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Taylor: Reconnecting with with you has been… it’s been great. I’m– I am so thankful for these moments.

Ridge: I am, too. I’m thankful… for the food all the way from san gabriel.

Taylor: Yay.

Ridge: And I’m thankful for you being back in my life.

Brooke: Taylor is there with ridge right now. She doesn’t even care that he’s still my husband.

Deacon: Does he even remember that he has a wife, that he’s got a marriage to come home to? Because I’ll tell you what, if you were my wife, I would never forget.

Donna: No. I–I have kept quiet for so long, and I just don’t want to anymore. I hate the idea of you going home to a wife that– that doesn’t even make you happy. Maybe it’s just for the best, eric. Maybe if you finally, finally leave, quinn.

Carter: I admire you, quinn. Your commitment to eric, your marriage. I just can’t stop thinking about what could have been. The life we almost– you’re a remarkable woman.

Donna: You say that you care about quinn. But does she make you happy?

Eric: I don’t know.

Donna: Shouldn’t you, though? Shouldn’t you know, if your wife brings you joy?

Eric: She used to.

Donna: Life is so short, eric. Why are you going to spend it it with somebody that you can’t even trust? You deserve so much more. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled and– a life that I could give you.

Quinn: You admire my commitment to eric? There’s nothing really to admire. It’s– it’s the easiest thing in the world. Who couldn’t devote themselves to the– that sweet man? I’m committed to eric because his commitment to me has never wavered. And it never will.

Brooke: Le– deacon, please.

Deacon: Ridge is like the luckiest guy in the world. And it’s not ’cause of all his money, and it’s not ’cause of the family he was born into. It– it’s ’cause he has you. And the guy– no! He doesn’t appreciate you!

Brooke: Stop. Please, wait! Just– I know why you’re saying these things. You’re saying it to support me, me and make me feel better. And you’re trying to help. But this isn’t really helping. I need you to believe that ridge and I do have a connection and that we have a bond that isn’t broken. And that he’s gonna come back to me, no matter how many takeouts taylor brings over to his house. Ridge still believes that I make him happy. And he knows that I love him, that we love each other. I going to remind him of that. I’m gonna make him make him realize that we can still be husband and wife, and that we still have a– a wonderful future ahead of us.

Taylor: I love seeing you happy. Hm. I’m glad I can give you some– some much needed smiles.

Ridge: You can, even in these challenging times.

Taylor: Especially in these challenging times. I know you’re in a difficult place. You don’t want to hurt anybody.

Ridge: She’s my wife.

Taylor: I know. You’re a good man, ridge. You know, no matter what– what happens with us, or with you and brooke, we– we both love that you have a huge heart. That’s why we both love you.

Ridge: Hm. Facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results?

Deacon: You got to do what’s right for you. I just want you to know that I’m always here for you. If he ever disappoints you, again, you know, like, telling you to leave when taylor’s around, something like that.

Brooke: So they could have a conversation about their daughter. I left so they could talk about all the important things going on with steffy. But you know, coming home and seeing you here, twice, in one day, unannounced got me to think. I know what I have to do. Taylor has had enough time with ridge. And I am his wife, not taylor. And he is going to come back to me, maybe even tonight.

Eric: Donna, I hear what you’re saying, I just– I just don’t know what to think.

Donna: Remember what I– I was saying before? Sometimes we just think too much? It might be, you just have to feel. I know you care about quinn, and you. You– you respect her, but I just have one question. Are you in love? I know you were, but if you’re not anymore. Eric, you–

Eric: I should just cut my losses and run?

Donna: Well, quinn has a mean streak, you better run fast!

[ Both chuckling ]

Eric: Yeah. You’re always able to make me laugh. Thank you.

Donna: And it makes me so happy to put a smile on this face.

Eric: Good. Donna. Donna.

Donna: I– I don’t wanna talk anymore to you. What was I saying? Just– just feel. Just feel.

Carter: Speaking of that sweet man, how’s that new, uh, smart ring working out?

Quinn: Oh, it’s good. He likes it. And I like it too. I mean, it gives me peace of mind being able to keep track of my husband’s health.

Carter: And without him knowing about it, right? You still haven’t told him it’s more than just a ring?

Quinn: No, no. I mean, I know it’s silly, but I– I don’t want eric thinking I’m worried about him or– or that I think he’s weak or fragile. I just– he’s so important to me. I– if I lost him, I just, I don’t–

Carter: I wonder if he knows… if he knows how far you’d go, the steps you’d take. Eric is so damn lucky to have you in his life.

Thomas: Hey, mom, you home?

Taylor: Thomas, hi! I was just about to text you.

Thomas: Really?

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. I need to see you and douglas for dinner A.S.A.P.

Thomas: Okay, well, let’s plan it.

Taylor: Okay, and– and you might want to warn him now that kelly and hayes are gone. All of my grandma attention is going to be focused on him.

Thomas: I will let him know.

[ Laughing ]

Taylor: Okay.

Thomas: Um, so how are you doing with that, by the way?

Taylor: With what?

Thomas: Steffy not being here. And the kids being gone. I mean, that– this was… a house full of energy, you know, these kids running around and everything. And then I just– I hope it’s not lonely now.

