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Carly: Hey. I heard you were up here.

Drew: Well, you’re in a better mood today.

Carly: I am. I am. You know, I feel like things are finally starting to come around. You know what I mean?

Drew: Not unlike being released from a dungeon after a couple years.

Well, it’s not quite that. Well, it’s your version. It’s been a rough couple years. It has. And now there are blue skies ahead for michael and willow. Nina is in the rearview. She finally, finally can’t do harm to this family anymore. Mm. It is such a relief to know that willow. Isn’t really nina’s daughter. I love him!

[ Chuckles ] I’m so glad that leo loves his new present.

[ Both chuckle ] Look, I know that getting horses and cars, stock options for your birthday might be normal to you, but for me…

[ Sighs ] …Let’s just say this bensonhurst girl knows how lucky we are. I’m the lucky one. I have you and leo. Aww. Look at that. It turns out that equestrian therapy is all it is cracked up to be. Now, I know it’s supposed to help kids on the autism spectrum develop emotional bonds and sensory skills like balance, but this looks more like a kid just getting a horse. Are you getting all misty on me?

[ Chuckles ] Would you believe me if I said no? No, not for a minute. Okay, let’s see. Oh, leo, why don’t we go up to the house and get the horse some food? Apples or carrots? Well, dealer’s choice.

[ Chuckles ] Come on. Alright, mister. I’m trusting you to look out for my son. And since he clearly already loves you, welcome to the family. I guess we’re going to have to give you a name. Valentin: I’ve always been partial to comet. Comes around once a decade, much like the offer I’m presenting you.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Dr. Ashford, you’re here. Tj: I am. I thought you requested the whole week off work. I did. I-I, um — I had a family situation, but it’s been handled. Is everything okay? I couldn’t even begin to tell you.

[ Sighs ] You’re home. Yeah. We’re home. You know, you really do look wonderful. Compared to what? Compared to yesterday. Honestly, you look more rested than you’ve looked in months. I think it’s the first good night of sleep I’ve had since… it’s been more than months. Anyway, thank you for helping me get settled in. Well, that’s what family does. As a matter of fact, kevin is going over some details with your doctor. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a few days for the sleeping pills to get out of your system. Yeah, I figured. Yeah, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t sleep, and, well, if you go through — withdrawals? It’ll only last for a few days. I know. It’s funny. And — and by funny, I mean irritating. I’ve been a nurse for how long, and I didn’t see this coming. If I had been my own patient, I might’ve been able to catch this a lot sooner, but when it’s you — you’re too close to it. Yeah. Well, I see it now. And if it’s a choice between a few sleepless nights and hurting the people I love…

I was on my way to work, and I was worried I was going to miss you.

[ Giggles ] Marshall, I’m so glad you’re okay. I heard you went through quite an ordeal. How are you feeling? I feel like I’ve had a lifetime’s fill of doctors these last few days. Maybe she wasn’t asking you as a doctor, but as the woman that loves your son. Oh, oh, my bad. Guess I’m still a bit on edge. I appreciate your concern, though. Good. Because you’re family now, so you’re going to have to get used to it.

[ Chuckles ] Now, I made up the spare bedroom for you. Make yourself at home. Well, come on. Let’s get you freshened up. You’ve been in those clothes for days.

[ Stella and marshall chuckle ] Oh, oh, son, son, I know I promised you answers. We’ll get to that soon enough. You get settled first. Come on. I’m so glad you found your father.

