Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby told Chad that she was close to figuring out who kidnapped Sami. Chad was horrified. Kate went to see Marlena to invite her to a party she and Roman were having for Will. Marlena said she would love to go. Kate noticed that something was wrong with her. Marlena said Belle was upset with her. EJ had a dream that he and Belle slept together. Sonny had a dream that Leo slept with Will. Sonny and Will talked about Leo getting his revenge. They were afraid of who he was going to get next. Abby told Chad that the guy who kidnapped Sami w as arrested in another state. Chad asked if she thought it was worth it. She was upset with him for saying that. He asked if she thought the guy was going to tell her anything. She said she would find out when she went to Milwaukee. He told her she wasn’t going. Marlena told Kate that Belle was upset with her for agreeing to be Jan’s therapist. Kate understood why Belle was upset. She reminded Kate about what Jan has done to Belle. Marlena said she was the best person to help Jan. She said she might get to the bottom of why Jan keeps tormenting Belle. Marlena said she got a message from Belle. Kate thought Belle stayed with Shawn. Marlena said she stayed with EJ. Lucas talked to Roman about EJ swearing that he didn’t have Sami kidnapped. Lucas said EJ got away with what he did. Roman said he didn’t think it was EJ who did it. He said he had a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. Abby wanted to make sure Chad wasn’t giving her orders when he told her she wasn’t going to Milwaukee. Chad wanted to explain what he meant. He told her he just got her back from Kristen. He said EJ was home and it didn’t matter. He said no one cared about who kidnapped Sami. Abby asked if he wanted to clear EJ’s name. She said she was going to Milwaukee to find out who kidnapped Sami. He said she didn’t have to go to Milwaukee to find out. He said he knew who it was. He said it was Lucas.

Marlena and Kate continued to talk about Marlena helping Jan by being her therapist. Kate still thought it wasn’t a good idea. EJ made Belle feel better about her situation. When she kept putting herself down, he made her feel better. He wanted her to stay at the DiMera mansion for as long as she needed to. Lucas wanted to know what unanswered questions Roman had. Roman questioned why a person would need to frame EJ if he were guilty. Lucas said the guy EJ hired to kidnap Sami said EJ did it so it was enough for him. Lucas asked Roman for his permission to marry Sami. Lucas wanted to make sure he was good enough for Roman. Roman said Lucas messed up, but he was good for her. He said he understood Sami more than anyone else. He told him o keep Sami safe. Chad explained to Abby what Lucas did to Sami and why he kept it a secret for so long. EJ and Belle walked in while they were talking. EJ wanted to know what was going on. Abby said they should tell him. She said they were trying to have another baby.

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