Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn wanted to make sure that Jan was eating right when Marlena walked in on them. Shawn tried to explain to her what he was doing. Jan asked her if she decided whether she was going to be her therapist. She told Jan that she wasn’t going to do it. Jan told her that she wanted to be a good mother. She asked her if she deserved to be a good mother. Marlena agreed that she deserved to be a good mother. She changed her mind and decided to help her. Belle thought about EJ when John arrived. They talked about her marriage. He asked her if she was sure she wanted to separate from Shawn. She didn’t see any other way of resolving her issues with Shawn. She told him that EJ was handling her paperwork. John was concerned about her spending so much time with him. He was wondering about Sami. He thought EJ was trying to get back at Sami by going after her sister.

Marlena arrived and let Belle know that she was treating Jan. Belle was upset when she heard the news. Belle got upset with John and Marlena because she thought they were worried about Sami and Jan over her. Belle stormed off. Marlena wondered if she should cancel Jan. John thought she should help Jan because that would be good for everyone. EJ and Lucas talked about their children being possessed by the devil. They ended up arguing over their children being involved in a triangle. EJ thought Allie should back off and let Johnny work things out with Chanel. Lucas didn’t think she should do that for Johnny. They argued about it. EJ warned Lucas that he knew that he kidnapped Sami and that he was going to get the proof he needed that he wouldn’t be able to hide.

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