[ Sighs ] When tj told me about the robbery, I mean, even though it already happened, it was — it’s scary. But all of you are okay, and that’s all that matters.Yeah. And I hear that you saved the day.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t feel like much of a hero. Why not? Because if I wouldn’t have broken my father’s trust, I never would have put him in danger in the first place. How you feeling? A little better. Mm. Oh, um… I thought I’d find a florist on the way here, but, um — maybe get you something proper, but I only found a little convenience store. Thanks. Feel free to tell me that you hate them. No, I don’t hate them. I am a little confused. I asked you not to visit me. Yeah, no, I-I-I-I heard you. Okay, then… I just — I didn’t want you thinking I had abandoned you. I never want to hurt you. But you are hurting me. More than you realize. I heard leo got a new horse. Mind if I take a gander? Sure. It’s a good-looking animal. Indeed. When charlotte and i were living here, we very much enjoyed riding the area. Well, charlotte is always welcome. Well, unfortunately, my daughter’s still at boarding school. Through the summer? Apparently. She’s as independent as her father. Anyway, I wanted to offer you this. Whoa. Equestrian gear. Top-of-the-line, too. Some of charlotte’s helmets, her riding crops, and the like. Too small for her, but maybe leo will enjoy them. Well, that’s very thoughtful of you. But we both know that’s not why you stopped by. So what do you want? You know what I want. I want to work together at elq. Before michael and drew push you out. Hey, I didn’t know you guys were stopping by. Wiley has a swimming lesson at the athletic club. Yeah, I convinced willow that we could step away for a little relaxation. She’s graduating next week, so we’re not going to have much free time after that. Willow, can I tell you, I am so proud of you. I know you’ve been working so hard. That must be why I’m so exhausted. Hm. Hey, michael, can I steal you for a sec? Just some elq stuff. Oh, wait, does this mean you guys are reconsidering my offer to help? No. No, it doesn’T. Can you give me a minute? -Hey. -Hey. You know, I know it’s work and studying, but I think wiley’s custody hearing really took a lot out of you. That was so insane and so unnecessary. We said no. Nina should have respected that. Yeah. Honestly, carly, I have never been as angry with someone as I am with nina right now. Oh, my god, it’s true. Nina’s willow’s mother. What’s important is you get to choose who’s in wiley’s life. Nina doesn’T. Don’t let her live in your mind rent-free. Easier said than done. But there is one good thing to come out of this. Dealing with nina helped me come to a big decision. About what? Finding the identity of my biological mother.

My father was in that hospital, lying unconscious, because that street trash slashed him with a knife. Portia, I thought i was going to lose my father all over again. But you didn’t, curtis. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and I’ve gone over the last few months in my head. Here’s a man who was just trying to make things right with — with me, his son. And I was so angry that I just pushed him away. I led him to believe that I was letting him in, only to go digging through his closet for whatever skeletons I might find. Marshall left port charles because he felt like there was no place for him, that he and i would never have a relationship, and that I would never trust him. But, curtis, did marshall give you reasons to trust him? Trust is earned. You got to be there, be present. For whatever reason, marshall was not there for you. And you asked for an explanation, and he didn’t give you one. So you have every right to be frustrated. This coming from the woman who made the guest bedroom for him. He is still your father, and you’re still his son. And I care about the both of you. And as far as you blaming yourself, you didn’t send him packing, you didn’t put him in harm’s way, nothing. Yeah, but I still couldn’t leave well enough alone, even though he asked me to.

[ Sighs ] Look, I know that you think what marshall did was selfish. Just as I know that marshall had his reasons, his regrets. But, listen, I truly believe that, once you air it all out, the truth, like most truths, lies somewhere in between.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. You’re probably right. There is a lot going on with my family right now. A lot. I could use a distraction, which is why I would be happy to go in on the rotation if the hospital needs an extra set of hands. Always. But we need steady ones. And if you’re going through something heavy, you could become a liability to the patients. They have to come first. I can’t argue with that. That being said, there might be a surgery or two you could observe, if you don’t mind staying hands-off and just learning. Yes. Yeah, that — that — that sounds awesome. Okay. Thank you. Scrub in. Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ] You have to forgive me. I just… I just wanted to see you. I’m scared, finn. I’m scared that I’m going to hurt someone the way I hurt chase. And what if next time it’s one of my boys or violet? Everyone knows that you would never intentionally hurt anyone. It was a side effect of those pills, and you’re not taking them anymore. Yes.

[ Sighs ] The doctors are calling it dissociative fugue. I heard of it. In my case, it was caused by the sleeping pills. That’s how it happened biologically. Psychologically, why I did what I did… we still haven’t figured that out yet. It’s okay. You only just got here. There’s time. Something is broken in me, and I need to fix it. Of course. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it. I think I convinced myself that I was ready to move on when I really wasn’T. If I rushed you in any way, I didn’t mean it. No, no. No, no. [ Chuckles ] Not at all. And that’s — that’s not our problem. So what is our problem? When I’m with you, you make me feel like everything is okay, like it’s all going to be alright. But if you keep coming around, I’m going to start to believe it. And then I will never face what’s really wrong. What was it about the custody hearing with nina that influenced your decision? In that courtroom, I saw firsthand that biology does not make a family. Nina, the blood relative, prioritized her own needs over my son’S. She did. Harmony told alexis that my birth mother disappeared from a commune and left me behind. You believe that? I think it’s likely. My parents spent a lot of time in various communes before dawn of day. They met some very damaged people. The chances are good that my birth mother wasn’t concerned about what was right for her child any more than nina was concerned about what’s right for wiley. I got to tell you, things were still pretty tense between me and ned this morning. I mean, I don’t think we’re any closer to getting him on board with the aurora/elq merger. Well, I’m not surprised. I mean, it’s a matter of pride. Valentine led a hostile takeover under ned’s watch, so as much as I don’t want to ignore ned’s concerns, I just… now’s not the time to back off. I don’t disagree with you, but he insists he doesn’t want the coo role. But he’s not suggesting another job that he would be okay with. And that’s because he only wants one job — ceo. And from where I stand, I think it would be a mistake to give it to him. Valentin: Ned, I made you an offer a few days ago, and since then, I’ve heard nothing. Why is that? I’ve been focusing on my family. And isn’t elq one and the same with your family? Once upon a time, maybe. Not anymore? I’m still living with the consequences of putting the company over the family. Oh, you mean my tenure as ceo? No, I mean, brook lynn is still dealing with the consequences of her contract with linc brown, which you exploited to take over the company. I think you need to stop looking at me as the problem and remember that I’m the one who got brook lynn out of that contract. Ah, yes. For a price. Everything has a price. So the question is, what is yours? For betraying my family? You couldn’t afford it. Ned, from where I stand, you’re the one being betrayed.

