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Tripp: It was really great of you guys to check in. I’ll see you soon, I hope.

[Knock on door] Hey!

Chanel: Who were you talking to?

Tripp: My half-sister and brother.

Chanel: Oh, sorry to interrupt.

Tripp: No, that’s okay. We were just saying goodbye.

Chanel: Oh. Well, you know, I had to wait in line out there to say hi to the local hero.

Tripp: Oh, come on.

Chanel: Can you eat real food?

Tripp: Yes. Yes, but they don’t serve that her so…

Chanel: Well, I have come to the rescue.

Tripp: Would that be ham and cheese on a croissant?

Chanel: Would I bring you anything else?

Tripp: Okay, okay, you can stay. You can stay, but no pictures or autographs, please.

Chanel: Aw. I don’t care what you say– you really are a hero. Mine at least. You saved allie’s life. You gave henry his mom back. Gave me my best friend back.

Allie: Will!

Will: I leave you alone for five minutes and you get possessed by the devil?

Allie: Well, it got you to come visit, right?

Will: Okay. What was it like?

Allie: Actually, I don’t remember any of it. But I heard I was a total bitch to almost everyone.

Will: So it was like your teenage years,

Allie: Pretty close. Yeah.

Will: Yeah. Honestly, though, I-I was very scared for you and johnny, so… thank god you’re both okay.

Johnny: Was aunt belle just here? I thought I saw her driving off.

Ej: Hmm. I’m doing some legal work for her.

Johnny: Oh. You gonna be a practicing lawyer again?

Ej: Just doing belle a favor.

Johnny: Heard your takeover of the company tanked.

Ej: Hmm. Thanks to your aunt kristen, but I haven’t given up on running dimera enterprises.

Johnny: Well, let me know if you need any help.

Ej: I will. What’s with the laptop? Doing some writing?

Johnny: Yeah, that was the idea, but, uh, all the noise is kind of making it hard to concentrate.

Ej: What noise?

Johnny: You don’t wanna know.

Both: Ahh!

[Both laughing]

Chad: That was–

Abigail: I think making love means even more when you’re–

Chad: Making a baby?

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Think we did it?

Leo: Ooh, thanks for the tip, gwennie. I hope this means you’ve decided to help me get revenge against abigail. Fine. You keep thinking it over, but I am not letting this go. I am going to get back at every single person who broke up craig and me. I don’t care if it takes me the rest of my life.

Sonny: What the hell are you planning now, you disgusting little creep?

Male announcer: Like sand through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Leo: Do you always eavesdrop on people’s personal phone calls?

Sonny: No, just the ones who slip me drugs and then send dummied up photos to the tabloids.

Leo: Those pictures were for real. You looked very happy and very satisfied.

Sonny: I look unconscious, which I was. Did you carry me to bed or did you drag me?

Leo: If you’re worried about will calling his lawyer, just tell him we didn’t go all the way.

Sonny: I know we didn’t because I was literally unconscious!

Leo: Maybe he’ll believe you, even if nobody else does.

Sonny: My lawyer is already in touch with the editor of “the intruder,” okay? I’m gonna do whatever it takes to set the record straight.

Leo: Good luck with that. Because these pictures are the talk of the town. Some people are even saying you might lose your job over them, which would be such a tragedy.

Allie: It was so sweet of you to come all the way here to check in on me.

Will: Well, it wasn’t just that. I’m–I’m dealing with the fallout from leo’s cookies.

Allie: Leo has cookies? Is he gonna open a rival bakery?

Will: You must be the only person in salem who hasn’t read “the intruder.”

Allie: No, I don’t read that rag.

Will: Okay. Well, forget I said anything.

Allie: No, come on, now you have to tell me.

Will: No, it’s just like… it’s another one of leo’s stupid stunts.

Allie: Oh, he’s still at it?

Will: Yeah, but, you know, we’re handling it and, um… I wanna–I’m here to talk about you. And I wanna hear about what happened. Are you sure you’re okay?

