’t open the bottle.

Brandon is suspicious of Dex and tells Dante he thinks that Dex will try to harm Michael to impress Sonny. Brando and Dante arrive at the Quartermaine stables before Dex can harm Michael. Dante tries to persuade Michael to stop this war with Sonny. Michael tells Dante that Sonny broke his family first code when he chose Nina over his family. Brando goes with Dex back to Sony’s place to tell him what Dex wanted to do to Michael. Sonny is very angry with Dex and tells Dex that his family is off limits. Sonny tells Dex that he is to obey, all of his orders until he proves he can be trusted. Dex later goes back to the stables to talk to Michael and calls him boss and tells him Sonny gave him a slap on the wrist and everything is fine. Michael tells Dex not to return to the Quartermaine estate because his family is off limits. Dex thinks that what Michael just said is ironic since Michael hired him to bring down Sonny.

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