Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Summer tells Jack that she called Daniel and asked him to invite Phyllis to Savannah for a visit with him and Lucy. Phyllis has gone there for a few days. Summer felt she needed to deescalate the situation between Diane and Phyllis and Jack is grateful to Summer because even though he doesn’t tell anyone why he needs a break from Phyllis. Jack is proud of Kyle and Summer because they made an amazing presentation to the Jabot board of directors that they approved the purchase of Marchetti.

Victoria tells Ashland that she wants to take their relationship slowly so they can build the trust between them again. Victoria tells Ashland she wants to leave town with him so they can get a new start. Ashland advises Victoria not to tell her family she is leaving town with him. Victoria later calls a family meeting to tell her family she is leaving town because she is tired of being a Newman family puppet and following their rules. Nikki asks Victoria if she is leaving town with Ashland and Victoria says she is leaving town to start over and declare her independence.

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