Allie: Physically, yeah. Mentally, um… it’s a lot to deal with.

Will: Mm.

Allie: You know, I heard i did some really awful stuff.

Will: Like what?

Allie: Um, I… chained johnny and ben up in the dimera family crypt. I kidnapped ciara, and she went into labor. So I delivered her baby and then went on the run with it.

Will: Um…wow, yeah that’s– that is pretty bad stuff, but, I mean, at least it wasn’t you, right? Did you talk to grandma?

Allie: She said what you said.

Will: Exactly, right? She would know. She went through it.

Allie: Still, it’s hard not to take responsibility. I mean, people are still hurting from everything I did. People I really care about, like chanel.

Tripp: Thanks for coming to see me again.

Chanel: Yeah, we didn’t really get a chance to talk the last time I was here.

Tripp: Yeah, it was a little crowded. It was like allie was the bachelorette and you and I were at the rose ceremony.

Chanel: Oh, it was not like that, and you know it.

Tripp: Kinda was…until johnny showed up at least.

Chanel: Johnny and I, uh… we ran into allie after you two had a chance to talk alone. She said you made it really clear that you weren’t getting back together.

Tripp: Yeah.

Chanel: But why? I know you love allie. Are you really ready to let her go? I was on an antidepressant,

Sonny: My uncle vick is still in charge at titan, and he’s backing me. So I don’t care what the, uh… “the rumor mill” says. My job is not in danger.

Leo: I couldn’t care less what happens to you now. I made a bundle off those pictures.

Sonny: Oh. It’s always about money for you, isn’t it?

Leo: You can be high and mighty–you’ve had money since you were born.

Sonny: Oh, my god, boo-hoo. I’ve heard this sob story before.

Leo: I wouldn’t have had to sell those photos if you and your friends had left craig and me alone! I’m on my own now because of you! And a girl’s gotta eat.

Sonny: That’s how you justify drugging me with laced cookies?

Leo: The note with the cookies said they were from your husband.

Sonny: Will just got back today–I know for a fact he has nothing to do with the fricking cookies!

Leo: So will is here already? How did he like the photos?

Will: So when the devil was running johnny, he told chanel he wanted a divorce…

Allie: At their wedding reception.

Will: And when the devil was running you, you…

Allie: Dumped chanel too. In the meanest way possible, according to her. So now do you see how I feel so bad about it?

Will: Yeah. I’m sorry–I didn’t even know you and chanel were dating. I mean, you told me you had feelings for her.

Allie: Yeah, well, I did a lot of thinking after our talk…

Will: Mm-hmm.

Allie: I don’t know. My life started to make a lot more sense once I realized I was bisexual. And I-I always thought I loved chanel as a friend, but now I realized I just loved her. Period.

Will: That’s great, allie.

Allie: It would be. If our brother wasn’t also in love with her.

Johnny: Chad and abigail… how do I say this delicately? They’ve been at it for a while.

Ej: [Chuckles] Well, now that our takeover plan has failed, I suppose chad’s turning his attention to his personal life.

Johnny: Easy for you to say. You don’t have the room next to theirs.

Ej: There are lots of other bedrooms in this house.

Johnny: And I’ll be moving into one of them. Otherwise, I’m not gonna get any sleep, let alone write.

Ej: Are you working on anything in particular?

Johnny: [Sighs] Well, now that my producer is dead, so is my movie about grandma, which is fine by me. I have a whole new perspective on devil possession.

Ej: Any new ideas?

Johnny: Yeah, mm-hmm, one that, uh…I mean, it’s pretty close to home.

Ej: May I know what it is?

Johnny: Why not? It’s about fraternal twins who are in love with the same girl.

Abigail: You know, if you really wanna be sure we made a baby–

Chad: Okay. Honey…mmm…I need a break. I need a break.

Abigail: Oh. Okay. What do you wanna do instead?

Chad: Well, if we’re gonna have another mouth to feed, I should probably start looking for a job.

Abigail: Yeah. I’m sorry that didn’t work out. I cannot believe kristen stabbed both of her brothers in the back.