I know you drove all this way. No. It’s okay. I, um… I should go. Laura: Finn, I’ll walk you out. Okay. Uh, hey. I’d do anything for you. So if you want me to stay away, I’ll do that. Just so you know, I’m not giving up on us. Someday, when you’re ready, I’ll be there. Been through this every step of the way with elizabeth and now, somehow, it seems like it’s been all my fault.

[ Scoffs ] Absolutely not. Or my presence made it worse. She didn’t say that. She didn’t mean that. I know. It’s just… I hate this. Of course you do. Why — why do you think she’s allowing you to see her? Maybe because she knows that I’ve been where she is right now. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I had my own issues with mental illness about 20 years ago, and, you know, I lashed out at people — at luke at scott, even at my own mother. I was, um — I was dealing with a repressed memory, and, um, even though I loved these people very much, just seeing them subconsciously triggered my trauma. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you went through that. But you weren’t necessarily dealing with — with grief? No. I-I mean, well, it was a lot of things, but, no, not that. Do you think the root of elizabeth’s problem is something other than losing her husband? Michael and drew are going to put you on the sidelines, ned. You’re going to be given a meaningless title, menial responsibilities. What about leo? Are you concerned that they’re going to give leo an inferior position at elq, too? The only shares he’s in line for are yours. You’ve got to be in a position financially to protect him — and olivia. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly paupers. So I think leo, olivia, and i will be just fine, whoever leads elq in the future. No, of course, but it’s not just the money. It’s also the power and the respect. You vote to keep me in place, and I can guarantee you will maintain a suitable role at elq. And what role is that? Name it. Ceo. No. You and I both know however you vote, that role is filled. Then why vote for you? Ned, I maintain we can reach a mutually agreeable arrangement, one where we both win. I don’t want the coo. Okay, we’ll get creative. We’ll come up with a way where you and i are practically equal. That would mean giving up a significant chunk of your power. Why? What’s in it for you? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m getting squeezed out. So 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Wouldn’t you agree? What’s going on here? Michael: Look, ned is throwing a tantrum because he’s not getting what he wants. Is that who we really want in charge? Ned needs to be respected, michael, the same way that I respect your position with regard to sonny. Look, I wasn’t thrilled to hear that you were going to use elq to help bring him down, but you promised to leave elq out of it, so I don’t get a say. Well, I can afford to take things slower on that front now that wiley’s custody is secure. But why don’t you just let it go? Why — why should I? Look, sonny’s priority is nina — protecting her, supporting her. He doesn’t care about the harm that she’s done, much less what it’s cost his own family. There’s no coming back from that. You know who you sound like? Don’t say sonny. Okay, I’m not going to say it, but you do. I mean, I can practically hear you say, “he’s dead to me.” Oh, no, he’s not — he’s not — he’s not dead to me. Not yet. I have to crush him first. And when I do, I want him to know that it was me. Yeah, then after that, then he can get around to dying. What — what is that? This is the medication that marshall had with him. Do you want me to look at it? I can tell you what it’s for. You know what? I think I’ve violated marshall’s privacy enough. It’s my father’s job to tell his own story. Well, your father’s washing up now. He wouldn’t even let me wait outside the door. I guess his pride is still intact.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I better get going, so — portia, before you leave, I owe you an apology. When marshall first came back into our lives, I wasn’t honest with you. In trying to keep my promises to him and to my sister, I ended up giving you the runaround, which I suppose is another way of saying I outright lied. And I am not the person who likes to do that. Stella, you don’t owe me an apology. I mean, like you said, you had promises to keep, and it wasn’t your story to tell, it was marshall’S. And I’m certainly not going to blame you for making a choice that you felt was protecting your family. Now, why don’t i give you guys some space? You let me know if you need anything, okay? I love you. I love you. Patience of a saint, that one. Yeah, I got lucky. And she really stepped up for the family. So when are you going to make her an official part of it?

