Days Short Recap Monday, June 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie and Will talked about what she did when she was possessed. She told Will about what she did to Johnny and Ciara. Will asked if she talked to Marlena. Allie said it was hard not to take responsibility. She said people were still hurting from what she did. Sonny and Leo got in an argument. Sonny warned him about trying to get revenge on him. Leo said he was going to get back at everyone who broke up his relationship with Craig. Sonny said his lawyers were going to stop him from going after him. Johnny told EJ that he was going to do another movie about twins being in love with the same woman. Lucas met with Kate and he wanted an apology. She wanted to know why. He said for accusing him of kidnapping the mother of his children. Chad and Abby talked about who kidnapped EJ. She was going to investigate who kidnapped Sami. Lucas told Kate that they are closer than ever. He said Sami still thought EJ kidnapped her. He said he and Sami were closer than ever. Johnny talked to EJ about Chanel being in love with him and Allie. Allie talked to Will about being in love with Chanel. Sonny warned Leo that he was going to the police with the results of his drug test. He got a call while they were talking. He said it was the results of his drug test.

Sonny was upset when he found out the drugs weren’t in his system. Leo thought it was funny that he didn’t find the drugs in his system. Abby was excited about finding out who kidnapped Sami. Chad thought she should ask her parents if she should do the story. She wanted to know why he was against the story. Chanel went to see Tripp to talk about Allie. He told her he was okay with Allie being with her. He said he wouldn’t fight it. Sonny told Leo he wasn’t going to get away with this. Leo said he already did. Sonny threatened to kill him if he went near his family again. Leo said he wasn’t done with this town yet. He was going after someone else. Will wanted to know why Allie would give up on Chanel. She said did, but she didn’t want to give up on Johnny. Will thought it was great, but she shouldn’t sacrifice her happiness just to see what Johnny wanted. She said she and Chanel wouldn’t have been together if she wasn’t possessed. Chanel told Tripp that she was in love with Johnny and Allie. She said she didn’t know which one she wanted to be with. She told him Johnny wanted to get back together, but she didn’t know what to do. EJ told Johnny to fight for Chanel. Johnny said he wanted to think about what she needed. EJ said Chanel might move on with Allie if he didn’t do anything. He told Johnny to fight for Chanel if he loved her. He told Johnny that he didn’t want to end up like him.

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