Chad: Nothing she does surprises me anymore, especially after what she did to you and sarah.

Abigail: Well, I survived, and so did she–it looks like she’s going to anyway.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: I’m just really glad that you and ej are getting along again.

Chad: Yeah. I, uh, I really didn’t like being on the outs with him.

Abigail: I mean, it wasn’t your fault. It seemed like he came back to town just trying to push everybody’s buttons. Mainly yours.

Chad: It wasn’t one-sided. I mean, I did some things I wasn’t proud of.

Abigail: Really? Like what?

Kate: Hey. Is roman babysitting henry?

Lucas: Yeah. They’re video chatting with sami right now.

Kate: Oh, great. So she has better reception, I guess, huh? Did she say when she’s gonna be able to fly back?

Lucas: No, mom. Not yet. The break is-is very bad.

Kate: Yeah, I heard.

Lucas: You know what–

Kate: W-what are you doing?

Lucas: Now that we’re alone, I think it’s time–I think it’s time. I want my apology.

Kate: [Exhales] For what?

Lucas: For accusing me of kidnapping the mother of my children. This is the sound of nature breathing.

Chad: I, uh…you know, I’m the one that testified against ej. So I’m basically the one that sent him to prison.

Abigail: Yeah, but, honey, you were under oath. You didn’t have a choice but to tell the truth.

Chad: Yeah, but I was wrong.

Abigail: Yeah, but at that point you thought you had proof that he was guilty.

Chad: Right.

Abigail: And the man–he was in your face all the time.

Chad: The important thing is that, um… him and I, we’re on the same side now. I mean, he’s a completely different person since he got out of prison.

Abigail: I do wonder though…

Chad: Okay. Come on, I can see those wheels turning. What?

Abigail: Well, the kidnapping. I wanna believe that ej’s innocent. But if he didn’t kidnap sami, then who did?

Chad: I don’t know. Guess we’ll never know.

Abigail: Not necessarily.

Chad: What do you mean?

Abigail: I think I just found “the spectator’s” next investigative report. I’m gonna find out who kidnapped sami brady.

Kate: Darling, why wouldn’t i accuse you of kidnapping sami since you had already done it once?

Lucas: I regret it, okay? And I’m never gonna do it again.

Kate: Hah. Well, I can’t believe you went to that extreme in the first place.

Lucas: It wasn’t my proudest moment, all right? I think about it every day. I regret it, I do. But a lot of good has come out of it, because now sami wants nothing to do with ej. And we have never been closer.

Kate: Okay. Does she know that he’s been released from prison?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, she does.

Kate: Okay. So she knows he’s innocent.

Lucas: Not exactly.

Kate: Oh, my god. Okay. So what does that mean?

Lucas: Well, you know, it took a little doing, but, uh, sami still thinks that ej is guilty as hell.

Kate: Oh, my god.

Ej: But you and chanel were married. You were in love.

Johnny: Yeah, I thought so.

Ej: And I thought allie and chanel were just friends.

Johnny: Before I was even in the picture, I think they’d begun to figure out they’re more than that.

Ej: Have they–

Johnny: Yeah.

Ej: Oh, I see.

Johnny: Your step-daughter’s bisexual, dad.

Ej: Right. Right. And so is chanel?

Johnny: [Inhales, exhales] Let’s just say that if she had to pick between the two of us right now, I don’t know if she’d choose allie or me.

Tripp: You’re right, I do still love allie. I mean, you don’t do a header through a stained glass window for someone you feel lukewarm about.

Chanel: Okay, then–then why did you tell her that you don’t wanna get back together?

Tripp: Because if I told allie that I wanted to start over, she’d say that she did too.

Chanel: And the problem with that is?

Tripp: I would never know if I’m the one she really wants or if she just feels obligated.

Chanel: Trying to be fair here. She does love you.

Tripp: Maybe. And maybe we’d be happy for a while, but… in the end, I know it wouldn’t work out.

Chanel: Why?