The way nina weaponized michael’s past, the extremes she was willing to go to to win, it was like a warning. I shouldn’t go looking for someone who could wind up being as indifferent, even harmful to my needs as nina is to wiley’S. You sure? I am. Between wiley and michael and the quartermaines and, of course, you, I have all the family I need. Oh. Oh, gosh. I’m — I didn’t mean to make you cry. No. Um… I — I just appreciate being appreciated. And, willow, for what it’s worth, I think you’re making the right decision. I just don’t want you doing something that you’re going to end up regretting. No, I won’t regret it. In fact, it’s already in the works. What is? Look, don’t worry. It doesn’t involve elq. You’re in the clear. Even so, I think — you know, instead of focusing on my differences with my father, let’s focus on increasing aurora’s stock so that, when we merge the companies, it’s on more of an equal footing. Okay, yeah. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. And so far, that’s been just so much more difficult than we thought. Valentin was nice enough to drop off some of charlotte’s old riding gear for leo. Ah, what a lovely gesture, valentin, whatever your motives are.

[ Gasps ] Can I see? -Yeah. -Yeah, go ahead. -Yay. You ask me, leo, you’re going to be a heck of a horseman. What do we say, honey? Thank you. You’re welcome. Happy trails. Anyway, I should probably get going. If there’s anything else you need, though, you let me know.

Arrivederci. Yeah, ciao. Uh, honey, why don’t you run up to the house and have cook give you a couple lumps of sugar for the horse, okay? Okay. Thanks, hon. Okay. Well, you seem to be getting along with valentin. You know, he was always great with bailey, and he’s been exceptionally kind with leo. I mean, sue me, but it’s kind of hard to stay mad at someone like that. Why? Oh, just saying. Uh, and you’re right, this is some really nice stuff that he dropped off. Well, goodwill gestures aside, I would sleep with one eye open with that guy around. Even on his best days, he’s up to something. Well, you know better than anyone what grief can do to a person. That I do. I know you want to be there for elizabeth, and you will be, eventually. Just not in the same room. Well, for now, no. You know, you really do have to respect her request for space from you. Okay. Are you really asking if I’m going to propose to portia? Now, after everything that’s happened? Curtis, it’s during troubling times that people prove themselves, and portia has already shown time and again that she is a true member of this family. Auntie, I appreciate the fact that you’ve grown to care for portia. You know how rare it is I think anyone is good enough for you. Oh, I’m aware. It’s just that, um, you know, we’ve only been together a little over a year. You’ve been together long enough to buy this house. Sounds like a commitment to me. This is an investment. In a commitment. Look, all I’m saying is, when you find someone who makes you happier than anything else in this world, you shouldn’t waste time because it won’t wait for you. I learned that the hard way. So has your father. You know, it’s just that the divorce between jordan and me, it’s still so fresh. Auntie, you okay? Yeah, fine. I — I guess the last few days are just catching up with me. That’s all. Okay. You sure? Mm-hmm. Excuse me. Hey, dad, how you feeling? Better. Thank you. Thank you. But, uh, also, uh, quite a bit terrified. Terrified about what? Whatever happens next. It’s time, son, I finally give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Hello, gentlemen. Lovely day, isn’t it? Well, you’re awfully chipper for someone who’s about to be voted out. Nothing’s set in stone. And I’m pretty sure, even if I, uh, lose the round, I can still win the match. Before we — we get into all this, I want to — no, no, no, i need to clear your mama, irene, of any blame. That lie, the lie telling you and your brother that I had passed away, that wasn’t something she came up with after I left. I made that decision, and I pressured her to go along with it. After what happened, it was… curtis, I felt it was for the best. That was after you got arrested? Yeah. After that. Now, you might recall, I served in vietnam before you were born. I do. Curtis, when I came back to the world, I was disillusioned about a lot of things. I could hardly pick up my clarinet. I needed something. I needed — I needed purpose. And I found purpose. I found it in protest. First, it was just the war. Then — then, it was civil rights. Then, no nukes. Any injustice anywhere, I was there, curtis. Not — not just to make the world a better place, because that was part of it, but — but I needed to — to give myself purpose, and — and in doing that, I found my music again. But your mother, she thought I was pushing myself too much, that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and that’s why — she felt that’s why I was having these — these paranoid thoughts. Paranoid? How? Man, I — I was convinced we were being watched. Finn. Hey. Did you see biz? How is she? I saw elizabeth. As to how she’s doing… …she wouldn’t tell me. We should put these in your room. Add a little bit of color. It can be so dull in there. It’s better than a cell. Part of me is still afraid that I’m going to be arrested or sued or both. Chase made it really clear that he is not going to press charges. What about franco’s art studio? I torched a building in my sleep. No, we do not know that yet, okay? You don’t remember it. There’s no evidence linking you to it. But what if I am charged? What? Those sleeping pills had been in your body for almost a year before you had any of those sleepwalking incidents, right? Yeah. So? So what if there’s something more going on here?

