GH Short Recap Tuesday, June 7, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brad and Liesl stage an intervention to help Britt take control of her life. Once Brad leaves, Britt tells her mother that she is still grieving Jason and trying to accept her diagnosis. Liesl tells Britt that she should stop thinking about when she is going to die and be grateful for each day she is alive.

Dex tells Sonny that new Harbor Master has his latest coffee, shipment, stalled at t dock. Dex also tells Sonny that several local businesses have stopped buying Corinthos coffee and are buying another coffee brand. Sonny tells Brando (temporarily being played by Brad Schmidt) that he thinks Michael is behind the problems in his business. Brando wants to help make peace between Michael and Sonny but Sonny doesn’t think that is possible right now.

Carly finally persuades Drew to let her buy stock in Aurora Media to stop Valentin from taking over ELQ. Ned makes a counteroffer to Michael that he and Drew consider all three of them running ELQ with each of them being CEO of a division. The three of them would vote to make important decisions about the company. Michael isn’t enthusiastic about Ned’s idea so Ned gets mad and storms out of the stables

Marshall tells Curtis that he left home because he was afraid of how his schizophrenia was going to make him a different person. Marshall tells Curtis that he has been lucky that his medication worked and he hasn’t had an episode since he was arrested at the protest. Marshall also tells Curtis that he doesn’t intend to leave his family again.

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