Tripp: I know for sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with allie, but only if allie knows for sure that she wants it too. And how can she know that? The love of her life is… it’s you.

Allie: You know, the worst part is we all thought johnny was being not just a jerk–

Will: Yeah. I mean, I thought he went from being like my cocky younger brother to a sadistic bastard.

Allie: Yeah, everyone did. I mean, you should have seen the things that he said to chanel in front of their families. You should have seen the way he talked to me. I mean, right after tripp proposed, johnny strolled in and told him that I slept with chanel.

Will: Is that what happened?

Allie: When the devil was done with johnny and johnny came back to his senses, he thought that everything could just go back to normal, that he could be happily in love and married to chanel.

Will: Yeah. Wow, that… that is a huge mess.

Allie: Tell me about it.

Will: So the only person in your quadrangle that the devil didn’t mess with is chanel?

Allie: Not directly anyway.

Will: Okay. And who does chanel wanna be with?

Allie: I don’t know. I mean, she kind of got bounced all around, so I’ve just been giving her space. I don’t think she even knows how I feel.

Will: Then maybe you should tell her.

Allie: Well, there is also another option. I could let her go.

Leo: I hope will isn’t too upset.

Sonny: Oh, bull! You would love that!

Leo: We both know he’s not one to point the finger. As I recall, he’s cheated on you more than once. Turnabout is fair play.

Sonny: Will knows I didn’t cheat on him, and the whole world’s about to know. ‘Cause I reported you to the cops.

Leo: [Fake gasp] Really? No messages from them yet.

Sonny: Mm. That’s ’cause I haven’t gotten my test results back yet.

Leo: What test results?

Sonny: Oh, the blood tests I took this morning. The one that will prove that you drugged me.

[Phone rings] Speaking of, there’s my aunt kayla, the one who administered the blood test this morning. Yeah, you might wanna stay there. You’re gonna wanna hear this. Okay, snacks and popcorn are gonna be expensive.

Sonny: Wait. But I–but i thought that– are you sure? Okay. Thank you. Bye.

Leo: Well? What did the good doctor have to say?

Sonny: What the hell did you do to me?

Leo: I hesitate to be specific here in public.

Sonny: Kayla said that there are drugs that can leave your system very quickly. That’s–that’s what you gave me, isn’t it?

Leo: Is this your cute little way of telling me she didn’t find anything?

Sonny: You drugged me, and I know it!

Leo: You might wanna stop saying that–you don’t have any proof. I think that’s called slander. Or is it libel? I always get those two mixed up.

Sonny: Libel is when you put lies into print, and that’s exactly what you did!

Leo: It’s not a lie, babe, and we both know it. You’re a cheating slimeball. Poor will and little arianna–

Sonny: Keep my daughter’s name out of your filthy mouth!

Leo: You didn’t think it was so filthy last night. Or maybe you did.

Sonny: You know what? Go for it, leo. You wanna get rolled back in a rug again? Keep saying garbage like that.

Kate: Lucas, ej is out of prison. So…how did you manage to convince sami that he’s her kidnapper?

Lucas: Well, ej wasn’t found innocent. They just threw the case out.

Kate: Yeah, but what difference does that make?

Lucas: Well, you know, the payments that were sent to the kidnapper that were found in ej’s computer might’ve been there–

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. Because you put them there.

Lucas: Right. Right. But all the other evidence points at ej 100%.

Kate: Lucas, what evidence?

Lucas: Motive. Ej was really upset when sami cheated on him. He was in a rage. He was going crazy. He wanted to kick her out of the house. He would do anything to get her back. And means. We all know the means. You know, the guard who was watching sami said that ej was the boss. So, you know, why would he lie about that?

Kate: Because you ordered him to–that’s why.

Lucas: Yeah, but sami doesn’t know that. And she never will.

Kate: But chad knows. Chad knows that you planted the phony evidence. So what if he decides to tell the truth?

Lucas: No, he won’T. He’s never gonna say anything. He wouldn’t, would he?