Taylor: Thank you. I– I’m not going to lie, the– the vibe is so different. I’m so used to walking in the door and– and kelly beelining right into my arms and– and spending more time with your father, and– actually, I was actually just with him.

Thomas: Yeah?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah. We had dinner together.

Thomas: Oh, uh, I hope it was somewhere fancy.

Taylor: No. It was– it was takeout um, at your grandfather’S.

Thomas: Ah, yeah. Uh, I just– heh, I– I don’t think he should be living there. I think he should be here with you.

Taylor: You know, I’m not upset, I’m– I’m really not. Your father needs to figure out what he wants in his life, you know? And he moved in with his dad, not with brooke. That’s a big step for ridge.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ridge: Hey, dad, is that you? Thought I heard the front door.

Brooke: Hi. It’s me. My moderate to severe plaque psoriasis…

Quinn: I’m the lucky one. I mean, after what I did to eric, I– I’m– I’m beyond thankful that he was able to forgive me.

Carter: Yeah, things could have ended very differently. Could’ve fired both of us. Divorced you. Of course, though, that means you and I–

Quinn: Look, are things perfect between eric and me? I mean– no. No, they’re not. Things are still… a little difficult. But, you know, I’m– I’m willing to… do the work. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to– to put our marriage back on track. And I have to believe that– that someday soon, eric and I will be fully back together.

Eric: Donna. Donna. As much as I love this, and as much as I would like it to continue on, I can’T. Now, look, I shouldn’t be here. I wasn’t going to come. But I had to because I wanted to tell you this in person.

[ Donna stammering ]

Donna: Wait– what, what?

Eric: Donna, what we’re doing, this, it has to stop. We can’t do this anymore.

Thomas: And you and dad have so many memories together, and you’re still making more, despite his decision to move out, you’re– you’re hanging out with each other and hopefully more memories to come, right?

Taylor: Yeah, I hope so. We had– we had fun. At least after brooke left.

Thomas: Why was brooke there?

Taylor: Well, she stopped by, um, she was not happy to see me, especially since your father and I were about to share a meal.

Thomas: Hmm. As if that’s any of her business.

Thomas: Do I need to remind you, thomas, she and ridge are married. They have vows together.

Thomas: You’re right. And I’m sure somewhere in those vows, it says, “don’t make out with other people.” Ugh, okay. You know, I’m just, I’m surprised that she didn’t come in, grab a fork and try and join in.

Taylor: Well, she would have if she could have, but, ridge didn’t let that happen. He, uh, he asked brooke to leave.

Thomas: Huh.

Ridge: Logan. What are you doing?

[ Laughs ]

Brooke: Don’t worry, ridge, I saw that taylor’s car was gone. I know you needed to talk to her. I get that. And I can respect it. You have a lot of things you have to talk about. But so do we. That’s why I came back here. I couldn’t wait one more day without telling you how much I truly miss you. And I know you miss me, too.

Ahhh, not again.

Quinn: Eric is such a good man. I hate to think that there’s still some part of him that… feels hurt by what I did.

[ Phone alarm chiming ] Oh, oh, sorry. I have to get this.

[ Alarm continuing ] Oh. Oh, no.

Carter: Something wrong?

Quinn: It’s the– it’s the ring app thing. It’s– it’s telling me that eric’s heart rate, his blood pressure, it’s– it’s going through the roof.

Carter: Well, where is he? Is he at home?

Quinn: No, he’s at the club.

Carter: Okay, well, it’s not that far from here, if you’re worried, then–

Quinn: Maybe I should go there. Make sure he’s okay.

[ Panting ]

>Donna: Eric, are you okay?

Eric: Yeah, I’m okay. I’m all right. I’m all right. I just need– I– I just need to catch my breath. All right?

Donna: Me too.

Eric: Oh. Well. I’m not very good at breaking up, am I?

[ Both laughing ]

Donna: No, no, not at all.

Thomas: Dad actually asked brooke to leave?

Taylor: He did. He said that he and I needed some time together.

Thomas: Well, I– I’m glad he’s finally accepting that.

Taylor: I mean, I– I think maybe he’s starting to realize that the cycle that he and brooke get into, the behaviors on either side never change. This last time, her defending deacon, I’m not sure he can get past that.

Ridge: Of course I miss you. I miss our home.

Brooke: Well, that’s why I’m here. To let you know that I want our home to be a place where you feel completely at peace. Relaxed. No concern, no angst. And definitely not a place where deacon stops by. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And it’s nice to know that, uh, sheila played a part in my drinking.

Ridge: I will never forgive her for what she did.

Brooke: Months and months ago, I– I was pushing my daughter to have a relationship with her father, regardless of your concerns of what you were trying to tell me. And I wasn’t listening to you. And I’m sorry. I mean, it shouldn’t have been like that. A wife has to be there for her husband and, consider what he’s saying, what he’s feeling. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Just because sheila was the reason I drank doesn’t mean that, uh, I’m not responsible for kissing deacon and having him spend the night. I want you to know that I am going to listen to you from now on. I am going to hear what you have to say. Because that’s really important and deacon is no longer welcome at our house. I mean, yes. My daughter and her father, they can have a relationship together, but it’s somewhere else. It’s not at our home, our house. And I mean that. Because I do love you so much. I just– I want you to come home. Home. And I want you to believe that you and I have a future together. That we can still be husband and wife.

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