Are you saying you don’t think this was caused by the sleeping pills? No, I’m not saying that. I mean, the sleeping pills are definitely the “why” of it all. They — they made you sleepwalk and disassociate. It’s the “when.” You’d been taking these sleeping pills for almost a year before you had any of those sleepwalking incidents. So, I don’t know, I’m just wondering if maybe… did anything happen more recently that might have triggered that kind of behavior in you? Have you brought that up at all in any of your sessions? I think I need to lie down. Oh, okay, yeah. Alright, you do that. You get the rest you need to get, and I’ll come back very soon. Okay. Thanks. And thank you for coming. Truly. Terry: Elizabeth really asked you to leave? She implied that my being there was making things worse, that I make her feel like things are okay when they’re really not, and she can’t do the work that she needs to do. Of course, I want to respect her wishes, but I really care about her, and it’s hard, you know? Finn, I know you love elizabeth, and I also know what it’s like to not be able to help someone you care about, but trust me, the two of you will find your way back to each other once she works through her grief. That’s just it. You know? I’m thinking this might be about more than just grief. I think elizabeth might be repressing something else. Such as? You tell me. You’ve known her the longest. Other than losing franco, you and I already discussed the falling out she had with her parents. Do you know if anyone’s reached out to carolyn and jeff about what’s going on with elizabeth? I don’t know. But you think maybe it’s time someone did? I know that you’re upset about this disagreement with michael and drew, but you quartermaines, you’re always squabbling about elq, and for what? You always work it out. That was back when grandfather ruled with an iron fist or when my mother and aj served as a common enemy. This time, I’m the one on the outside. If you are truly worried about being put out to pasture, you go to michael and drew. You make a deal. That’s what you’re best at, right? This does not have to be a blood feud. Yeah, I guess you’re right. I always am. I’ve got no intention of losing the round or the match. Well, of course you don’T. No one ever intends to lose, but somebody has to. Hm. Maybe it’ll be you. Back at you. That’s the spirit. Come on. Let’s go. Ahh. What was that about?

[ Sighs ] Posturing. You know what? Actually, I think — I think it was more than that. My gut’s telling me that valentin’s planning something before the shareholders meeting. Like what? I don’t know. I don’t know, but it’s all I can think about now, which is probably his plan. So much for relaxation. Same here. All this talk about nina makes me wish I stayed to watch wiley’s swim class. You know, we could probably catch the end of it. Sounds perfect. Yeah? Okay. Um, see you both later. Okay, see ya. Bye, guys. Hey… is willow okay? She seems, I don’t know, just off. Nina got into her head. That’s all. Well, she can kick her right back out ’cause nina’s out of wiley’s life. She’s not willow’s mother. She’s nobody to any of you. You did the right thing, not looping willow in. She’s lucky to have you as a friend. I’m not that great of a friend. What are you talking about? You helped me. You helped me get settled back into port charles. You offered to buy aurora stock to drive up the price. What else would you call that? Okay, then let me be your friend. Let me help you save elq from valentin. Hey, I saw that you were observing today. I thought that you would be home with curtis and your grandfather. I want to be, more than anything, but the way I see it, marshall promised uncle curtis answers, and uncle curtis, he has been waiting a lifetime. To get those answers. I hope you’re right. Yeah. And I hope whatever explanation marshall gives helps heal the emptiness and uncertainty that uncle curtis has had to live with all these years. But still, I — I have to wonder, is there anything marshall can say to help uncle curtis understand why he just disappeared? That doesn’t sound entirely paranoid to me. Look, we know the government keeps tabs on — on protesters and people they deem instigators. It’s more complicated than that. When you were 3 years old, I went to another protest. There, the police were involved. Some people got arrested, and, um… I had an episode. An episode? You mean while you were resisting arrest? No, that’s just it. I-I wasn’t resisting arrest. Mnh-mnh. At least not intentionally. Anyway, the police, they dropped your daddy off. They dropped me off at a psychiatric ward. There, they put me under observation for 72 hours. And that’s when they were able to diagnose me. With what? Schizophrenia.

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