Kate: Ohh…

Abigail: I don’t know why i didn’t think about this before. If I can figure out who kidnapped sami brady, our circulation is gonna double. I mean, everybody in the area wants to know what happened.

Chad: Abby–

Abigail: I could get us into one of those true crime podcasts–I have been dying to get us into that market.

Chad: Shouldn’t you ask your mom–your mom and dad first?

Abigail: Why?

Chad: “Why?” They still own the newspaper, don’t they?

Abigail: Yeah, but they left me in charge because they trust me. Besides, it’s a great idea.

Chad: Sure. The cops have probably exhausted all their leads, though.

Abigail: I don’t know. I’m gonna start looking for new sources tomorrow, and maybe I’ll find something new.

Chad: Like what?

Abigail: Like the second kidnapper. They never tracked him down, right? I mean, that is a huge loose end!

Chad: The kidnapping happened six months ago. I’m sure the trail’s gone cold already.

Abigail: Well, it’s worth a shot. Besides, what if it clears ej’s name? Then shin’s gonna be back on his side.

Chad: But honey, ej’s already been cleared.

Abigail: His conviction was overturned–it’s not the same.

Chad: You know, ej’s fine to move past all of this. I mean, don’t you think that you should ask him if it’s okay to do a story?

Abigail: I don’t– I don’t get you right now. Why are you so against this?

Ej: Have you spoken to chanel?

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, I even, uh, I even asked her to marry me again.

Ej: And?

Johnny: She said she needed time, which I get. She’s still dealing with the idea that I never stopped loving her, that I didn’t break up with her, but neither did allie. Plus, there’s this small problem of paulina being in jail for killing tr.

Ej: Mm. She does have quite a bit to deal with.

Johnny: Yeah. So I told her to take all the time she needs.

Ej: Why would you do a thing like that?

Chanel: Tripp, I’M… sorry.

Tripp: You don’t have a damn thing to be sorry about. It’s not your fault that you’re sort of, you know, irresistible.

Chanel: “Irresistible”? Don’t give me that. I didn’t set out to steal allie away from you.

Tripp: But you have years of history as friends. And now… you know, you’re more. I can’t compete with that. And, honestly, I shouldn’t have to. And that’s why I shut down us getting back together.

Chanel: Couldn’t have been easy.

Tripp: Well, one thing I’ve learned about the devil in all this is that the guy’s good. He knows exactly what to say to make you do whatever he wants. And when I told him to take me instead of allie, he pointed out that I was… always her second choice. I’ve decided I’m okay with it.

Chanel: What? Why?

Tripp: Because I love her enough to want her to have a long and happy life. Whether I’m part of it or not.

Chanel: Do you really mean that?

Tripp: You and allie want to be together. You’re not gonna get any flak from me. I’m in your corner.

Chanel: I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know if allie wants us to get back together.

Tripp: I’m pretty sure she does. So I guess now it’s just up to you to decide if that’s what you want. With depression, you just feel…blah.

Leo: Careful, jackson. People are starting to stare. Somebody might snap a phone photo and sell our lovers’ quarrel to the “the intruder.”

Sonny: You’re not gonna get away with this.

Leo: Kinda feels like I already have.

Sonny: If you ever come near me or my family again, I will end you.

Leo: Save your threats, tough guy. I’m gonna focus my energy elsewhere.

Sonny: What the hell does that mean?

Leo: Like I’m gonna confide in you? Let’s just say I’m not done with this town yet.

Will: Why would you give up on chanel? You just told me that you love her.

Allie: I do, but I also love johnny. And I don’t– I don’t wanna hurt him. Jonny and I have been on the outs for a long time now, and this whole situation made us realize that we still really love each other.

Will: I mean, that’s great.

Allie: Yeah, it is.

Will: But does that mean you should sacrifice your own happiness just so johnny can get what he wants?

Allie: You didn’t see johnny and chanel together, okay? They were crazy about each other, and they probably still would be if it wasn’t for… you know. And chanel and I never would have been together.

Will: Well, but you were, right? And, from what you tell me, it was real. So don’t just pretend that it didn’t happen.

Allie: Oh, I don’t know, this is all so confusing.

Will: Yeah, I know. It’s confusing. I-I know the feeling. I was confused. I slept with gabi to prove to myself that I was straight and all it did was, you know, convince me that I was gay. And I got her pregnant.

Allie: Yeah, but you got arianna, and you guys worked it out.

Will: Yeah. But a lot of bad things happened, mostly to gabi, because I was too afraid to go after what I wanted. And I feel for johnny, right? It’s not his fault that his marriage blew up, but that does not mean you just need to step aside. I think it might be best for everyone, for johnny and chanel, if you’re just–you’re just honest.

Allie: Really?

Will: Yeah. Don’t you think chanel deserves to know the facts before she decides what she wants to do with her life?

Chanel: To be dead honest, I don’t know what I want. I used to wish that I had never met allie and johnny. I felt they both played me for a fool. And then I find out that it’s the damn devil!

Tripp: I hear you. It’s unreal.

Chanel: I just… god, we all got played. Allie and johnny never meant to hurt me. I’m so, so confused.

Tripp: I can see why.

Chanel: It’s a huge mess. I was in love with both of them. And–and then I–now, I just–I don’t know who I should be with. Maybe I should just walk away from the whole thing.

Tripp: You could also just give yourself a little time.

Chanel: Yeah, that’s what I told johnny when he said he wanted us to get remarried.

Tripp: Wait, he proposed?

Chanel: He wants us to pick up right where we left off, but I said that I wasn’t ready to make any decisions right now. And so he backed off, and I guess he won’t be putting on the pressure, thank god.

Ej: If you truly love chanel, you can’t just sit back and wait and hope things go your way. You have to fight for her.

Johnny: She’s been through hell, dad.

Ej: It’s not your fault.

Johnny: I’m just trying to think about what she needs.

Ej: And while you’re thinking about what she needs, your sister could be trying to fight and win her back. Is that what you want?

Johnny: Why are you telling me to go after chanel, and when I told you I’d married her, you said she was just after my money?

Ej: I may have judged her too harshly.

Johnny: You did.

Ej: Mm-hmm.

Johnny: What made you change your mind?

Ej: When we rescued you that night, I realized how close I was to losing you. I haven’t been the best father to you lately. I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong. I was too focused on what I wanted for you rather than listening to what you wanted for yourself. If you want chanel, you have my full support. I must say, she’s conducted herself with dignity throughout this whole painful ordeal.

Johnny: Well…thank you for saying all that. But I still think I should back off for a while.

Ej: If I may say one more thing. I have many regrets in my life. And one of the biggest ones right now is not fighting for your mother.

Johnny: Well, I’m surprised to hear you say that.

Ej: We both know I spent years pushing her away. And now she’s with lucas. I don’t want you to live with the same regret. If you truly love chanel, do whatever it takes to be with her. Otherwise, you’ll end up like your old man.

Johnny: Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should fight for her. We hit the bike trails every weekend

Chanel: The last thing you need right now is me unloading my problems on you.

Tripp: Well, if you remember, I asked you how you were doing.

Chanel: I know it hurt you to tell allie it’s over. I know it’s not what you want. It’s because of me. Are we…okay?

Tripp: We’re good. I promise.

Chanel: I’m glad. Being friends with you, it means a lot to me. I haven’t had someone like you in my life in a long time. If you need to lean on me, you go ahead.

Tripp: I feel the same way. We will always be friends. Don’t worry. As long as you keep feeding me, of course.

Will: I should go. But you should take my advice.

Allie: I’ll think about it.

Will: You are so stubborn.

Allie: Okay, well, you’re no pushover yourself.

Will: Well, I guess it runs in the family.

Allie: Yeah. Hey, speaking of family, have you seen dad?

Will: No, is he in town?

Allie: Yeah.

Will: Is he with mom?

Allie: No. I guess she broke her leg skiing, so she can’t fly yet.

Will: Can you believe those two are back together?

Allie: I know.

Will: I mean, they used to fight like cats and dogs.

Allie: It’s crazy. But, hopefully, they’ve learned how to treat each other better, you know? No more plotting. No more secrets.

Will: Yeah. Well, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Allie: Yeah.

Lucas: Chad’s really thinking about ratting me out?

Kate: Well, I mean, he says that he’s going to keep your name out of it, that he’s planning on taking the blame for planting the phony evidence.

Lucas: Okay.

Kate: But the thing is you know ej is going to have a lot of questions.

Lucas: So you think chad will be willing to stir up a little trouble?

Kate: Well, he said that ej is a changed man. Since he got back from prison, the two of them actually made peace. And now I think that, for chad, the guilt is really weighing on him, you know?

Lucas: Oh, great. Just what I need.

Kate: Oh, yeah, principled persons–they’re really a pain, aren’t they? But, trust me, I think I convinced him to keep his mouth shut.

Lucas: Wait a minute, you think you did or you know you did? Did you get through to him or not?

Kate: I told him that ej would be furious. I told him that the reconciliation would be history, and also that he would be admitting he planted the phony evidence, and also that he perjured himself, so…

Lucas: Right. Right. He’d be looking at jail time too, right?

Kate: Right. I think he knows it’s not worth what he’d get for clearing his conscience.

Lucas: So it sounds to me like I’m good, like I’m in the clear, like I got nothing to worry about.

Kate: I think so, honey. For now. But do you really think you’re going to be able to keep a secret like this from a nosy woman like sami?

Chad: I just don’t think it’s safe for you to be hunting down some clown who kidnaps women for money.

Abigail: I’m not stupid. I know how to be careful.

Chad: Yeah, but you have to–you have to say that you’re a reporter when you’re asking questions, right? What if that gets back to the wrong person?

Abigail: Why are you borrowing trouble?

Chad: Because I saw what happened when you started looking into sarah’s disappearance–I could’ve lost you.

Abigail: But you didn’T. Everything turned out okay.

Chad: We got lucky.

Abigail: Look, for a story this big, I’m gonna have to take some risks.

Chad: Even if it turns out that you’re–that you could be pregnant? Fishing helps ease my mind.

Will: I can’t believe the drugs were already out of your system.

Sonny: And the cookies are gone too, so there’s no way to actually prove that leo drugged me.

Will: I am so sorry. I hate that guy so much.

Sonny: Yeah, me too. It took everything inside of me not to just deck the guy.

Will: Do you think he’ll try something else?

Sonny: I don’t know. He said something about focusing his energy elsewhere.

Will: Yeah. I wonder what that’s about.

Sonny: I don’t know. But I don’t like it.

[Edgy music]

Leo: Guess what. Uncle leo has a big surprise for the two of you.

Abigail: Okay. Well, now you’re not fighting fair.

Chad: Why? Because I’m trying to proct you and the baby that you may be carrying?

Abigail: I’m probably not even pregnant.

Chad: Well, I can tell you one thing. I am ready to put my shoulder to the wheel…and we will not give up until I put a baby inside of you.

Abigail: You’re just trying to change the subject.

Chad: Is it working?

Abigail: You know it is. But just for now.

Lucas: You know I feel rotten about what I did to sami. And if she finds out, she’d hate me.

Kate: Forever.

Lucas: Yeah, I know forever. That’s why I gotta live this lie for a while.

Kate: [Whispers] Oh, my god. Lucas, please, you know these secrets have a way of coming out. You know that.

Lucas: Don’t do that to me. Now you’re stressing me out. Thanks a lot. Now I need some air.

[Dark chords]

Allie: Hey, dupree.

Chanel: Horton. What are you doing here?

Allie: I was told that the devil quit my job, and I was hoping that you would take me back.

Chanel: You mean at the bakery, right?

Allie: Um… not just at the bakery. Chanel, I-I wanna get back together.

Johnny: [Ahem]

[Dramatic chords]

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